Death’s Door

Impressive Art Direction and Gaming Experience

Since the last generation, the independent developer has been doing its best to surprise us with experiences that remain in our memory for their beautiful art direction or their fun gaming experience, apart from the amazing graphics and huge budgets, but the success that some of them have Games could be achieved, leading to an explosion in their numbers in the video game market, which is now full of independent developer experiences. Many of them do not meet the required level and it has become difficult to find those truly unique games. Our game today is the action and RPG game Death’s Door, which in our opinion was one of the most promising games to be released quietly, and which we’re reviewing now that we’ve had a chance to play it.

The story puts you in the role of a crow who does the work of all crows: collecting souls whose time has come to leave and bringing them to the Soul Treasury. Your mission goes as usual, but suddenly you are attacked by another crow who has stolen the soul you were supposed to bring with you. Here you will face a dilemma that will force you to collect giant souls that are souls. Monsters that lived for a very long time, which led to the expansion and corruption of these lives The story basically justifies the events, but gives us a comical character full of strange characters, which gives it more value. The direction of the game is very beautiful and features a cartoon character that presents a group of really beautiful worlds that are different in their colors and details. To make the experience more aesthetic, a beautiful group of enchanting melodies is presented.

Simple Yet Engaging Gameplay

The game system is very simple and is limited to a quick attack button and a strong attack button with the ability to dodge enemy attacks. We have two buttons that are used to carry out magical attacks and the game is characterized by a quick and accurate reaction. The gaming experience depends on detecting the opponent’s attacks, dodging them and making an attack of your own, and here we find that the game has found the necessary balance. Between fun and challenging, the difficulty increases slowly and steadily as the game progresses, introducing new types of enemies that require different timing and attack strategy. As mentioned, the response is quick and precise, resulting in a smooth experience. And don’t forget the magical abilities you’ll acquire over time, each of which adds additional depth to the game. Combat experience and give you more options when dealing with enemies.

The design of the game world is distinctive and cleverly constructed. The environments are layered and connected in intelligent ways. At the beginning of each area you will find a door that allows you to return to the Soul Hunter’s office to develop your character’s skills using the souls you have collected. This door also serves as a save point that you return to. In case of death, you will find some seeds during your hike that can be placed in a special jar that will produce a flower that you can use to recharge your life meter in case you get into trouble. To avoid forcing you to traverse the same areas over and over again. In the event of death, the game provides several shortcuts that connect dots. Conservation is your top priority in the region.

Challenging Puzzles and Exciting Boss Encounters

The game offers many entertaining puzzles and obstacles that bring us different ideas that take advantage of your new magical abilities and the nature of the area you are exploring, without these puzzles reaching a tiring level of difficulty or becoming repetitive. The game world is very complex and always offers you multiple ways to progress, which stimulates curiosity to explore. There are different ways to collect souls or search for crystals that increase your life or magic meter. The game also features multiple weapons that you can collect. Usually these weapons are placed in front of your eyes, but behind an obstacle that forces you to look for a way to overcome it. There is a group of secrets designed specifically for fans of exploration and collecting, and the game has taken advantage of this via the use of a fixed camera with an isometric perspective in the game to hide some secrets in an innovative way.

All boss encounters bring with them their own diverse ideas, which makes you excited for the next confrontation. What we admired about Death’s Door is the lack of a feeling of imbalance throughout the game, which is rare in games of this type. In our opinion, the game has two flaws, the first of which is the lack of a sense of the real value of developing your character. You don’t feel like there is any difference in their strength or speed, and the only thing that makes you feel different in your strength is the use of more powerful weapons and nothing more. The second flaw, which we found to be the most important, is the lack of a map for such a complex experience. If you enjoy hiking through an area and exploring it, you may not be able to remember the way back.

It took 8.5 hours to complete the experience to 85% completion, and it may take another two to three hours to find all the secrets and complete some side challenges, which is an excellent age for an experience that costs 19.99 $ is sold. Death’s Door is one of the unique experiences that was quietly released. It is an experience that has found the gold standard. Balancing difficulty and fun, it presented us with a fun adventure full of exciting challenges and secrets cleverly hidden, urging us to explore and search in every corner and behind every wall. It is an experience that we recommend to all fans of adventure games.


  • Beautiful art direction and graphics that create a visually stunning game world
  • Engaging and comical story with unique and strange characters
  • Enchanting melodies that enhance the overall experience
  • Simple and responsive game system with quick and accurate controls
  • Gradually increasing difficulty that introduces new enemies and strategies
  • Multiple magical abilities that add depth to combat and offer more options
  • Distinctive and cleverly constructed game world with layered and connected environments
  • Save points and shortcuts that prevent repetitive traversal of areas
  • Entertaining puzzles and obstacles that utilize magical abilities and encourage exploration
  • Multiple ways to progress and collect souls, crystals, and weapons
  • Unique and diverse boss encounters that keep the player engaged


  • Lack of a sense of character development and differentiation in terms of strength or speed
  • Missing a map for a complex game world, making it difficult to navigate and remember paths

Overall, Death’s Door offers a unique and enjoyable adventure with stunning visuals, engaging gameplay, and cleverly designed environments. While it lacks certain aspects such as character development and a map, it still provides a balanced and fun experience that is highly recommended for fans of adventure games.


1. What is Death’s Door PC Game about?

Death’s Door is an action and RPG game where players control a crow tasked with collecting souls and bringing them to the Soul Treasury. The story revolves around a stolen soul and the journey to retrieve it.

2. What is the gameplay like in Death’s Door?

The gameplay in Death’s Door is simple and focused on combat. Players have a quick attack button, a strong attack button, and the ability to dodge enemy attacks. The game also features magical abilities that can be acquired over time, adding depth to the combat experience.

3. How is the game world designed in Death’s Door?

The game world in Death’s Door is cleverly constructed and offers layered environments that are connected in intelligent ways. There are shortcuts and save points throughout the world to ensure progress is not lost upon death. The game also features puzzles and obstacles that take advantage of the player’s magical abilities and the nature of the areas being explored.

4. Are there any flaws in Death’s Door?

Two notable flaws in Death’s Door are the lack of a sense of character development and the absence of a map for the complex game world. Character development does not feel impactful, and players may struggle to navigate and remember the way back in certain areas.

5. How long does it take to complete Death’s Door?

On average, it takes around 8.5 hours to complete Death’s Door to 85% completion. Finding all the secrets and completing side challenges may add another two to three hours to the overall gameplay time.

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