Dead Island 2

We were finally able to experience the final version of the first-person zombie survival game Dead Island 2 from Deep Silver and the development team Dumbster Studios.

Development of the game originally began in 2012, more than ten years ago, before the Yager development team withdrew from the project and took over Sumo Digital. The project then moved to the corridors of Deep Silver, more specifically to the Dumbster Studios development team. Our experience with the game so far has been very good and we are happy to assure you that the final version will not disappoint. This is one of the few games that made it out of development hell alive!

The development team retained part of the original vision for the project. The events of the first-person survival game take place in Los Angeles (or Hell-A, as the game calls it with its dark comedy), where you live trying to escape after the zombie apocalypse, and the game world is always still colorful. Very nice in stark contrast to the ugliness of the fight with zombies and scattered body parts, compared to the pallor with which a game like Dying Light 2 appeared in comparison. The game initially allows you to select one of six playable characters (Slayers), and these characters differ from each other in terms of initial abilities (stats). We chose the character Amy because of her flexibility and speed and continued playing with her in the final version.

As mentioned, the game looks very nice on PC and we were able to try it out on the highest settings.

The game is very polished and there were no technical issues at all, unlike many games released on the platform recently. The game loads shaders before the game starts and is therefore glitch-free. Stuttering or freezing while playing and completely smooth performance, who would have thought that Dead Island 2 is one of the most stable games in this regard this year? The game also supports HDR, as is the case with most modern games.

The play areas are really beautiful. It’s Hollywood, full of luxurious American homes with wooden floors, large rooms, statues, decorations and manifestations of extreme wealth, as well as places for parties, barbecues and swimming pools. A great deal of effort has been taken into account in the design of these places. The game is not an open world game and features an elaborate, smaller design with multiple entrances and exits to locations, keys to find, wonderful secrets for exploration enthusiasts and side missions that will also help you hone your skills in fighting hordes of zombies to improve . I was really impressed by the map design in the game and it is beautifully drawn. Players who demand smaller, better-designed games rather than open worlds will love what Dead Island 2 has to offer.

The game is an action RPG and the damage you deal to enemies is displayed on the screen based on health scores.

There is a very wide range of weapons you can use to eliminate enemies, and they range from deadly melee to ranged weapons. From firearms to very different bladed weapons. It is possible to upgrade these weapons in workshops. The game opens great doors to creativity in upgrading these weapons, especially with the possibility of adding elements such as electricity, fire, knives or even explosive elements to them through modifications (mods) and (perks) for each weapon that you need when you face hordes of zombie enemies, especially those who are very strong and have special abilities different from the rest.

Additionally, the player can exploit the game’s environment to their advantage in various ways, such as pouring fuel and burning zombies or throwing batteries into puddles of water and electrocuting large numbers of these wild creatures. Weapons break quickly, and you can disassemble them and profit from their resources or repair them in workshops scattered across the game world. It is worth noting that only distinctive and rare weapons can be developed and modifications made to them. Finally, players can purchase resources from merchants.

The game also allows for the improvement of the player’s character through cards, some of which are unlocked during the main story, others through exploration.

These cards adapt the character’s abilities to the way you play, and there will be no two characters that are 100% identical between players. For example, one of the abilities causes a wave. Rebound when using healing to keep zombies away from you and give you some breathing room. The idea of ​​cards is a distinctive idea that involves a kind of originality and innovation and we have seen that this is an advantage of the game. Comparisons will inevitably fall with the game Dying Light 2, and we see that Dead Island 2 is both entertaining in terms of possibilities and variety of gameplay, but Dying Light 2 comes very late before offering more possibilities. Fun for the player as in Dead Island things progress faster and interesting options appear from the start.

The game has a unique graphics and display system for zombie bodies and offers the best system in this regard compared to all other games. The system not only provides the ability to get rid of zombie limbs, but also details beyond that, such as shattering the zombie’s bones and internal intestines and even removing the eye’s pupil from its place. Yes, this game is definitely not for the faint of heart, and great effort has been put into this, and the zombie character models are so diverse and numerous that it avoids repetition.

Ultimately and despite all the positive aspects, Dead Island 2 does not really bring anything new to this type of game, and we can say that the game cycle also becomes repetitive after a certain time, but it is a polished and impeccable experience, and who is looking for If you’re looking for quick fun, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this game.

A confirmation, especially for those who decide to try it with friends.


  • Beautiful graphics and polished gameplay
  • Unique and diverse zombie character models
  • Elaborate map design with multiple entrances, secrets, and side missions
  • Wide range of weapons and creative upgrade options
  • Ability to exploit the environment for strategic advantages
  • Character improvement through customizable cards
  • Entertaining gameplay with a variety of possibilities


  • Lack of innovation and new features compared to similar games
  • Repetitive gameplay cycle after a certain time
  • May not offer enough depth for players seeking a more immersive experience

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Dead Island 2 PC Game

Q: When did development for Dead Island 2 begin?

A: Development for Dead Island 2 began in 2012, over ten years ago.

Q: Which development team took over the project after Yager withdrew?

A: Sumo Digital took over the project after Yager withdrew.

Q: Where does the game take place?

A: The game takes place in Los Angeles, also known as Hell-A in the game.

Q: How many playable characters are there in Dead Island 2?

A: There are six playable characters, also known as Slayers, in Dead Island 2.

Q: Is Dead Island 2 an open-world game?

A: No, Dead Island 2 is not an open-world game. It features an elaborate, smaller design with multiple entrances and exits to locations.

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