Celeste: An Exceptional Indie Platformer

Celeste is an indie platformer with 16-bit graphics developed by a small team led by Matt Thorson, who gave us the beautiful game Tower Fall. Celeste uses elements found in many well-known platform games and we know how this type of games is popular, especially since most platform games come from independent development teams and we rarely get them from large development teams. But does Celeste count as exceptional among indie platform game releases? So let’s start talking and give you a review of the game.

The Story of Celeste

The events of Celeste’s story revolve around a girl named “Madeleine” who suffers from depression and a panic attack. Her goal is to climb Celeste Mountain. This mountain was known for its harsh climate, relatively low temperatures, and high altitude. At the beginning of the game, you may be given a simple impression that makes you think that their story is considered ordinary, with brief dialogues between… A group of Characters that you meet on the way to the top of the mountain, but after hours of playing the story becomes interesting and its events begin to attract you, as many characters stand out for their various actions, some of which want to help you and others try to help you and yours Target to destroy, but the most interesting among them is one The character that is part of Madeline always pushes her to complain and accept the “accomplished facts” and often it is seen that she sees climbing this mountain as “one “the seventh impossible”. You will see how Madeline dealt with this depressing personality on her journey to achieve her goal.


The Game World and Level Design

When it comes to the game world and the way the stages are laid out in the world, the design is like climbing a mountain gradually until you reach the top, and each time you complete a chapter of the At the end of the game, you climb to a higher level on the mountain. In addition, the stages of the story are divided into several chapters, and each chapter carries its own ideas and a different main character, and this is worth mentioning. Each character has different circumstances than others and this narrative system is a positive point in the game as it kept my interest throughout the game and left no room for boredom.

Graphics and Sound

If we talk about the game’s graphics and the existing artistic character, the 16-bit character system was used, but due to the lack of colors, it leans a bit towards 8-bit designs. I was hoping to use colors with enough depth to make it full of spirit, but the artistic character remains fine, especially since it comes from a development team. Small, with a limited budget. In terms of audio, the development team benefited from a group of purely electronic pieces of music. I I’m not a fan of this kind of music, but I was surprised when I was impressed by Celeste’s music. My ears always enjoyed the different pieces as they changed with each part of the stage and I found each piece to be a more beautiful piece than the second and that made me take my hat off to their music choices out of respect.


The Gameplay Experience

Now let’s move on to the playstyle, which is the core and star of the game. It is simple and easy to learn and use. It consists of the basic normal jumping found in all platform games and continuous jumping to avoid and overcome various obstacles. Nevertheless, the simplicity of the controls and the design of most levels force you to know how to use them properly, and the beauty of it is that each A chapter in the story contains different elements and types of obstacles that bring new ideas with bring themselves and differ from those that existed before. The things in the world that help you get from one place to another differ from chapter to chapter. An example of these elements is a bubble that you enter and that launches you in a certain direction for a short distance, and so on things.

A Challenging Adventure

The challenge element in Celeste is present and strong, the further you progress through the game the more difficult it becomes, but it is adequate and offers a welcoming environment for beginners with the option for help if you want to activate it. It is worth noting that if you choose to collect “strawberries” or collect fruits scattered in different places, the challenge becomes more exciting, and you need a certain level of deep thinking and high intuitive speed, especially in advanced stages, but unfortunately the fruits to be collected have no value or use, and you won’t get any reward if you collect them all. As you explore, you will find a hidden cassette in each stage, and acquiring it will allow you to play the B-side stages, and unfortunately the difficulty is taken into account… It’s unreasonable and annoying, and if you finish the last level in the To open the game, you have to go through and explore all of them to find hidden hearts in each of them. I wish the development team would limit themselves to just collecting fruits.


In Conclusion

In conclusion, I note that the game offers you rich content that will fully compensate for the amount you invest in this game ($20), especially if you decide to collect all the fruits and cartridges you need to play Bay require side stages, and it took 6 hours to complete, and certainly more if you want to collect everything, a story collection. Beautifully exciting and a great gameplay style that pushes you to play for many hours without getting bored. This is not the norm for platform games, modern or old, and Celeste is considered an exceptional game and a must-have opening for the current year. Considered one of the best games of 2018, it’s a testament to the indie developer’s strong presence at the helm of one of the biggest development studios.


  • Engaging and interesting story that deals with themes of depression and personal growth.
  • Unique and varied level design that keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting.
  • Beautiful 16-bit graphics with a charming artistic style.
  • Impressive electronic music soundtrack that enhances the overall experience.
  • Simple and intuitive controls that are easy to learn.
  • Gradual increase in difficulty that provides a challenge without being overwhelming.
  • Optional collectibles and hidden stages offer additional gameplay and replay value.
  • Rich content that justifies the price of the game.


  • Lack of color depth in the graphics may not appeal to some players.
  • Difficulty spikes in some hidden stages can be frustrating and off-putting.
  • Collectible fruits have no value or reward, making them feel unnecessary.
  • Completion time of 6 hours may be short for some players.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Celeste PC Game?

Celeste is an indie platformer with 16-bit graphics developed by a small team led by Matt Thorson. It follows the story of a girl named Madeleine as she climbs Celeste Mountain.

2. What is the gameplay like in Celeste?

The gameplay in Celeste revolves around platforming and overcoming various obstacles. Players must navigate through different levels and chapters, each with its own unique challenges and mechanics.

3. How long does it take to complete Celeste?

On average, it takes about 6 hours to complete the main story of Celeste. However, if players choose to collect all the fruits and cartridges to unlock the B-side stages, it can take longer.

4. Is Celeste a challenging game?

Yes, Celeste is known for its challenging gameplay. As players progress through the game, the difficulty increases. However, there is an option to activate assistance for those who prefer a more accessible experience.

5. Is Celeste considered one of the best indie games?

Yes, Celeste has received critical acclaim and is often regarded as one of the best indie games. Its compelling story, engaging gameplay, and unique art style have contributed to its positive reception.

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