Review of Cuphead

Cuphead is a platform game from developer Studio MDHR in the style of classic 1930s animated films, revealed more than two years ago. It has finally been released and we have had the opportunity to try it, and we will share our review of it with you in the following lines.

We start by talking about the story of the game, which is very simple and only serves to justify the events. The brothers Cuphead and Mugman were playing in the forest and one day approached the casino about which they had previously been warned by Elder Kettle. When they entered the casino and rolled the dice, the devil himself deceived them, took their souls and offered them to bring the souls of other debtors in exchange for their souls.

The story of the game, as already mentioned, is simple and not as important as usual in games of this genre. The gaming experience is important here. The controls are very simple and suitable for the fast pace of play that you need to be accurate in many cases. You wander through the game map, which consists of 4 different worlds, each of which has its own character and stages, most of which are phrases. About the experience of fighting with leaders, which forms the basis The game. There are also 6 missions that can be called regular missions, where you maneuver to avoid enemies and eliminate them to reach the end of the level. Each of the leaders has a strategy to adopt to defeat him and each leader has more than one “form” or its own confrontation mode, since as the enemy progresses, they change the rhythm and type of attack to increase the difficulty of the experience . Typically, the final stage for each leader is the most difficult, and the game stands out for its level of difficulty and the intense challenge it presents.


Gameplay and Challenges

The confrontations also differ in their setting, as you fight from platforms or above the clouds and possibly in a plane that you control yourself, giving a good variety to the experience and ensuring that there is no routine but difficulty can sometimes be annoyingly unbalanced. You have the opportunity to take damage only three times before… If you lose, you can also have the experience with another player, and if you lose, your character will be resurrected in the form of a ghost that your companions can return for you can continue in the game, but with the possibility of being exposed to only a single hit, and this step can be carried out as much as possible, and the experience of playing with one of your companions gives you a more exciting experience to the experience.

You can collect coins hidden in the game world. You can also collect them in the regular levels to exchange them for new skills and attacks. You can also deal powerful blows to the opponent, which are collected by hitting opponents several times. The indicator for these attacks appears in the form of playing cards, the number of attacks can also be expanded. The hits you get before you lose are a maximum of 5. The melodies that the game offers are distinctive and adopted from classical melodies as well. There are many different beautiful melodies between each confrontation and the other, which is one of the very special points here.

On a graphical level, the game offers good graphics. From a technical point of view it is not impressive, but technically it is unique. The screen works, and you will notice some breaks and slight distortions in the picture to simulate the experience of a television provided in the thirties. You will remember many classic cartoon characters and the like through the game’s quoted characters. The game runs very smoothly because no powerful technical hardware is required.

Image 1)

Hidden Secrets and Replayability

The game has some hidden secrets here and there beyond the basic content it offers, and you can discover some new stages of the game by completing some special and “difficult” missions. The game offers an experience that will take you about 12 hours for the first time, and go back to the missions you completed before to get a better rating. You have more hours to try out and some bosses may take several hours to defeat. despite the sometimes difficult level of difficulty. The game is not revolutionary and does not offer any different ideas than other games in the genre, but it is a recommendable entertaining experience.


  • Unique visual style inspired by classic 1930s animated films
  • Simple controls suitable for fast-paced gameplay
  • Four different worlds with their own characters and stages
  • Challenging boss fights with multiple forms and strategies
  • Varied settings for confrontations, including platforms and aerial combat
  • Co-op mode for an exciting multiplayer experience
  • Collectible coins to exchange for new skills and attacks
  • Distinctive and beautiful melodies adopted from classical music
  • Good graphics with a unique retro television-like aesthetic
  • Hidden secrets and additional stages to discover
  • Offers about 12 hours of gameplay with replay value


  • Difficulty can be unbalanced and sometimes frustrating
  • Limited number of lives before game over
  • Occasional breaks and distortions in the graphics
  • Not revolutionary or offering new ideas in the genre

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Cuphead PC Game

1. What is Cuphead PC Game?

Cuphead is a platform game developed by Studio MDHR, inspired by classic 1930s animated films. It features challenging gameplay and a unique art style.

2. What is the story of Cuphead?

The story revolves around two brothers, Cuphead and Mugman, who enter a casino and end up making a deal with the devil. They must collect the souls of other debtors to save their own souls.

3. How does the gameplay of Cuphead work?

In Cuphead, players navigate through a map consisting of four different worlds, each with its own stages and bosses. The gameplay involves intense boss battles and platforming challenges. Each boss has multiple forms and unique attack patterns.

4. Are there multiplayer options in Cuphead?

Yes, Cuphead offers multiplayer co-op mode. If one player loses, their character becomes a ghost that can be revived by the other player. This adds an exciting dynamic to the gameplay experience.

5. How long does it take to complete Cuphead?

On average, it takes about 12 hours to complete Cuphead for the first time. However, replaying missions and aiming for better ratings can extend the gameplay time. Some bosses may require several hours to defeat.

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