Bookbound Brigade

Developed by Italian studio Digital Tales

, the company was founded in 2006 and has two offices, the main office in Rome and the other in Miami. The studio does not have any well-known games due to its focus on smartphone games, and this is considered the first important project for this studio.

The events of Bookbound take place in the world of literature and mythology

, particularly in the Middle Ages. All characters in the game, whether main or secondary, come from historical stories and books. Some of them are real, others are taken from historical fictional stories such as Robin Hood, King Arthur, Dracula, Queen Victoria and Silver and other characters. The events begin after the theft of the Book of Books, which contains all the words found in literature. The theft was committed by evil dark forces and heroes were tasked by the story’s narrator to retrieve the pages of this book. The story is funny and not serious. From time to time there are funny dialogues, quotes in dialogues and events from the characters’ books.

A two-dimensional Metroidvania style game system

, large interconnected maps to explore and return to previous locations. You initially control five characters and over time more characters are added. The characters move as a single mass. The controls are smooth and focused when jumping between platforms and after a short time… Throughout the game you will learn how to change the shape of the group mass to move through areas and rooms. You can form the group in a line for narrow corridors, or stack them in a long column to reach buttons and other shapes that will make it easier for you to access distant places. It seems like a good and innovative idea, but after a while you will be very annoyed. From the repeated change of the group formation and in some areas of them have to change their form repeatedly and annoyingly, and I believe that the repeated design of the stages is one of the causes of the problem.

The combat is boring and frankly off-putting at first

, but after unlocking each character’s special abilities the combat system will improve, and perhaps it will be off-putting to some players at first. There are some problems with artificial intelligence, like you can endure being in the same position as the enemy and he won’t be able to hit you. There are many bosses. Their fight represents a great challenge, and the leaders are taken by the villains of ancient literature and myths, such as the Wolf (Layla and the Wolf), as well as Frankenstein and others. One of the problems and weaknesses of the game is the very similar and confusing design of the levels, which makes it difficult to remember locations in the game, and the map doesn’t help much in this regard either, a vague map with few details.

In addition, one of the most annoying things in the game is the excessive number of scattered boxes

, which are one of the main points for obtaining memory points that help develop characters’ abilities. Most of your time here will be spent smashing boxes to get character development points.

There are many puzzles that offer a good challenge and fun

. The game’s graphics are average, especially when it comes to drawing the boring backgrounds, but the character drawings are beautiful. There is no voice acting in the game and all dialogue is provided via text and only the voice acting is for the storyteller. The music is in the game. It’s beautiful and each area has its own musical theme. The game has a good lifespan of around ten hours.

Despite some problems in the game

, Bookbound offers some entertaining and good ideas, and I think that most of the game’s problems are easily fixed with an update from the developers, and we recommend it to fans of Metroidvania games.


  • Unique concept set in the world of literature and mythology
  • Funny and lighthearted story with humorous dialogues
  • Large interconnected maps to explore
  • Innovative gameplay mechanic of changing the shape of the group mass
  • Good challenge and fun puzzles
  • Beautiful character drawings
  • Each area has its own musical theme
  • Decent lifespan of around ten hours


  • Studio lacks experience in developing well-known games
  • Repeated change of group formation can become annoying
  • Boring and off-putting combat system initially
  • Artificial intelligence issues with enemies
  • Similar and confusing level design
  • Map lacks details and doesn’t help in navigating the game
  • Excessive number of scattered boxes can feel repetitive
  • Graphics are average, especially the backgrounds
  • No voice acting except for the storyteller

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Bookbound Brigade PC Game

1. What is the storyline of Bookbound Brigade?

The events of Bookbound Brigade take place in the world of literature and mythology, particularly in the Middle Ages. The game features characters from historical stories and books, both real and fictional. The story begins after the theft of the Book of Books, which contains all the words found in literature. Players are tasked with retrieving the stolen pages of this book.

2. What is the gameplay style of Bookbound Brigade?

Bookbound Brigade is a two-dimensional Metroidvania style game. It features large interconnected maps that players can explore and revisit. Initially, players control five characters, and more characters are added as the game progresses. The characters move as a single mass, and players can change the shape of the group to navigate through different areas and rooms.

3. How is the combat system in Bookbound Brigade?

The combat system in Bookbound Brigade may seem boring and off-putting at first, but it improves as players unlock each character’s special abilities. However, there are some issues with the artificial intelligence, as players can sometimes avoid being hit by enemies even when in close proximity. The game features challenging boss fights against villains from ancient literature and myths.

4. Are there puzzles in Bookbound Brigade?

Yes, Bookbound Brigade features many puzzles that offer a good challenge and add to the fun of the game. Players will need to solve these puzzles to progress through the game.

5. How is the overall gameplay experience in Bookbound Brigade?

Despite some problems, Bookbound Brigade offers entertaining and innovative ideas. The game’s graphics are average, with beautiful character drawings but boring backgrounds. The music in the game is beautiful, with each area having its own musical theme. The game has a lifespan of around ten hours. While there are some weaknesses such as confusing level design and excessive number of scattered boxes, most of these issues can be fixed with an update from the developers. Overall, we recommend Bookbound Brigade to fans of Metroidvania games.

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