Darksiders III

The Darksiders Game Series

The Darksiders game series received its first installment in 2010, when we met War, one of the four knights who protect the “balance” in the world and who was accused of causing an imbalance in this balance. Then we got the second part, which made us take on the role of the second knight, namely Death, who went on a quest to find a way to exonerate his brother from the accusation made against him and humanity that seemed to have been lost in the chaos that spread around the world, and given the average media response of the second part and the bankruptcy of the publishing house THQ, the future of the series became uncertain, but fortunately we are getting the third this year Part of the series that returns. THQ Nordic for Publishing and the Gunfire Games development team, consisting of former members of the Vigil Games development team who brought us the first two versions, and through this review we learn more about the game.

The events of this part take place simultaneously with the first and second parts. War is imprisoned by the Charred Council, the council responsible for maintaining balance, who blames War for causing his imbalance while Death is missing while without the knowledge of the Council. The Council must provide evidence of the innocence of Was found, and our fourth knight, Strife, takes on a mission assigned to him by the Council. Here comes the role of the third knight, Fury, who is summoned by the council to entrust them with the task of arresting the seven deadly sins, who have somehow been freed from their prison. To prove her strength and ability to complete the tasks, Fury agrees to carry out this task, which the four knights had to complete for the first time, in exchange for becoming the leader of the Seven Deadly Knights.

We will reveal more details about the conspiracy that began with the first part and which parties play a role in this conspiracy and we will see the development of the character of Fury, this sarcastic and hasty character who is looking for something she fights for one Fight after fight to satisfy her desire for battle and strength, nothing more, and how her character and beliefs change over time. In its mission and the discovery of some hidden motives behind this mission, the story is generally good, and there are also some nice changes in events and interesting new characters that answer some questions while raising new questions about what is happening and giving us the feeling that something bigger is happening in the background.


Technical Level and Graphics

On a technical level, the game is very modest, and it is clear that the budget for this project was not the same as its predecessors. The graphics are average at best, and when walking through the game world, the screen sometimes freezes with the appearance of a loading sign for some time until the next area is processed, and this process repeats itself several times and becomes a bit annoying. There are some minor technical issues as the experience progresses, but performance suffers as the frame rate doesn’t remain stable at 30 frames per second, and performance drops off a bit in open areas where you’re facing multiple enemies at once.

One of the things that might catch your attention is the movement of the characters’ lips, which sometimes seem as if they are from the sixth generation. While this doesn’t detract from the experience, it is surprising given that the first and second installments performed well in this regard, and we have the voice acting for the character Fury and some of the main characters not reaching the level of voice acting seen in the The two previous versions were different and it can be said that it was possible to offer something better at a technical and luxury level.


Gameplay and Skills

In contrast to the second part, which was more oriented towards traditional RPG games, which made the series lose some of its specialness, the third part again offers an experience that is very close to the first part, in which you gain new skills as you progress through the story acquired. And your weapons are predetermined, and you don’t have to look for them. Better weapons than others. With the ability to develop weapons and assist you in critical situations, you have an item that can be used to a limited extent to replenish your life meter. In addition to your physical strength and the power of magical attacks, you can also increase your life points by feeding the souls to your favorite merchant Vulgrim, who provides some purchasable life supplies that will help you in some critical situations.

At the start of the game, Fury’s abilities will be very limited, but as you progress you will gain new powers, each giving you a new weapon and a new way to move around the world. For example, activating firepower allows you to walk through volcanic lava, in addition to the ability to jump high by racing through the air. While the snow ability allows you to walk on water that freezes beneath you and other abilities that allow you to reach more areas within the game world, the puzzles in this version are not as numerous as in previous versions and are not so competent in their application and come to us in a less complex form, but they require you to use the new skills. This is what you have received and when you combine them beautifully, you feel how important these skills are.


Exploration and Combat

The game encourages exploration as there is no actual map, but rather an indicator that guides you to the second boss without taking your hand to show you how to reach it. If you want to explore the world outside of the given path, you will find more lives to collect and also tools to help you increase the frequency with which you can visit it. Replenishing the life meter and the effectiveness of its intended purpose. The game also presents a group of secret bosses. You don’t have to confront them, but you will get some important tools if you eliminate them. Despite the lack of variety in the things you can collect and benefit from, exploring will make you use the different skills you have in fun ways.

The game offers a system to dodge the opponent’s attacks and respond to them with a strong blow if you do it with the right timing, as we have seen in many games, but here it feels like this mechanic is important and has a strong influence on the fight. The enemies are generally strong and only take a few hits to eliminate you. To do this, you have to get to know your opponent better and try to memorize their attacks and timing in order to avoid their attack at the right time. Then respond with a powerful punch and follow it with a series of consecutive punches. Despite the lack of many fighting style game mechanics and despite its simplicity, it is entertaining and the difficulty level increases the entertainment you get.

As for the leaders, you will face many of them, and the confrontation will not depend on the type of skill you will use, but rather on your skill and ability to use the mechanics of dodging and attacking, which More and more becomes important in these confrontations, which are characterized by an increasing level of difficulty, and a few simple mistakes will cost you the fight. Most leaders have different abilities and different times to attack. It may take several tries to defeat the boss, but the challenge is very satisfying, and the game borrows quite a bit from the Souls games, and it can be said that the difficulty level was inspired by those games in general.



Outside of story mode, the game doesn’t offer any other modes, and if you play through the experience on balanced difficulty, as the development team called it, it will take you around 15 hours to complete the experience for the first time. This version brings the series back in the right direction after losing part of its identity in the second part and it is an entertaining experience and one can say that it is very direct since the game system is entertaining and simple and of Depending on your skills, it offers a lot that goes beyond this scope, apart from some simple puzzles that provide a bit of variety. Fans of the series will undoubtedly be happy with this version, and it will be a good experience for general gamers too, even if it lacks many features. Luxury , but they lay the groundwork to offer a promising experience with the fourth part and perhaps a distinctive conclusion if we get it.

Pros and Cons of Darksiders III PC Game


  • The game continues the storyline of the Darksiders series, offering a satisfying conclusion to the previous installments.
  • The story is engaging and introduces new characters and plot twists, keeping players intrigued throughout the game.
  • The game encourages exploration, allowing players to discover hidden secrets and collectibles.
  • The combat system is entertaining, with a focus on dodging and timing attacks for maximum impact.
  • The boss battles are challenging and rewarding, requiring players to learn enemy patterns and adapt their strategies.


  • The graphics and technical performance of the game are average, with occasional freezing and frame rate drops.
  • The character animations and voice acting are not up to par with previous installments, detracting from the overall immersion.
  • The puzzles in the game are less complex and fewer in number compared to previous versions.
  • The save points could have been better placed, leading to frustration and time wasted in reaching certain areas.
  • The game lacks additional modes or features beyond the main story mode, limiting replayability.


1. What is the storyline of Darksiders III?

The storyline of Darksiders III revolves around Fury, one of the four knights who is summoned by the Charred Council to capture the seven deadly sins that have been unleashed upon the world. Fury agrees to carry out this task in exchange for becoming the leader of the Seven Deadly Knights.

2. How long does it take to complete Darksiders III?

On average, it takes around 15 hours to complete Darksiders III for the first time. However, the actual time may vary depending on individual gameplay style and exploration.

3. What is the gameplay style of Darksiders III?

Darksiders III offers a gameplay style similar to the first installment of the series. Players gain new powers and weapons as they progress through the story, and the game focuses on combat and exploration. The game also features some puzzle elements, although they are less complex compared to previous versions.

4. Are there any additional game modes in Darksiders III?

No, Darksiders III does not offer any additional game modes outside of the main story mode.

5. Is Darksiders III a satisfying experience for fans of the series?

Yes, Darksiders III brings the series back in the right direction after the second installment lost some of its identity. The game offers an entertaining and straightforward experience, and fans of the series will undoubtedly be satisfied with this version.

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