Battlefield 2042

Finally the game Battlefield 2042 is available to us after a wait of three years, but this time it brings us the absence of the single player mode and the focus on the entire multiplayer mode. We made our experience in this test report on the PC platform. Today we’re talking about the game and based on our experience with it so far in the open beta version. Regarding the things developed in the final version of the game, there are noticeable improvements in the performance of the game and during gameplay in general from the time we tried the open beta until now. It’s clear to us that the development team has worked diligently to ensure the game is in the best condition upon release. The simplest examples of these improvements include team improvement by clearing the blue indicator above the players on your team to distinguish them from the enemies better than before.

Impressive Visuals and Effects

One of the most important and outstanding observations is the presence of local servers for players at least in Saudi Arabia and the neighboring Gulf States, where the ping performance did not fully exceed the single digits and the performance was stable at just 7 ms, and that is the case one imaginary number that we have never had in a network game before. The release of Battlefield sees an excellent evolution in graphics, as it brings us high quality and accuracy of details in the design of weapons, vehicles, and models, especially with the effects of explosions, since they are not just an explosion. If you look closely when you see the explosions, you will notice the effect of the shock wave emanating from the explosion, knowing that it is so large. As the explosion increases, you will notice a more impressive shock wave. In addition, the effect of shots and explosions in the water is excellent, as we can see the turbulence of the water and the bullets shooting at the surface of the water.

Three Exciting Game Modes

Battlefield 2042 has three main game modes: All Out Warfare, Hazard Zone and Portal. In All-out Warfare mode, you play the familiar Conquest Large gameplay style, where the mode takes you across huge maps with a total of 128 players on current generation devices and PC. and it features modern gaming features such as: Such as the ability to quickly change weapons during the game or request a vehicle or… a tank no matter where you are. As for modifying weapons, you must first use the weapon and complete certain objectives to increase the mastery level and unlock additions to your favorite weapon, such as killing 30 enemies with the same weapon to unlock multiple additions, such as one Silencer, unlockable Hide from radar while shooting or add a scope to increase the distance. Weapons and other modifications. The more goals you achieve, the more add-ons become available to you until you complete them. Of course, you have the option to change the colors of the weapon according to the available colors. It will take a long time to get the add-ons you want. The same applies to the development of land and air vehicles, as you have to complete certain objectives to unlock new modifications.

Additionally, the basic mode offers the ability to add bots in case there are too few players between the two teams to complete the count, and also the ability to play against an entire team of them for training purposes. However, we find that the bots’ artificial intelligence is currently weak and slow to understand. You will often see them standing in open spaces, making them very easy targets. As you walk past them you will see that the reaction is slow and they will not try to shoot you until a sufficient amount of time has passed for you to escape and hide.

Portal Mode for Nostalgic Gameplay

As for Portal mode, it takes you back in time to previous Battlefield games, such as playing Conquest mode in Battlefield 3, released in 2011, or Rush mode in Battlefield Bad Company 2, or even the oldest part of the series. This is Battlefield 1942, released in 2002. Imagine having the opportunity to play four parts of Battlefield in different eras of war for the price of one game and that is a very symbolic thing, not only because of the repetition of previous experiences, but you also find the same in this mode Maps from the previous parts, as if it were a remaster of the previous parts. Since Portal Mode doesn’t support new features in 2042, you won’t find the ability to request a vehicle, play with existing specializations, or quickly change the weapons you carry.

Finally, the third phase is Hazard Zone, and the style of play in it depends very much on the tactical cooperation with the team. Where the phase for you starts with a particular specialty, it could be Dozer, Irish or Sundance and you cannot switch. In this phase you collect hard drives called data drives and protect them from the enemy until a later date it is announced that there is an evacuation point on the map and you wait for the helicopter to arrive at that point Data drives to count the points for your team and you have to be careful because if you fall or one of the team members falls, you have to rush to revive them before time runs out. After that, they won’t be able to return until you get the Transpose ability, which is available in various locations around the map. If all team members die, you lose completely.

Diverse and Detailed Maps

As for the maps of 2042, we have seven huge maps in different countries at our disposal. We fought exciting battles in the capital of Qatar, Doha, and encountered a strong sandstorm that obscured the field of vision and everything turned a dark red color. The map is characterized by tall buildings with beautiful and futuristic designs, there are also billboards and taxis with Arabic fonts in attractive designs. Of course, the possibility of a weather change in the game is not specific. For example, you may not encounter a sandstorm at all or may not be surprised until late in the game. This is an example of the maps in the game, and each map differs from the other in terms of area, terrain, size and design.

Although the experience was very pleasant and exciting, we encountered some technical problems in the game, most notably problems with the matchmaking mechanism when we press the play button and then the countdown starts before the game starts and then we go back to the previous screen and because so we try more than once until we can enter the game and these attempts take a long time until we fix the problem and we have sometimes noticed notifications that appear on the screen such as: B. the “Reload” notification when this process is completed. The notification doesn’t disappear and stays on the screen for a long time or when you die and come back again.

Room for Improvement

Although ground and air vehicles such as tanks and military helicopters are very interesting, there is a clear weakness in their armament or equipment. For example, when air-to-surface missiles are fired from a helicopter to hit targets on the ground, it is natural that the missile will explode and be able to defeat one or more enemies within the area of ​​​​effect of this explosion. However, it is very weak, so blowing up a ground vehicle or directly hitting a person on the ground with missiles will take several attempts before it is eliminated. The same applies if you use a minigun, which is naturally very powerful, but is weak and requires you to keep the fire on the enemy for longer than necessary to defeat them. We’ll need to see adjustments to the weight and effect of this gear soon, and this is just the beginning for Battlefield 2042, and we’ll see a lot of new content in the future.

Battlefield 2042 was reviewed in the PC version provided by the publisher

Pros and Cons of Battlefield 2042 PC Game


  • Improved performance and gameplay compared to the open beta version
  • Presence of local servers in Saudi Arabia and neighboring Gulf States, resulting in low ping and stable performance
  • High-quality graphics and detailed design of weapons, vehicles, and models
  • Impressive effects of explosions, including shock waves and water turbulence
  • Three main game modes: All Out Warfare, Hazard Zone, and Portal, offering a variety of gameplay experiences
  • Ability to unlock weapon and vehicle modifications by completing objectives
  • Option to add bots for training purposes in case of low player count
  • Portal mode allows players to revisit previous Battlefield games and maps
  • Hazard Zone mode encourages tactical cooperation with the team
  • Seven huge maps in different countries, each with unique features and designs


  • Technical problems with the matchmaking mechanism, causing delays in entering the game
  • Notifications that appear on the screen may not disappear or may stay for a long time
  • Weakness in the armament and equipment of ground and air vehicles
  • Missiles and miniguns require multiple attempts to eliminate enemies
  • Artificial intelligence of bots is currently weak and slow to react
  • Absence of single player mode, focusing solely on multiplayer

Overall, Battlefield 2042 offers an improved gaming experience with its impressive graphics, variety of game modes, and detailed design. However, it does have some technical issues and weaknesses in certain aspects of gameplay. Players who enjoy multiplayer action and teamwork will find the game engaging, while those looking for a single player experience may be disappointed.

FAQ – Battlefield 2042 PC Game

1. Is Battlefield 2042 only a multiplayer game?

Yes, Battlefield 2042 focuses solely on multiplayer gameplay and does not include a single-player mode.

2. How many players can participate in a match?

In All Out Warfare mode, matches can have a total of 128 players on current generation devices and PC.

3. What are the different game modes in Battlefield 2042?

Battlefield 2042 offers three main game modes: All Out Warfare, Hazard Zone, and Portal. All Out Warfare features the familiar Conquest Large gameplay style, Hazard Zone emphasizes tactical cooperation, and Portal allows players to revisit previous Battlefield games.

4. Can I customize my weapons and vehicles in Battlefield 2042?

Yes, you can modify your weapons and vehicles in Battlefield 2042. By completing certain objectives, you can unlock additions and upgrades for your favorite weapons and vehicles.

5. Are there any technical issues in Battlefield 2042?

Some players have reported technical issues, such as problems with the matchmaking mechanism and notifications that may linger on the screen. The development team is actively working to address these issues and provide a smoother gaming experience.

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