Code Vein

After several postponements, the anticipated Code Vein game is coming out, which many are calling the “anime version” of the Dark Souls game. Despite the different developers and the similarity of the publisher, many players see several common characteristics between the two games. Is it really like that? another failed attempt to emulate the Dark Souls games? We will find out about this in the next lines of our review.

Similarities and Differences

First, let’s look at the similarities. The game world, the development method, your loss of points when the character dies and the high difficulty of some bosses give you the same feeling as the Dark Souls games, but it would be really unfair to judge the developer’s influence on the game and the denying many new ideas added throughout the game, both at the level of graphics, game system and music, to obtain a unique game of its kind with a unique character that distinguishes it from others highlights the particular imprint of the developer.

An Interesting Story

The game offers us an interesting story full of secrets and characters that will tempt you to look for a solution to eliminate the most important crisis in the world, which is turning people into vampires that feed on blood, be it from people or from unknown trees from which you can get blood. And because blood has become rare due to the lack of people in this world, many have appeared. Among the gangs that work to capture humans and arrest them to exploit their blood, or capture weak vampires and send them on missions Search for blood in the desolate game world and here lies your mission as a vampire who is one of the gangs escapes to find a solution that ensures a normal life for both humans and vampires in the company of many… distinctive characters that will accompany you on your adventure.

When it comes to the graphics of the game, the developers chose a special approach with graphics closer to the anime, especially in the characters, while presenting a very picturesque and varied world. The environments that can be explored are very diverse. Sometimes you will be exploring one of the swamps, then fighting a leader in a snowy area, and other times you will find yourself in the barren desert fighting against groups of soldiers. Wild monsters have different designs and sizes, and each of them has its own advantages, strengths and weaknesses.

Distinctive Fighting Style

The game features a distinctive fighting style with a wide range of weapons and armor. You have the opportunity to search for gear that suits your play style. You can also unlock many specializations, which you gain as you progress through the story or by improving your skills. Build a relationship with your team to open up new options and more diverse abilities as you master one of the skills. You can use them in another specialty.

The variety and options are unlimited to customize your character, be it through appearance or with very large options. Design your character with the smallest details, a large arsenal of distinctive equipment, and choose the specialization that suits you and combine it with a very wide range of skills that will allow you to create your own distinctive character. The game offers options for cooperative play over the network, where you can ask for help to face challenges, fight a boss, or even move to another world to help them in some stages.

Depth Missions and Character Development

One of the most outstanding elements of the gameplay are the depth missions, which are stages that you can only enter if you find a special map. These stages present a greater and more difficult challenge, but are considered a good source of development stones and earning points to increase your character’s level.

The story’s characters are considered an important addition to your adventure. In addition to being able to choose one of them to accompany you in your battle, you can also exchange gifts that you find in the different areas of the game. Characters exchange you with rare materials or weapons, where you can talk to them in the team headquarters, and you can also develop your weapons and equipment if you have the quantity. Sufficient materials in addition to the ability to use a hot water bath to regain half the points you lost in the previous battle! One of the features of the game is the game’s unique music, which fits the game world and the sensitivity of the situation or combat while providing good voice acting with the option to choose voice acting in Japanese.

Difficulty Level and Technical Issues

Well, we need to talk a little about the game’s difficulty level. The game gives you a feeling of difficulty at first glance, but that feeling diminishes as you develop your character a little. With the exception of a few specific situations, the game does not offer a very difficult experience, but rather a very reasonable one. I was able to overcome most of the game’s bosses from the first time without having to increase the game level or learn from mistakes, as most of the bosses do not offer the expected challenge, especially the important ones, while in the initial areas you may face a lot of difficulty from monsters will result in a sort of fluctuation in difficulty and cause some of the key enemies in the story to lose their prestige and status.

Technically, the game will experience frame drops in several areas when there are a lot of enemies in one place, and the camera will also give you some problems when fighting in tight areas.


  • Similarities to Dark Souls games create a familiar and challenging experience for players
  • Unique graphics with an anime-inspired style
  • Diverse and picturesque game world with varied environments
  • Distinctive fighting style with a wide range of weapons and armor
  • Customizable character with numerous options for appearance and skills
  • Cooperative play options for multiplayer experiences
  • Depth missions offer greater challenges and rewards
  • Story characters add depth and interaction to the adventure
  • Unique music and voice acting enhance the game’s atmosphere


  • Some players may view the similarities to Dark Souls games as unoriginal or a failed attempt to emulate
  • Frame drops and camera issues in certain areas may affect gameplay experience
  • The game’s difficulty level may fluctuate, with some bosses lacking expected challenge

FAQ – Code Vein PC Game

1. Is Code Vein similar to Dark Souls?

Yes, Code Vein shares similarities with Dark Souls in terms of gameplay mechanics, difficulty, and loss of points upon character death. However, Code Vein also introduces new ideas and features that make it a unique game.

2. What is the story of Code Vein?

Code Vein is set in a world where people are turning into vampires that feed on blood. Players take on the role of a vampire who escapes from one of the gangs and embarks on a mission to find a solution to the crisis and restore balance between humans and vampires.

3. How is the gameplay and combat in Code Vein?

Code Vein offers a distinctive fighting style with a wide range of weapons and armor. Players can customize their characters with various equipment and skills, and build relationships with team members to unlock new abilities. The combat is challenging and rewarding, with different enemy designs and strengths to strategize against.

4. Are there cooperative play options in Code Vein?

Yes, Code Vein offers cooperative play over the network. Players can ask for help to face challenges, fight bosses, or assist others in different stages of the game.

5. Are there additional challenges or missions in Code Vein?

Code Vein features depth missions, which are stages that provide a greater and more difficult challenge. These missions offer rewards such as development stones and character level increases.

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