The Remedy development team needs no introduction, whether we’re talking about its early days with the Max Payne game or mid-career with the Alan Wake game. But its latest work, Quantum Break, didn’t have the same success as the studio’s previous work when it was released exclusively for Xbox One. Now the team is continuing development across all devices and presenting its new game Control, which received high praise from critics in the final stages of testing at the recently concluded E3 trade fair. Today we delve into the depths of the game and present you our final review of the latest projects from the Finnish studio Remedy.

Mysterious events

The game’s heroine, Jessie, has supernatural abilities that she uses to investigate a strange phenomenon occurring in the Federal Intelligence Building in New York. The game’s heroine is played by American actress Courtney Hope, after whom the game was designed. This is a trend we see a lot in the world of video games. The game’s story is presented through main events and cinematic story clips, but there’s a lot of reading involved as you’ll find plenty of Resident Evil-style documents but in much larger numbers. There are also many sub-missions, some of which are special and others are just random missions that provide you with some upgrade tools that we will talk about later.


Control is an action game where you fight in most moments of the game. The heroine of the game has supernatural abilities as she can use a certain type of weapon and also special abilities. The weapons in the game are called OoP and are actually quite ordinary weapons, but they have infinite ammunition and take longer than usual to reload. There’s nothing special about the weapons. They represent a rifle, a pistol, a rocket launcher and the usual weapons in shooting games. Press one of the shoulder buttons to aim and the corresponding button to shoot. There is an opportunity to install certain additions to weapons collected from chests scattered throughout the game. These additions provide upgrades to weapon properties, such as increasing reload speed or increasing damage against armor.

The heroine’s special abilities seem to be more pronounced, for example, she has the ability to fly for a certain time or throw objects at enemies to hit them. Some of these skills are obtained through side missions in the game, as they are not required to win the game. Of course, you can’t use these skills indefinitely, as there is a meter that automatically fills up when it runs out, so you don’t have to rely on these skills indefinitely. This meter, as well as your power meter, can be upgraded through materials you collect throughout the game.

The real problem with the game

The real problem with the game is that combat is very basic in most moments of the game. You can retreat and use the ability to throw objects to eliminate most of the game’s enemies. There is one exception, namely the last hour of the game, where the pace increases significantly and you will experience moments somewhat similar to the game Doom, but I don’t want to encourage exaggeration of enthusiasm.

There is a group of enemies that you face in the game and they are considered creatures that come from another dimension or world. Anyway, the main type of them look like humans and have normal weapons that they shoot at, some of them also have grenades. Some enemies can fly and throw things at you, while others have special abilities such as exploding when they get close to you. Otherwise, most enemies are similar and I never changed my strategy to face them. What is very disappointing about the game is the lack of fights against special bosses.


According to the development team, the game attempts to offer a Metroidvania style of game progression. what does that mean? This means you’ll visit multiple locations repeatedly when you get a specific tool that allows you to open a previously closed path, like we’ve seen before in games like Resident Evil. Most of the time this tool is a higher level door switch, but that’s not the real issue here. As a Metroidvania game, this game does not have the appropriate tools to enhance this experience, and one of those tools is an excellent map, since the map in the game is very primitive and its usefulness is limited. There is no detail between floors, no position of closed doors, no zoom feature to help you see your location in more detail, and the list goes on.

Technical problems

The game has many technical problems, including missing translation texts, slow frame rates on several occasions, or even long loading times. The game has beautiful and sophisticated graphics, but this seems to have impacted the game’s performance, and when playing at 4K resolution on the PS4 we noticed major drops as frames became noticeably slower. There are also long loading times, be it when starting the game for the first time, switching between regions or dying and restarting the game. However, it should be noted that the developer promised an update on the first day of the game that should solve many problems, including the ability to disable annoying lighting effects that occur during combat and cause one to block one’s eyes at sometimes critical moments become .

Not the game we were waiting for

The control may have been promising at first glance, but the end result was somewhat disappointing. The game offers a fun control system and excellent graphics, but suffers greatly when it comes to content. The environment contains a lot of repetition in the FBI building, and the repetition of enemies and lack of bosses makes it easy to get bored (note: there are some bosses, but they only appear in the sub-stories). . Even the story, although it seems clear in its details, quickly gets lost and loses focus and interest.

Pros and Cons of Control PC Game


  • Engaging storyline with supernatural elements
  • High-quality graphics and visuals
  • Unique and interesting gameplay mechanics
  • Ability to upgrade weapons and abilities
  • Positive reception from critics


  • Basic combat mechanics
  • Lack of variety in enemy types and boss battles
  • Repetitive environment and missions
  • Technical issues such as slow frame rates and long loading times
  • Limited map functionality

Overall, Control offers an intriguing storyline with supernatural elements and impressive graphics. However, the game falls short in terms of combat mechanics, enemy variety, and technical issues. The repetitive environment and missions may also lead to boredom. Despite its flaws, Control has received positive feedback from critics. It may not be the game that everyone was expecting, but it still offers a unique and engaging experience.


1. What is Control PC Game?

Control PC Game is an action game developed by the Finnish studio Remedy. The game follows the story of Jessie, a heroine with supernatural abilities, as she investigates mysterious events in the Federal Intelligence Building in New York.

2. What are the gameplay mechanics in Control PC Game?

In Control PC Game, players engage in combat using a variety of weapons, including rifles, pistols, and rocket launchers. The game also features Jessie’s special abilities, such as flying and throwing objects at enemies. These abilities can be upgraded through materials collected throughout the game.

3. Does Control PC Game have a Metroidvania style of game progression?

Yes, Control PC Game attempts to offer a Metroidvania style of game progression. This means that players will revisit multiple locations when they obtain specific tools that allow them to access previously closed paths. However, the game lacks certain tools, such as a detailed map, which limits the overall experience.

4. Are there any technical problems in Control PC Game?

Control PC Game does have some technical problems, including missing translation texts, slow frame rates, and long loading times. The game’s graphics, while beautiful and sophisticated, can impact performance, especially when playing at higher resolutions. However, the developer has promised an update to address these issues.

5. What are some drawbacks of Control PC Game?

While Control PC Game offers a fun control system and excellent graphics, it suffers from repetitive environments in the FBI building and a lack of varied enemies and bosses. The story, although initially clear, can become lost and lose focus and interest over time.

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