Century: Age of Ashes

Century: Age of Ashes is a new group action game brought to us by the Playwing development team. What sets it apart from other experiences of this type is the idea of ​​fighting aboard your dragon in competitive battles between two teams, and we will find out the details of this experience in our review.

Gameplay and Graphics

The game does not offer a story as the focus is on the group play experience, but it does offer a library of information about the different dragon types for those who want to learn more about the game world. The graphical level of the game shows this the great care of the development team. The maps you will play on are complex in their designs and full of details and narrow corridors with care. The designs of the various dragons are precise and full of different details, with great care being taken to animate the various movements of the dragons when performing maneuvers and attacks. The audio levels have also been superbly maintained, as the game features a range of enthusiastic tunes that reflect the intensity of the battles.

Game System and Controls

The game system is simple and easy to get used to. There are 3 specializations, all sharing the dragon’s ability to fire missiles at close range or breathe fire at the opponent, with each specialization having two different abilities available that can be used after a certain amount of time. Dragons can fly faster if you keep pushing. If you press a specific button and press the button twice in a row while continuing to hold it, the dragon will rush through the air at high speed, allowing you to catch up with the opponent or escape the missiles fired at you. The controls are very smooth and precise, allowing you to perform various maneuvers when you want to pursue or avoid the opponent, and the control method is one of its biggest advantages. This experiment.

Specializations and Phases

Targeting enemies is automatic as long as you keep a certain distance between yourself and the enemy. There is an indicator that shows your ability to fire missiles at the enemy and another indicator that shows your ability to breathe fire at them. Of the three specializations, Marauder is the most balanced in our opinion as it focuses on targeting enemies and dealing heavy damage to the opponent when activating its special ability. We have the Windguard specialty, which focuses on supporting his comrades in battles and strengthening their defenses. She is the least dangerous in terms of attack ability, but has the annoying ability to release poisonous gas behind herself, obscuring your vision and preventing you from aiming while also dealing damage to you, exaggerating the effectiveness of this ability. Finally, we have the Phantom specialization, which has the ability to hide so that it cannot be seen or attacked, with its ability to carry out very powerful surprise attacks or set traps in the form of bombs that explode when you move approaching them. We see that the game needs more balance for this specialization and the Winguard specialization. All specializations also have a phase. Berserker, which activates after taking a certain amount of damage, and this phase allows you to fire more fire projectiles while being able to take a greater number of hits before dying for a limited time.

Game Modes

The game currently offers 4 game modes including Skrimish and Carnage modes, which are similar to Team Deathmatch mode. However, Skrimish mode features confrontations between two teams of three players each, while Carnage features confrontations between two teams of six players each. The team that achieves the largest number of points possible is the winner. Another special detail in Carnage mode is that players who eliminate a certain number of opponents in a row without dying become valuable targets, so eliminating one of them means more points, and the maximum possible score that can be achieved from these goals is 5 points.

Spoils of War Phase

The third phase in the game is the “Spoils of War” phase, which is our favorite phase due to its many details. In this phase, you target treasure-carrying dragons to collect the gold that falls from them, then deposit it into your team’s treasury. with your ability to attack members of the opposing team to get the gold. The beauty of this phase is also the presentation of a number of interesting ideas. It is possible that a jewel will appear on the map and the team whose member wears this jewel will automatically receive more money as long as the jewel remains with them. This is where the battle to get the jewel begins, and there is also a bomb you can use. Take them to the opponent’s treasury to blow them up and cause the loss of a large percentage of the money. There is also a key that allows you to close the enemy team’s treasury and prevent them from depositing their loot. This stage features intense competition to collect the most gold possible before time runs out. And one of the two teams manages to make use of objects such as bombs. In the blink of an eye the scales turn around.

Gates of Fire Phase

The fourth and final phase is the Gates of Fire phase, which is similar to the Capture Flag phase, but here you don’t take a flag from the enemy team. A flag will appear on the map, you must take this flag and pass through a certain number of gates to win the round, or try to pass through the largest number of gates possible. Before time runs out and during this phase, you are prohibited from using special abilities, such as stealth, when carrying the flag in order to make the competition fair and give both parties an equal chance of victory. Passing all the gates to win the round is very difficult and requires high skills.

Matchmaking and Store

One of the fundamental problems of the game currently is how to organize confrontations or matchmaking, since in the game new low-level players compete against advanced-level players, and sometimes you face a team whose player level is not above tenth level against a team with Players in the 30th or 27th division, which is an annoying problem. It results in teams made up of new players being crushed with ease and in some cases by a ridiculous margin.

The game’s store specializes in accessories only, with the paid game you will find that over time you can collect enough gems to purchase any accessories or legendary dragons that are only available in the store. There are 3 different types of dragons in addition to the legendary dragons and these types come in different shapes and colors that you can get through the eggs that you acquire and take care of them and raise the dragon that emerges from them until He reaches adulthood Performing certain tasks during the game, such as eliminating a certain number of opponents or using a certain specialization for a series of confrontations. This is a simple process and does not require much time.


The game, as mentioned, still needs to balance some specializations and its content is currently limited. Currently there are only 4 game modes and 4 maps, and this problem will undoubtedly be solved with the passage. Apart from the negatives that we have mentioned, we see that Century: Age of… Ashes is a fun group experience that stands out through a beautiful graphics and a smooth gaming system that is easy to get used to. It is an experience that will give you a lot of pleasure in today’s times and is capable of giving even more pleasure once the current problems are addressed and more content is made available.

Pros of Century: Age of Ashes PC Game

  • Unique concept of fighting aboard dragons in competitive battles
  • Impressive graphics with detailed dragon designs and well-animated movements
  • Superbly maintained audio levels with enthusiastic tunes
  • Simple and easy-to-use game system with smooth and precise controls
  • Automatic targeting of enemies at a certain distance
  • Three specializations with different abilities and playstyles
  • Multiple game modes, including Skrimish and Carnage modes
  • Exciting “Spoils of War” phase with interesting mechanics and intense competition
  • Challenging “Gates of Fire” phase that requires high skills
  • Opportunity to collect and raise different types of dragons

Cons of Century: Age of Ashes PC Game

  • Lack of a story-focused experience
  • Unbalanced specializations, particularly Phantom and Windguard
  • Matchmaking issues with new players facing advanced-level players
  • Limited game content with only 4 game modes and 4 maps
  • Currently limited customization options in the game store

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Century: Age of Ashes PC Game

1. What is Century: Age of Ashes?

Century: Age of Ashes is a group action game where players fight aboard dragons in competitive battles between two teams. It offers a unique gameplay experience focused on dragon combat.

2. What are the different dragon specializations in the game?

The game features three specializations: Marauder, Windguard, and Phantom. Marauder is a balanced specialization that focuses on targeting enemies and dealing heavy damage. Windguard specializes in supporting teammates and strengthening defenses. Phantom has the ability to hide and perform surprise attacks or set traps.

3. How does the gameplay and controls work in Century: Age of Ashes?

The gameplay is simple and easy to get used to. Dragons can fire missiles at close range or breathe fire at opponents. Each specialization has two unique abilities that can be used after a certain amount of time. The controls are smooth and precise, allowing players to perform various maneuvers and pursue or avoid opponents.

4. What game modes are available in Century: Age of Ashes?

The game currently offers four game modes, including Skirmish and Carnage modes, which are similar to Team Deathmatch. Skirmish mode features confrontations between two teams of three players each, while Carnage mode features confrontations between two teams of six players each. The game also includes the “Spoils of War” phase and the “Gates of Fire” phase.

5. What are the current limitations and issues in Century: Age of Ashes?

One of the current issues is the matchmaking system, where new low-level players may compete against advanced-level players, resulting in imbalanced matches. The game’s content is also limited, with only four game modes and four maps available. However, the development team is expected to address these issues and provide more content in the future.

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