Batman – The Telltale Series Ep1

Many still consider the iconic hero Batman as the most unique hero and the one with the deepest personality as a “superhero”.

It is not easy to count the works in which he appeared, be they plays or other works. Throughout history, he has maintained his prestige as a hero who has not given up his humanity, so the concept of the word hero has changed. Development studio Rocksteady gave us a trilogy that deserved praise, but didn’t delve much into the character except a few times, so the role was once again given to the Telltale studio to try and put us in the suit, to make us feel the burden of responsibility, and to take him away from us, to make us feel Batman’s weakness when he’s not behind his mask.

The game focuses on the story.

The action is present, but in Telltale style. The story is divided into two parts, Batman and billionaire Bruce Wayne, which influence each other. A large part of the story is known as the death of Bruce’s parents, and the game reminds us of this more than once, and at the same time it prepares to show: “We have a hero who is under the weight of responsibility and the greatness of the Choices he makes suffers, and Bruce’s suffering between trying to help Gotham and what he receives from those who use his wealth, influence and family to pursue a goal. The character construction is excellent so far, and since they’re not new, the studio just had to make sure each character appeared at the right time and place, in the right way. Also the appearance of these characters while you’re wearing the mask, or you’re in Bruce’s sharp suit and walking into a conversation. With them, which gives a very great depth to the story of Batman and gives a closer look at him and what goes on behind the scenes of the hero, the protector of Gotham. This is generally true since the story of the game itself cannot be judged until all episodes are released and completed, but as a previous judgment, the story is interesting and has what it needs to tighten up. Player.

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Apparently nothing will change with the studio.

They use the same gameplay style and ideas, adding a few spices here and there. Options, as usual, take up a lot of space, with the freedom to choose dialogues and reactions, all of which have an impact on the story and, as usual, we will have to wait and see the results in the coming episodes. The new feature in this regard is what the studio called Crowd Play, since it gives other players – if you want – the opportunity to participate with you. You can participate in the selections by entering a special code through a special website, allowing viewers to vote via their phone on what your character should do with each selection. With/proverb. On the other hand, we have the QTEs clips that the team overuses, making the fights very slow. Batman’s fighting style is not fast at all and since he doesn’t kill, most of his strikes are sudden, powerful and precisely aimed. The team took advantage of this so that every move is linked to a button press or movement. Analogous, sometimes both. What I’ve referred to as spices here are simple additions, including moving the analog toward the target so Batman can hit it, and even if I made a mistake, there were no consequences.

The game sometimes allows you to move freely around the environment and freely interact with what is in it. When you wear the Batman costume, these phases become investigation phases in which you have to find out what happened in the place where you are. Do it Don’t let this fool you, because everything is linear, the evidence is clear, the investigation system requires you to combine two pieces of evidence to form a certain hypothesis, for example a police officer killed and a bullet in the ground, by using them Link together you get Batman’s commentary on what happened. If you connect things badly, for example the policeman and the door, nothing happens except that the game tells you through the game’s hero that you made a mistake, so there is no penalty. Whatever kind or impact on history for that matter.

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There are other additions, but I’m not here to analyze the game and mention everything.

I’m just telling you that the game is not far from being a Telltale Studio game, with everything that distinguished its games, things began to spiral into a vicious circle, and the team obviously seems afraid of it, trying something new for fear of losing the identity of his games. It’s not bad, but if you expect innovation in gameplay you will be disappointed, but the additions may change at least a little.

The game engine has received a decent upgrade, the appearance of the game is beautiful, there are technical issues, some of which spoiled the experience on PC and were quickly resolved, but the game slowdown is still present, especially during combat and action scenes .

But the game’s look remains the best the studio has achieved to date. The art direction may not help in properly highlighting the details of the features, but it serves its purpose. There are minor issues related to the graphics, such as the feeling that the game is generally slow and that it lacks fluid movement in many places.

As for the direction, there are some shots that have excelled in this regard and the transition from Bruce to Batman is smooth and uninterrupted and the team has done well in choosing to capture the poignant events from the first episode, although there is currently no sense of the weight of the big decisions other than giving the player the opportunity to react in more than one way, which adds depth to the dialogues so that the reactions of the characters will be different.

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Troy Baker previously played the role of Joker, so this time he is the one playing the role of the Black Knight.

It is not possible to talk about this star’s performance, but we can talk about his voice and tone. If Bruce is played by a normal person, it’s not bad at all, then sometimes you can feel a flaw in Batman’s voice. These things are definitely a matter of taste, but Troy’s tone isn’t strong enough to handle Batman’s consistently sharp voice.

Most of the voice actors responsible for the main roles have been given the appropriate roles, the voices are clear and the performance is good, and there are no flaws that a person could notice in the minutes they have played.

The sound effects are also good and the melodies are excellent. You will feel a similarity between them and dozens of melodies dedicated to superheroes, and it will be difficult to keep the melody in your memory, but the melodies fit the general atmosphere of the game.

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Batman – The game of the Telltale series showed Batman in his prestige, did not spoil him and did not make him seem worse than his appearance in other works.

The game tries to delve more into Batman’s personality without just being the hero, and it has succeeded in doing so. So far the first episode is finished, which lasts about two hours.

Pros of Batman – The Telltale Series Ep1 PC Game

  • The game focuses on the story, allowing players to experience the deep personality of Batman as a superhero.
  • The character construction is excellent, providing a closer look at Batman and what goes on behind the scenes of the hero.
  • The game offers a variety of choices and dialogues that have an impact on the story, adding depth to the gameplay.
  • The addition of Crowd Play allows other players to participate in the game, enhancing the interactive experience.
  • The game engine has received a decent upgrade, resulting in a beautiful appearance and improved graphics.
  • The direction of the game is well-executed, with smooth transitions between Bruce Wayne and Batman.
  • The voice acting and sound effects are well-done, contributing to the overall immersive experience of the game.

Cons of Batman – The Telltale Series Ep1 PC Game

  • The gameplay style and ideas are similar to previous Telltale Studio games, lacking innovation.
  • The game’s combat and action scenes can be slow due to the overuse of QTEs.
  • The investigation phases in the game are linear and lack consequences for incorrect choices.
  • There are technical issues, such as game slowdowns, that can affect the overall gameplay experience.
  • The voice acting for Batman’s character may not meet everyone’s expectations, lacking a consistently sharp tone.
  • The game’s graphics may feel slow and lack fluid movement in certain areas.
  • Currently, there is a lack of a sense of the weight of big decisions in the game.


1. What is the gameplay like in “Batman – The Telltale Series Ep1 PC Game”?

The gameplay in “Batman – The Telltale Series Ep1 PC Game” focuses on the story and is divided into two parts: playing as Batman and playing as billionaire Bruce Wayne. The game features Telltale’s signature style of gameplay, with dialogue choices and reactions that have an impact on the story.

2. How does the game incorporate Batman’s backstory?

The game incorporates Batman’s backstory, including the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents, which is referenced multiple times throughout the game. The story aims to explore the burden of responsibility and the choices Batman makes, as well as the conflict between helping Gotham and dealing with those who exploit his wealth and influence.

3. Are there any new features in the gameplay?

One new feature in the gameplay is called Crowd Play, which allows other players to participate by voting on the character’s actions through a special website. The game also includes QTEs (Quick Time Events) during combat, where players must press buttons or make movements to execute Batman’s strikes.

4. Is there freedom to explore the environment in the game?

While the game allows some freedom to move around the environment and interact with objects, these phases are mostly linear and serve as investigation phases. Players must find clues and piece them together to form hypotheses about what happened in a particular location. However, there are no penalties or major consequences for incorrect connections.

5. How is the game’s graphics and sound?

The game’s graphics have received an upgrade, with a beautiful appearance and art direction that serves its purpose. However, there may be some technical issues and slowdowns during combat and action scenes. The voice acting and sound effects in the game are generally good, with clear voices and fitting melodies that enhance the overall atmosphere.

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