A Plague Tale Requiem

The adventure game A Plague Tale returns with the second part, Requiem, which continues the events of the story of the first part. Developed by the talented studio Asobo Studio and published by Focus Entertainment, the game supports the Arabic language in terms of menus and text. Did the adventure reach the level fans wanted? Read on to find out the answer.

Story and Characters

(Spoiler warning for those who haven’t played the first part) The game’s story continues the first part, immediately after the escape of Amicia, Hugo, the mother and Lucas. Six months after the events of the first part, our heroes settle in a new city, and after a series of new events, the rats return again and the effects of the disease increase. The danger that threatens Hugo’s life. During his faint, Hugo dreams of an unknown island where there is magical water that will cure him of his illness. However, he doesn’t know what this island is or how to reach it. The heroes decide to head to a town in the south of France to look for help, but Amicia insists on looking for her. . Hijo’s island. The events lead to Amishia and Hijo separating from their mother and Lucas. This is where the exciting adventure of searching for the unknown island begins. It is a wonderful adventure that will not disappoint players’ expectations.

New Characters and Dialogue

The game introduces new and wonderful characters who play a very important role in the story and I got used to them just as much as I did to the characters in the first part. The game’s dialogues are funny and deep. It made me want to stand and interview people in the game to hear the discussion between them or the funny comments, especially Amishia’s comments when she gets angry. Amishia’s character has developed a lot since the first part, becoming wilder, wiser and more cunning, and her voice acting is very good, and the voices of the remaining characters also fit the design of their characters, especially the new characters.

Gameplay and Challenges

The game offers the same gameplay style as the first part, where infiltration is the main and most important factor in the game. However, the difference here is that the game has become more difficult than in the previous part, so the enemies have become smarter, more cooperative and also look for you longer. The aim of the game is to move into the area. Next, the game gives you options to sneak around and kill the least number of enemies or use your tools to eliminate enemies in the area. Of course I don’t recommend this at all! For me, the reason I kill enemies is because when they are near a crate, and even if they find me, I run to escape and get to the next area (and these areas are through Iron doors separated), and if the enemy following you is the guy who throws a spear, you won’t be able to open the door even if you arrive. For he will throw a spear at the door and prevent you from opening it until you kill him.

New Skills and Weapons

But don’t worry, this time Amishia has new skills that will help her escape or eliminate enemies. For example, Amishia can hide under the table, and if she presses a button at the right moment when the enemy attacks her, she will hit him with her weapon and escape from him, and if you have a knife, she will using it to kill the enemy, as is now the case. Aiming is better when using the slingshot and other weapons. Amicia will focus on the enemy’s weak points, and you can now switch between weapons and ammo types using the D-pad without having to enter the menu, but be careful. You have to aim first and then you can switch weapons and ammunition. This will get you out of hiding. I didn’t like this matter. Therefore, it would have been better to press the switch button without having to aim.

The playing areas have become very huge! It requires you to use stealth and everything around you to escape the enemies to the next area. Speaking of weapons and ammunition, new types have been added, such as the crossbow weapon, which allows you to fire an arrow to kill any armored enemy. You can also place fire ammunition to shoot the fiery arrow at a piece of wood to light up the space in front of the mice. You can also use ammunition to get the mice closer to the arrow. And the jar has become more useful than the first part, as it only served to distract the enemy, but this time you can put ammunition in it, like fire, to throw it on the ground and the fire will burn for a while to kill the rats to drive away, and the stones have become infinite, so you don’t need to collect them.

Rats and In-Game Assistants

Speaking of rats, of course they’ve returned again, and this time they’re wilder than before as they now climb high places. Believe me, you will see a sea full of rats, and the player can escape the waves of rats as presented by the game Tomb Raider. I really enjoyed the hunt and it awakened my enthusiasm at the time. The in-game assistants have become more useful. For example, Hugo can emit sound waves that inform him about the soldiers in the area. Hugo can also control a group of mice to attack and eliminate the enemies. As you advance through the story, a new character will join you, whom you can order to attack and kill any soldier.


Character Development and Graphics

The process of character development has become different as it happens automatically through the way you play. So if you use stealth a lot in your game, the stealth path points will increase, and if you play wild and kill enemies, the savagery path will increase, and the last path is specific to the use of tools, and what the development of weapons As far as tools and tools are concerned, it’s similar to the first part where you’re looking for a table. Development resources are used to develop weapons and tools. The game’s graphics are very beautiful and impressive, especially the facial expressions, and it contains precise details, such as how many arrows Amishia has left in the arrow bag around her waist, and the music is wonderful, like in the first part, and It has become dynamic and changes depending on how the game progresses, so that when the enemy suspects your presence, the music stops completely and there is a suspicious silence that you… He tensed as he searched for you


Well, we have come to the end of the review. In fact, I want to talk more about the game and tell you everything new in it, but I don’t want to deprive you of the pleasure of exploring it, especially the second part of it… Yes, it took me about 14 hours to complete the first part !! The second section begins on the way to the island in the sea. The game is more extensive than the first part and has a lot of content, and I leave you to explore the second part on your own.

Technical Issues

Unfortunately, I encountered many flaws and technical issues that caused problems with the graphics of the game itself. The reflection of the fire filled the screen with strange colors and in some areas of the game I was unable to open the door or move a car and this resulted in the game being unable to progress and the only solution was to do so to restart the device. . The developer promised to solve all these problems after updating the game on the first day, and if these problems had not arisen, the game would have received a higher rating.

Final Verdict

A Plague Tale Requiem game surpasses the first part many times over in terms of story, gameplay and everything else. Yes, it is a second part that bears this name with all its advantages and merits.

We tested the game using a special PlayStation 5 review copy that we received from the publisher prior to release


  • The continuation of the story from the first part keeps players engaged and invested in the characters and their journey.
  • The introduction of new and interesting characters adds depth and excitement to the game.
  • The game’s dialogue is funny and deep, making the interactions between characters enjoyable.
  • The gameplay style of infiltration remains the main focus, providing a thrilling and challenging experience.
  • New skills and abilities for the protagonist, Amicia, enhance the gameplay and offer more options for stealth and combat.
  • The playing areas have become larger, requiring players to use their surroundings and stealth to navigate through enemies.
  • New weapons and ammunition types are introduced, adding variety and tactical options for players.
  • The return of the rats as a threat adds tension and excitement to the game.
  • The in-game assistants, such as Hugo, provide useful abilities and add strategic elements to gameplay.
  • The character development system adapts to the player’s playstyle, allowing for customization and progression.
  • The game’s graphics are beautiful and detailed, with impressive facial expressions and precise details.
  • The music is wonderful and dynamic, enhancing the atmosphere and immersion of the game.


  • Technical issues and graphical glitches were encountered, causing problems with gameplay and immersion.
  • Some areas of the game had issues with interacting with objects, hindering progress and requiring restarts.


1. What is A Plague Tale Requiem PC Game?

A Plague Tale Requiem PC Game is an adventure game and the second part of the A Plague Tale series. It continues the story of the first part and features gameplay focused on infiltration and stealth.

2. Who developed and published the game?

The game was developed by Asobo Studio and published by Focus Entertainment.

3. What is the gameplay style of A Plague Tale Requiem?

The gameplay style of A Plague Tale Requiem is centered around infiltration and stealth. Players must navigate through areas, using stealth to avoid enemies or eliminate them using various tools and weapons.

4. Are there any new features or improvements in the game?

Yes, A Plague Tale Requiem introduces new features and improvements compared to the first part. The game offers larger playing areas, new characters with unique abilities, new weapons and ammunition types, and improved character development based on gameplay choices.

5. Are there any technical issues or flaws in the game?

Some players have reported encountering technical issues and flaws in the game, such as graphical glitches and problems with interacting with objects. The developer has acknowledged these issues and has promised to address them through updates.

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