What is the ideal way to achieve harmony? Is tyranny acceptable to achieve a high goal? These are the fundamental questions that Chorus asks in its story, which will take us into space, across the galaxy and between different solar systems as one of the rare arcade shooter games we’ve gotten in recent years.

The Story of Chorus

The story puts us in the role of Nara, one of the soldiers chosen by the leader of a religious group called The Circle, which began to expand and tighten its control over various parts of the galaxy. The goal of this group is to achieve harmony in the so-called choir to end all wars and conflicts, and Nara was ready. To carry out all of his leader’s orders, even if it meant the loss of millions of lives, the burden of the crimes rested heavily on the shoulders of Nara, who decided to defect and escape the Circle’s control. The events of the game begin several years after Nara defected, and she now faces the bitter truth that she must return to. However, this time to protect the resistance and refugees from the tyranny of her former group, and this is where Nara returns and finds her companion, the Forsaken, a vehicle with modern technologies that uses advanced artificial intelligence, and here begins the journey of Nara and her companion to free the galaxy and eliminate their former teacher.

The Story’s Weaknesses

القصة تفشل في إثارة الاهتمام فهي تحاول إغراقكم بالعديد من التفاصي ل التي تحاول إعطاء عمق لعالم اللعبة ولكنّ العديد من الأفكار غير مترا بطة ببعضها البعض والبعض الأخر كان يحتاج للمزيد من التفسير والتفصيل لفهمه كما أنّ أحداث اللعبة ستذكّركم بأي فيلم أو لعبة تتحدّث عن الصر اع ما بين فصيلتين في الفضاء الخارجي، الحوارات سطحية وتفتقر للعمق كما أنّ الحوارات ما ب Nara و Forsaken م بالتعليق على الكثير من الحوارات من خلال الهمس بصورة متكرّرة ومضجر ة خاصةً وأنّ العديد من تلك التعليقات تناقض ما قالته الشخصية Recently!

Impressive Graphics and Audio

On the graphical level, the game offers beautiful graphics and the environments you traverse are full of details, including boulders, debris from vehicles or space stations and other elements of the environment. Emphasis has also been placed on various effects, such as weapon effects or the destruction of vehicles of different sizes, and some of the scenes you will go through during the experience are truly amazing on the level. Audio: The game also features a distinctive set of tunes and the tune for the main screen in particular was unique.

Engaging Gameplay

Gameplay is Chorus’ biggest advantage. The movement of the vehicle is very fluid and interacts precisely. You can also press a special button that allows you to quickly change the path of your movement or the direction of your aim. This allows you to perform many innovative maneuvers and deal with various critical situations, and the game does not require you to do this. It takes a long time to get used to the style of play. Additionally, the game features a number of supernatural abilities that Nara acquires as part of the story. Each of these abilities adds additional depth to the gaming experience and gives you more ways to defeat your opponents. We can say without exaggeration that Chorus is one of the best games in the genre. Which We tried in terms of gameplay.

Challenging Boss Encounters

The difficulty is balanced and over time you will encounter enemies that will be difficult for you to defeat and then the game will give you a new supernatural ability that will make them less difficult to defeat. The game maintains the medium difficulty level, but challenges your skills from time to time. The game features a series of boss encounters, each relying on a specific strategy to defeat. The Boss Unfortunately, some of the boss encounters are poorly designed, resulting in confusing encounters, whether due to the strategy required to defeat the boss or the environment in which you face him.

Vehicle Modifications and Weapons

During your adventure, you collect points that you can use to purchase modifications to your vehicle or new weapons. There are three types of weapons: the machine gun, the laser cannon and the rocket launcher. The modifications to your vehicle range from those that increase the power of your weapons or increase the speed of your vehicle and its maneuverability. There are modifications that improve the ability of your vehicle and its armor to take damage. There are also modifications that increase your ability to use supernatural abilities, but modifying vehicles is not routinely required and can be done every few hours, especially since weapons become more powerful as you use them and meet certain conditions that increase your efficiency Increase stakes.

Open World Exploration and Missions

The game offers an open world with many side missions of varying durations, but they reward you with an excellent number of points that make it easier for you to purchase the more expensive weapons. The game’s problem, however, is one of the usual problems in open-world games is the preference for quantity over quality. There are many missions, but they lack variety and are usually limited. You have to go to a specific area and face a series of enemies, and this was possible to offer more challenges or missions where you maneuver your vehicle in tight areas, especially since the game offers a smooth and fun control system. During the experience you will have to make some decisions that will affect the course of events. But these situations were very rare and could even be counted on the fingers of one hand. Such elements could have been used more intensively, increasing the player’s interest in the course of events and the impact of his decisions on them.


We finished the game in 12 hours, during which we completed a fair number of side missions, and despite the lack of variety, we wouldn’t mind spending more hours with Chorus due to the smooth gameplay and entertaining combat. The game shined in some aspects, as it is beautiful on a graphical level and offers distinctive melodies with… A sophisticated game system, but the weak story and lack of variety in the missions had a significant impact on the overall experience. For those looking for a pure gaming experience away from storytelling and variety, it is a fun and entertaining experience.


  • Fluid and precise vehicle movement
  • Innovative gameplay mechanics
  • Supernatural abilities add depth to the gaming experience
  • Beautiful graphics and detailed environments
  • Distinctive set of tunes and soundtrack
  • Balanced difficulty level
  • Open world with side missions that reward players


  • Weak and confusing storyline
  • Lack of variety in missions
  • Some poorly designed boss encounters
  • Modifying vehicles is not necessary and can be infrequent
  • Preference for quantity over quality in open-world missions
  • Rare impact of player decisions on the course of events

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Chorus PC Game

1. What is the story of Chorus PC Game?

The game follows the story of Nara, a soldier chosen by the religious group called The Circle. The group aims to achieve harmony in the galaxy by controlling various parts. However, Nara defects and escapes their control. Years later, she returns to protect the resistance and refugees from her former group’s tyranny.

2. What are the gameplay features of Chorus PC Game?

The gameplay of Chorus is one of its biggest advantages. The vehicle movement is fluid and precise, allowing for innovative maneuvers. Nara also acquires supernatural abilities that add depth to the gaming experience. The game offers a balanced difficulty level with challenging boss encounters.

3. What can I expect in terms of graphics and audio in Chorus PC Game?

Chorus features beautiful graphics with detailed environments. The game pays attention to various effects, such as weapon effects and vehicle destruction. The audio includes a distinctive set of tunes, with a unique tune for the main screen.

4. Are there customization options in Chorus PC Game?

During the adventure, you can collect points to purchase modifications for your vehicle or new weapons. There are three types of weapons available: machine gun, laser cannon, and rocket launcher. The modifications range from increasing weapon power to improving vehicle speed and maneuverability.

5. Is Chorus an open-world game with side missions?

Yes, Chorus offers an open world with various side missions. Completing these missions rewards you with points that can be used for purchasing weapons. However, the game’s variety of missions is limited, with a preference for quantity over quality. The game also includes decision-making elements that can affect the course of events, although they are rare.

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