السَرْمَديّون فينِكْس نحوَ القمّة

Sometimes a game gives you an experience that is significantly better than you expected.

Since you first saw the game The Perpetual Phoenix to the Summit when it was revealed in 2019 and had a completely different title back then, the game didn’t spark any interest in me and when I wanted to learn more about the game after a long absence When I looked at it, I felt like it was a game. It just offers an experience copied from other games, most notably Zelda Breath of the Wild and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. But after hours of playing this adventure, I can say that Ubisoft has offered us a distinctive experience and a very good application. It took a lot of inspiration from these two games in particular, but in some ways it also added its own touches. With its sarcastic manner and attractive narrative, its multi-colored world and beautiful artistic drawings with many moments in it, then it’s time for us to review the game Eternals Phoenix to the Top for you.

The Eternals Phoenix to the Summit is a third-person adventure and action game in which we play as “Phoenix”

a Greek fighter who finds himself on an island and whose mission is to save the Greek god from the attacks of giants to save Take revenge on them after they were previously exiled. You can choose to live the adventure with the character Phoenix as a “male” or “female” and with many character designs and the ability to change your decision at any time in the game without any effect. Now the great fighters have turned into weak creatures and you have to help them to help you fight against the evil giants in the game. The interesting thing about telling the story is that Prometheus and Zeus are the ones who tell it to us. The story is sarcastic and contains many jokes. In fact, this gives the game a nice elegance and distances it from the seriousness and realism that we have seen in the games, whose ideas were largely borrowed from it. It is an adventure from the Greek period, but in a sarcastic way and Way, and this matter can meet with varying levels of admiration among players.

Phoenix begins the adventure as a warrior who lacks everything and this is where the task of collecting various powers begins

including weapons, wings and also special abilities. This is done through special missions or trenches in which you solve puzzles until you reach the end of the level and with it you get the special ability. The game starts slowly because you lack the skills… To get the skills in the first hour or two of the game you have to go on foot beforehand and explore the limited area at the beginning. You open the entire world after you do the Main skills acquired. The first two hours of the game can be said to be the educational phase before the main adventure begins. The combat system relies heavily on two main strikes, namely the weak, quick strike with the sword and the strong, heavy strike with the axe. The former benefits you when facing weak enemies, while the latter is for enemies that use shields and you’re trying to confuse them for consecutive hits or combos. There is a dodge button, and there is also an arrow that you get as you progress through the game.

The R1 button is for doing the small sword strike and getting ready to press it often, while the R2 button is for using the axe

and the matter repeats over time with hitting and dodging until you start To gain the special skills you need to benefit in battle. For example, there is a force like a magnet that allows you to carry and throw objects, “just like in “Zelda Breath of the Wild”, but what is new here is the possibility of developing its use in There are various options, including, for example luring the enemy or getting close to the enemy, things you will learn as the game progresses.

Additionally, using the arrow gives you two options to hit.

There is the normal arrow or the moving arrow shot, which is also one of the special skills that you need to acquire to use it. The dodge button also plays an important role in the need to get away from enemies in time before they hit you, which gives you the opportunity to “completely” slow down time. Like the game Zelda’s Breath of the Wild, this thing will give you a few seconds of ability to hit the enemy without them reacting. Additionally, as you progress through the game, you will gain wings that will allow you to fly initially and later. This is also one of the things you need to adventure for a long time. Before getting it, which is absolutely necessary in the game, you can move around its world, also use it in battle and perform some of its special attacks.

The combat system is generally very simple and there are developments for everything in it.

The character Phoenix himself needs to improve his energy and also his fitness so that he can climb a longer distance and also run quickly for a longer period of time and fly and hover for a longer period of time. Some areas of the game world require a high level of fitness to reach. They are all very similar to the game Zelda’s Breath of the Wild. There is also the possibility of taming animals that allow you to move around the game world, which is one of the things that becomes less important as you gain the ability to fly as events progress. You have to collect coins, coins or even golden lightning to have the opportunity to develop various abilities from the Mountain of the Gods. There is a simple and permanent solution by purchasing these evolutions with real money from the Ubisoft Store.

There are trenches that play the main role in the game and require solving puzzles to progress through them. Well, whenever you get a new energy or a new ability, you will come across a trench that tries to use that energy to advance in it. For example, there is a trench whose main idea is to shoot the balls in certain places place. In this case, you have to build roads for the balls to move along, including obstacles and filling gaps so that they can reach their goal. In other trenches you will see wind coming from fans in different places and you have to move things depending on the movement of the wind and other ideas which are fun at times and very boring at other times.

The main goal of the game is to try to rescue or help four great warriors so that they can help you defeat the evil giants.

Now, where have we seen this story before? Yes, it is the same idea as the main story of the game Zelda Breath of the Wild, but the difference is that we are in the Greek era and the events are told sarcastically. You will travel through the world of the game to one of the statues of the great fighters, and from here his adventure begins, including one that turns into a chicken! Some of them have transformed into other creatures, and all of them want to help by crossing the trenches in their area until they prepare their strength, and as your strength and abilities increase until you complete all the missions.

The game features cartoon or cel-shaded graphics.

There isn’t a lot of detail about the characters and the world, but there is a lot of color. The game world is sometimes very beautiful and sometimes with somewhat boring designs, especially with the characters and enemies. Personally, I was never a fan of the way the game’s hero was designed, even with options. Changing his appearance or the way he moves, especially in movie scenes. Also one of the not so nice things about the game is the interface that makes you feel like it is the beta version of the game and not the final version. Thank goodness the development team chose the option to not display it on the screen while playing, although you go on an adventure on an island, but there are different environments between stages and a wide variety of arts. In fact, this game sometimes looks quite wonderful when you look at its living world.

The game also features very different music and voice acting for all characters in Scottish dialect

which adds a nice character to the events, especially with Prometheus and Zeus’ sarcastic comments on the events. What can sometimes be criticized about the graphics of the game is that the animation of the hits and the movement in general is limited, in addition, some areas are very boring. As for the design, especially the areas from which special abilities are taken within the trenches, but in general the game runs well, and the PlayStation 5 version of It offers the possibility of playing it in 4K resolution at a speed of 30 frames or to play in dynamic 4K resolution at a speed of 60 frames, and the second option was much better in the experience.

The game offers more than 25 hours of main adventure and many more hours if you want to get everything and develop all the skills and weapons.

The game content is very good and for a completely new title this experience is very good from Ubisoft and with an exceptional character. The game may actually have been inspired by many of its ideas from the game Zelda’s Breath of the Wild, but it also tried to offer various things and developments to the game itself from the ideas of the Zelda game. How many games have actually tried to emulate the Zelda’s Breath of the Wild game? Numbers are very limited, so this experience is especially welcome for those who love the world of Greek mythology.

The Eternals Phoenix Towards the Summit is a very good attempt from Ubisoft with a completely new title and also a departure from the company’s usual gameplay style.

It’s not a futuristic open-world game with a dark nature and it’s not an Old Testament game with a dark story. Rather, what we get here is an entertaining adventure game with a lot of content and a simple game system with its basic idea. It’s a good start to something that can be further developed, perhaps with future installments, and an experience that exceeded my expectations on a personal level.


  • The game offers a distinctive and unique experience, combining elements from popular games like Zelda Breath of the Wild and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.
  • The sarcastic narrative and attractive storytelling add a nice touch to the game, setting it apart from other serious and realistic games.
  • The cartoon or cel-shaded graphics create a colorful and vibrant game world.
  • The Scottish dialect used for the voice acting adds character to the game and enhances the overall experience.
  • The game provides over 25 hours of main adventure gameplay, offering a substantial amount of content.


  • The game heavily borrows ideas from Zelda Breath of the Wild, which may be seen as unoriginal by some players.
  • The combat system is relatively simple and may lack depth for players looking for more complex gameplay mechanics.
  • The game’s interface could use improvement, as it feels unfinished and beta-like.
  • The animation of hits and movement can be limited, and some areas of the game world may feel boring.
  • The character and enemy designs may not be appealing to all players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – The Perpetual Phoenix to the Summit PC Game

Q: What is the gameplay of The Perpetual Phoenix to the Summit PC Game?

A: The Perpetual Phoenix to the Summit is a third-person adventure and action game where players control the character Phoenix, a Greek fighter on a mission to save the Greek gods from giant attacks and seek revenge. The game features exploration, combat, puzzle-solving, and character progression.

Q: Can I choose the gender of my character in The Perpetual Phoenix to the Summit PC Game?

A: Yes, players have the option to play as either a male or female version of the character Phoenix. The choice of gender does not have any impact on the gameplay or story.

Q: What are the main combat mechanics in The Perpetual Phoenix to the Summit PC Game?

A: The combat system in the game relies on two main strikes: a weak, quick strike with a sword and a strong, heavy strike with an axe. Players can also dodge enemy attacks and use a bow and arrow for ranged combat. As the game progresses, players can acquire special skills and abilities to enhance their combat effectiveness.

Q: Are there puzzles and challenges in The Perpetual Phoenix to the Summit PC Game?

A: Yes, the game features various puzzles and challenges that players need to solve in order to progress through the game. These puzzles can involve manipulating objects, navigating obstacles, and utilizing special abilities to overcome obstacles.

Q: How long is the main adventure in The Perpetual Phoenix to the Summit PC Game?

A: The main adventure in the game offers more than 25 hours of gameplay. However, if players choose to explore and complete all side quests, develop all skills and weapons, the total playtime can be significantly longer.

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