AO Tennis 2

AO Tennis 2: A Game for Tennis Fans

With no major tennis (or tennis) series like Virtua Fighter and Top Spin, fans of the sport suffered from the lack of a game that represented them at this high level. The Australian Open game AO Tennis 2 comes to us from Bigben Interactive and the Australian development team Big. Ant Studios manage to close this gap with this game? Read on with us to find out the answer.

This game represents an official license for one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, namely the Australian Open Tennis Championship. It is clear that the date of the match is designed to coincide with the start of the tournament, which begins in January every year and is chronologically the first of the four tournaments, later followed by the Roland Garros tournament in France, the Wimbledon Championship in Great Britain and finally the US Open, and the Australian Open competitions take place on hard surfaces.

First, let’s talk about the athletes in the game. In fact, the list of players was a bit frustrating for us and undoubtedly limited by the budget allocated to the project. However, we wanted the presence of Swiss maestro Roger Federer and other champions such as Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic. However, the game at least features famous Spanish champion Rafael Nadal as the main face of the game. The game also offers extensive options for creating athletes.

Enjoyable Gameplay with Room for Improvement

The gameplay is very good, but not perfect. The game is fun and the best choice for fans of realistic tennis games of the current generation. Otherwise, you should check out the latest Mario Tennis game, which has been a lot of fun for fans of arcade games. Get used to the style of play and the right timing. Hitting the ball isn’t easy and we really felt a bit uncomfortable compared to the control we used to have in Sega’s addictive masterpiece Virtua Tennis, but the gameplay system is deep and strategic with many types of shots and one good ball physics and control, and sometimes he manages to keep up with the tension. The exciting thing about this sport is that artificial intelligence is cheap and almost never makes mistakes, even at the simplest levels. However, manipulating it by sending the ball left and right is not entirely difficult. However, when the difficulty level is increased, the player will need a real strategy and there will be a lot of excitement. .

Rich Game Modes and Immersive Career Mode

Yes, the gameplay is good and not bad at all, but it is not as great and attractive as Virtua Fighter, nor as perfect as Top Spin, and there is still room for improvement. However, the game is rich in game modes. There are singles and doubles competitions for men and women, and there is a mode for the Australian Open Championship. Isolated, there is also a career mode, which represents the main phase in which the player is expected to spend the most time. In this phase, the player can coordinate time between training, rest and competitions on a weekly basis, collecting money and experience points to develop his own character .

The career mode is good and full of options, and there are nice touches that the game offers to create a feeling of realism, such as press conferences or signing sponsorship deals, and the player has to deal with all sorts of situations, such as . Injuries etc. However, we felt that the game as a whole tended to be unjustifiably difficult. At times or on the controls, fine tuning was required. Loyal tennis fans will likely be happy with the technical level of the experience, but those looking for fast and fun games will likely be disappointed. The game has interesting ideas, such as the ability to object to any game, which affects your fame points and the media and public’s perception of your character, but the game doesn’t explore these ideas much.

المستوى الرسومي جيد، نماذج الشخصيات جيدة و عصرية و الملاعب جيدة و لكن الجمهور يبدو و كأنه قادم من ألعاب الجيل الماضي و بشكلٍ عام لا تتو قع من هذه اللعبة المستوى الهائل من التفاصيل من ألعاب NBA2K أو التحريك ال فتّاك في ألعاب FIFA فهي لعبة محدودة على صعيد الميزانية At the end. The game offers great lifetime value and a lot of gameplay options, and customization and community participation are things that will go some way to compensating for the lost licenses, but the gameplay requires practice to get used to and isn’t always a lot of fun, as it requires more customization. And the improvement in terms of hitting the ball and accurate alignment. This game is currently the best option to simulate tennis, but it does not reach the ideal level.

The publisher provided us with a review copy on the PC.

Pros and Cons of AO Tennis 2 PC Game


  • The game represents an official license for the Australian Open Tennis Championship, providing an authentic experience for tennis fans.
  • Extensive options for creating athletes, allowing players to customize their own characters.
  • The gameplay system is deep and strategic, with many types of shots and realistic ball physics and control.
  • Rich in game modes, including singles and doubles competitions, career mode, and the Australian Open Championship mode.
  • Offers realistic touches such as press conferences and sponsorship deals, adding to the feeling of realism.
  • Great lifetime value and a lot of gameplay options.
  • Customization and community participation options.


  • The list of players is limited, with some notable names missing.
  • The gameplay is not as great or attractive as other tennis games like Virtua Fighter or Top Spin.
  • The game can be unjustifiably difficult at times, requiring fine tuning on controls.
  • The graphics and crowd animations are not up to the level of other sports games like NBA2K or FIFA.
  • Some interesting ideas in the game, such as objecting to a game, are not explored in depth.
  • Requires practice to get used to and may not always be a lot of fun for casual gamers.
  • Does not reach the ideal level of simulating tennis.

FAQ – AO Tennis 2 PC Game

1. What is AO Tennis 2?

AO Tennis 2 is a tennis video game that represents the official license for the Australian Open Tennis Championship.

2. Which players are featured in AO Tennis 2?

The game features famous players such as Rafael Nadal, but the player list is limited due to budget constraints.

3. How is the gameplay in AO Tennis 2?

The gameplay in AO Tennis 2 is realistic and strategic, with various types of shots and good ball physics. It may take some practice to get used to the controls and timing.

4. What game modes are available in AO Tennis 2?

AO Tennis 2 offers singles and doubles competitions for both men and women. There is also a career mode where players can train, compete, and develop their own character.

5. Is AO Tennis 2 recommended for casual players?

AO Tennis 2 is more suitable for fans of realistic tennis games and those who enjoy a challenge. Casual players looking for fast and fun gameplay may not find it as enjoyable.

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