Children of Morta

In 2015, a support campaign was launched on Kickstarter with a goal of $65,000. However, at $108,000, the game managed to reach more than the asking amount, which was a huge success for the campaign, and development took about 10 4 years. That’s a long time for an independent game, especially since it received the necessary funding. But according to the developers, the goal is to provide huge and high-quality content. In this review, let’s see if Dead Mage Studio managed to deliver the game it promised?

The Story of Children of Morta

The story of the game takes place in the land of Rea, where the sacred mountain Murta is located, which the villagers sacred and consider a symbol of life. Its history is steeped in legend and magic, but suddenly a dark force took control of the mountain and spread destruction and corruption across the region. The mountain has been guarded since Agbal by an ancient and powerful family whose mission is to destroy the forces and protect the mountain and the region from monsters. The story seems ordinary, but what sets it apart are its characters and beautiful family relationship. Throughout their journey, you will watch the relationships and events between them develop. Your home base is a beautiful home. Each character has a backstory that you can access through the family library at home. Even though these types of games often don’t focus so much on the story, the developers here paid attention to this aspect and gave it the attention it deserves.

The Graphics and Art Direction

The graphics in the game are two-dimensional in the style of drawing with pixels. The art direction is very wonderful and one of the best I’ve seen in this type of graphics. There are beautiful details, especially the family home, which looks like a beautiful painting by the developers. There are wonderful and varied designs of bosses and monsters, and I have to praise the animation and movement of the characters during gameplay or story presentations.

The Gameplay of Children of Morta

The gameplay is an action role-playing game with an overhead camera and roguelike elements. The experience focuses on development, collecting the necessary tools and randomly building dungeons. Home is the main base for the family, it is the place of rest, development and change of personality, and we can confirm that the feeling of satisfaction of killing a large group of enemies in one place is exciting. The characters in the family offer very different fighting styles, and the style of some may make it easier for you to fight against a particular leader, and this distinction is welcome to increase the variety of play methods.

There are a large number of useful tools when fighting enemies and bosses, such as a tool to slow down enemies, a fake statue that tricks enemies into thinking it’s you, and many others. Bosses are a great challenge and it’s fun to use the tools and make your own decisions by choosing the best tools before entering the boss. The game also offers a cooperative mode.

Negative Aspects and Conclusion

In general, the gameplay is excellent, but that does not prevent the presence of some negative aspects, such as: B. poor artificial intelligence. You will see some monsters that do not move due to a wall or an object in front of them, and also the entrances to rooms that monsters do not enter, where you can kill them with a long-range weapon or standing at the edge of the entrance and she kills without being attacked. Finally, the game presented a whole range of songs of different levels. Some of the music is nice, some of it annoyed me! The game’s story is presented by a voice actor who narrates the events well.

Reviewed after we received the PC version from the publisher. The game will be released on all home consoles on October 15th


  • Beautiful two-dimensional pixel art graphics with stunning details
  • Engaging and well-developed storyline with a focus on family relationships
  • Varied and unique character designs with different fighting styles
  • Exciting gameplay with action role-playing and roguelike elements
  • Wide range of useful tools and abilities for fighting enemies and bosses
  • Cooperative mode for multiplayer gameplay


  • Poor artificial intelligence, with some monsters not moving or entering certain areas
  • Some rooms and entrances allow players to easily kill monsters without being attacked
  • Mixed reception of the game’s music, with some tracks being enjoyable and others annoying

FAQ – Children of Morta PC Game

1. What is the gameplay of Children of Morta like?

The gameplay of Children of Morta is an action role-playing game with an overhead camera and roguelike elements. It focuses on character development, collecting tools, and exploring randomly generated dungeons. The game also offers a cooperative mode.

2. Who developed Children of Morta?

Children of Morta was developed by Dead Mage, an independent studio founded in 2010. They have developed five games in the past, including Shadow of Blade.

3. How long did it take to develop Children of Morta?

The development of Children of Morta took about 4 years. The game had a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015, surpassing its goal of $65,000 and raising over $108,000.

4. What is the story of Children of Morta?

The story of Children of Morta takes place in the land of Rea, where a dark force has taken control of the sacred mountain Murta. The game follows an ancient and powerful family tasked with protecting the mountain and the region from monsters. The game focuses on the relationships and events between the family members as they embark on their journey.

5. What are the graphics like in Children of Morta?

Children of Morta features two-dimensional pixel art graphics. The art direction is highly praised, with beautiful details and varied designs of bosses and monsters. The animation and movement of the characters are also well-done.

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