Battlefield V

In the world of team shooters, the Battlefield series definitely holds a special place.

This game has gone through many stages of development over the years to get to what it is now. In the new fifth part, the game returns to the time of the Second World War to offer a new experience. Certainly, the past period has not been ideal for DICE or EA in general, and the video game market is experiencing many fluctuations, including a change in gaming trends and the emergence of new games, especially battle royale games. Speaking of the latter, EA doesn’t want to miss the train as the battle royale is one of the upcoming things in the Battlefield series. Now let’s take a look at the fifth part and find out what the game presented to us in the following lines.

In general, it seems that Battlefield wants to play the game correctly and not risk major changes, but that does not mean that the changes presented did not have a serious impact on the gameplay. One of the new additions to the gameplay is the ability to create barriers in certain permitted locations on the map. For example, you can place sandbags as barriers or barbed wire, or go ahead and dig trenches in which your fighters can move inconspicuously. Of course, the build is gradual and takes time, and during that time you are vulnerable to attacks. This is where the role of the support class comes into play, which has the ability to build faster and therefore it is better to delegate the task to them. Building and digging influences the map, helps change the course of the game and is an excellent tactical option.


Of course, Battlefield is a game that allows a large number of players to enter the map, up to 64 players.

This makes it a different and special game and the game has always been based on team spirit. In this part, the development team wanted to introduce new elements into the gameplay to stimulate players’ desire to play cooperatively and in a team spirit. A simple example of this is that any ordinary soldier can now revive another soldier who has fallen to the ground, although this is certainly less quick than if a soldier doctor were to do so in return. The goal is to encourage the players on the team to gather together during the fight so that you can find someone to revive you if you fall, unlike if you go out alone.

There is another new system called the Attrition System, which also aims to encourage playing as a team in the game. As an example of how to use this system, if you fall and come back through the respawn, you will no longer be at full health. To achieve this you will need to obtain a medical pouch, which can only be provided by those who have Medic class. When you respawn, not only will your health be affected, but so will your ammo. To avoid this, you must enlist the help of the support class so that they can give you the necessary ammunition. As another solution to solve the ammo shortage problem, or if you like going solo, you should use the Assult class as it gives you the advantage of getting ammo from killed enemies.

The game contains many game modes and huge maps, and one of the most entertaining maps in the game is the “Twisted Steel” map, which contains two areas separated by a bridge that has obviously been damaged. The best mode in the game is clearly Grand Operations, where you have to fight for three days (game time) and play in three phases. In addition, a story is told, the course of which depends on the performance of the two competing teams. If the two teams are equal in performance, the so-called final stand occurs, in which something similar to Fortnite happens and the playing area becomes smaller and the respawn is stopped.


Unlike some other games, the development team decided to introduce a story mode to the game.

This one is called War Stories mode, and from the name you can imagine what this mode contains. There are several different sections, each telling a story about World War II and having different heroes. One of the nice things about the developer is that these stories are excerpts from World War II that have not received attention in the past, rather than the stories or events that we have heard and experienced over and over again in video games. The single player stages are fun, but they’re nothing special at all and don’t contain anything we haven’t seen before.

Heading into Battlefield, there’s a lot that the development team wasn’t able to showcase right at the start of the game, such as additional story stages that were released this month and also the battle royale’s Firestorm mode, which the development team didn’t showcase would like to stay behind this trend that is sweeping the gaming world. The current game contains many bugs that may not be effective, but should not appear in a game of this production value. As we can see, the developers are working on many modifications to the game based on what the public wants, so it is possible that we will see a different game this time next year.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the review, Batfield has its own character among first-person shooter games. Anyone looking for a large-scale war experience and strategic game with teams and cooperation in carrying out missions will find it here. However, in our opinion, the game suffers from some issues related to the release and it seems that it needs some work here and there.

The game was reviewed using a special PS4 review copy provided to us by EA.

Pros and Cons of Battlefield V PC Game


  • Unique gameplay additions: Battlefield V introduces new gameplay elements such as the ability to create barriers and dig trenches, which adds a tactical aspect to the game.
  • Encourages team play: The game incentivizes players to work together as a team, with features like the ability to revive fallen teammates and the Attrition System that promotes cooperation.
  • Large-scale battles: With the capacity for up to 64 players on a map, Battlefield V offers a unique and immersive war experience.
  • Diverse game modes and maps: The game offers a variety of game modes and large maps, including the entertaining “Twisted Steel” map.
  • Story mode: Unlike some other games in the genre, Battlefield V includes a story mode called War Stories, featuring lesser-known stories from World War II.


  • Release issues: The game initially had bugs and technical issues that affected the overall gameplay experience.
  • Additional content delayed: Some features, such as additional story stages and the battle royale mode, were not available at the game’s launch.
  • Needs further improvement: Despite updates and modifications based on player feedback, Battlefield V still requires some work to address certain issues.

Overall, Battlefield V offers a unique and immersive team shooter experience with its innovative gameplay additions and large-scale battles. However, the game has faced challenges with its release and requires further improvements to fully meet player expectations.

FAQ: Battlefield V PC Game

1. What is the gameplay like in Battlefield V?

The gameplay in Battlefield V revolves around team-based shooting and cooperation. Players can create barriers, dig trenches, and use various tactics to influence the map and change the course of the game. The game allows up to 64 players to enter the map, encouraging teamwork and strategic gameplay.

2. How does the game encourage playing as a team?

Battlefield V introduces new elements to encourage players to play cooperatively. Any ordinary soldier can revive fallen teammates, although the process is slower than if a soldier with medical abilities were to do so. The Attrition System also promotes teamwork by affecting players’ health and ammo when they respawn, requiring support from other classes to provide necessary supplies.

3. What are some of the game modes and maps available in Battlefield V?

Battlefield V offers a variety of game modes and large maps. One popular map is “Twisted Steel,” which features two areas separated by a damaged bridge. The Grand Operations mode is highly entertaining, allowing players to fight for three days in three phases, with the outcome depending on the teams’ performance. The game also includes a story mode called War Stories, featuring different heroes and lesser-known World War II events.

4. Are there any upcoming additions or updates to the game?

Although not initially showcased, the developers have released additional story stages and plan to introduce a battle royale mode called Firestorm. The development team is actively working on modifications based on player feedback, so the game may evolve and improve over time.

5. What are some issues or concerns with the game?

Some players have reported bugs and technical issues in the game. While these may not significantly impact gameplay, they can detract from the overall experience. The game may require additional work and updates to address these issues and enhance player satisfaction.

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