BPM: Bullets Per Minute


Are you a fan of arcade shooters? Are you a fan of rock music? Are you looking for a challenge? Then you should finish reading this review in which we talk about BPM: Bullets Per Minute, a rhythmic shooting game that uses automatic generation elements and offers us an experience with a special touch.

The Game’s Story

The game wastes no time talking about the story. Rather, it does not contain a single text that speaks about its history. Other than an overview of the experience, which you can find on the game’s dedicated page on the Steam store, the story is almost non-existent and is not usually one of the topics that genre games want to talk about. The technical aspect is that the game offers us a unique graphical direction. The experience offers 8 stages, allowing you to get started through two stages in a particular world, and each world is characterized by a dominant color, such as red or gray. It’s a smart move to cover up some of the modest details in the game world that you won’t notice unless you carefully examine the various aspects. The environment describes in detail the intent to look for these bugs or vulnerabilities.

The Music

Since it is a rhythm game in which you have to harmonize with the music to know the right time to record, providing melodies that you can easily immerse yourself in is a necessary prerequisite for a homogeneous experience, which is what the The development team succeeded. The game offers a wonderful variety of enthusiastic and varied rock music, with the peculiarity that it is music for boss fights. I started faster and more enthusiastically, and as expected, this aspect is one of the strongest aspects of the game.

The Gameplay

As mentioned, gameplay is all about getting into the tune to know the right time to aim and reload. The monsters you encounter also adhere to a certain rhythm, especially the bosses that require greater accuracy from you. BPM is one of those experiences that presents a completely new idea outside of the usual, which makes it confusing from the start, as the first hour of the experience is a repetitive process of trial and error until you master the gameplay and become immersed in the gameplay . One of the unfortunate things is that the development team did not provide any learning phase or tutorial that explains the rules as the game starts directly without any explanations about the game system.

The Weapons and Resources

After the second and third hours, you will begin to enjoy the experience as you get used to the tunes and become aware of the right timing. Here, every bullet fired and every reload becomes very satisfying. The process can even be addictive, as you’ll get an indicator that you’ve perfectly eliminated all enemies in the room without attempting to aim. Or incorrect reloading. The game offers a diverse arsenal of weapons that differ in their advantages and disadvantages. Some weapons deal a lot of damage but require you to manually reload each bullet, while others may have large ammo but the reloading process may require two or three steps and you will find that some weapons suit you better after a while others, but not because of the damage they inevitably cause, but because of the rhythm that you have to follow with them.

The Auto-generation Elements

As mentioned, the game uses auto-generation elements to form its various trenches and provides you with a map that shows the rooms surrounding the room you are in and whether those rooms belong to the The leader’s private room belongs. Before facing a leader, you may want to explore the entire trench to find the various resources present within it. After completing most of the rooms, you will find a treasure chest that may contain medicine or some money that can also be obtained from monsters. You can also obtain keys that allow you to open larger, valuable treasure chests, which usually contain an additional piece of armor. You can wear 4 pieces of armor at the same time, and these pieces give you some advantage, such as ammunition. Limits or causes your shots to slow enemies and other features.

The Stores and Characters

There are several statues in the trenches where you place a coin to improve your speed or aim and other things. There is also a shop where you can get resources. There is also a gun shop. Both stores give you a limited number of resources to purchase, and the more you spend in these two stores, the more tools you’ll find on your next visit. The game features multiple playable characters, but you start the experience with an available character. If you want to reveal the rest of the characters, you must complete the trenches of the four regions to reveal these characters. Each character has advantages and disadvantages. Some have secondary abilities that help them get around. Fast, while others start with a powerful weapon. To gain the full abilities of these characters, you must complete all stages with these characters to motivate you to repeat the experience several times.

The Difficulty and Variety

The experience is not easy, as hitting four times means death and the game is generally aimed at professionals. If you’re having trouble getting used to the playing style, you can modify the rhythm commitment restrictions to make it less strict. There is also an automatic rhythm option that allows you to use your own rhythm to shoot instead of relying on the rhythm. The game can also increase the difficulty level by making the commitment to routine very strict, and the game offers There are only two difficulty levels, namely the easy level and the difficult level. What is the difference? The hard option has you facing a larger group of enemies in each room, and you’ll also face wilder types of enemies at the start of this stage.

The Conclusion

Although the experience is fun once you get used to the rhythm, it does have some drawbacks in terms of variety. It can be said that many of the enemies are the same enemy but with a different design, and some appear to be an improved version of a previous enemy. The design of the four worlds is also not very different, apart from the dominant colors… These worlds give the feeling that you are visiting the same trenches over and over again, with only minor changes. The confrontations between leaders are also not challenging compared to the trenches themselves. As you progress through the stages and acquire quality tools and weapons, it becomes easier to eliminate each leader in just a few seconds. It’s frustrating when you realize that you have to take that defeat. Defeating trench monsters is much more difficult than defeating the boss itself.


Completing the eight stages will take about an hour, but you won’t be able to beat this mission on the first try. It took us 8 hours to complete the experience for the first time on Easy difficulty. The game offers you 5 challenges to complete that can be accessed upon completion, such as the Leader Order Challenge, the Time Challenge and other challenges that provide added value. In addition to the experience selling for a third of full price, BPM: Bullets Per Minute needed more polish and a few additions here and there, but in the end it’s a unique experience in concept and very entertaining once you get the hang of it learned rules. If you are a fan of shooting games and rock music, you should prepare your headphones and get ready for the experience. You’ve never experienced anything like this!

Pros and Cons of BPM: Bullets Per Minute PC Game


  • Unique and innovative concept combining rhythm and shooting elements
  • Enthusiastic and varied rock music enhances the gaming experience
  • Satisfying gameplay once you get the hang of the rhythm
  • Diverse arsenal of weapons with different advantages and disadvantages
  • Auto-generation elements provide replayability
  • Multiple playable characters with unique abilities
  • Challenging gameplay for professionals
  • Option to modify rhythm commitment restrictions
  • Additional challenges add value to the experience


  • Lack of tutorial or learning phase to explain the game system
  • Repetitive and confusing gameplay in the beginning
  • Limited variety in enemy designs
  • Similarity in the design of the game’s worlds
  • Confrontations with bosses are not as challenging as the trenches
  • Short completion time for the main stages
  • Some areas could benefit from more polish and additions

In conclusion, BPM: Bullets Per Minute offers a unique and entertaining experience for fans of shooting games and rock music. While it may have some drawbacks in terms of variety and initial confusion, the game’s innovative concept, satisfying gameplay, and diverse features make it a worthwhile choice for players seeking a rhythmic challenge.


1. What is BPM: Bullets Per Minute?

BPM: Bullets Per Minute is a rhythmic shooting game that combines arcade shooter gameplay with rock music. It offers a unique experience with automatic generation elements.

2. Does the game have a story?

No, the game does not have a traditional story. It focuses more on the gameplay and music experience rather than narrative elements.

3. How does the gameplay work?

The gameplay revolves around syncing with the music to know the right time to aim and reload. The monsters and bosses in the game also adhere to a certain rhythm, adding to the challenge.

4. Are there different weapons in the game?

Yes, the game offers a diverse arsenal of weapons, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some weapons require manual reloading, while others have large ammo but a longer reloading process.

5. How long does it take to complete the game?

Completing the eight stages of the game can take about an hour, but it may take longer as you familiarize yourself with the gameplay mechanics. The game also offers additional challenges to complete for added value.

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