Deliver Us The Moon

Is there an alternative source of energy when resources are depleted and humanity is faced with the consequences of its over-consumption of the Earth’s wealth? Is this source sustainable? This is the background that the suspense and science fiction game Deliver Us The Moon took for its story to take us on a new journey to the moon to give hope again to life on Earth and humanity from danger from extinction Does the story succeed in arousing interest? You will find out the answer in this review.

In 2030, humanity was suffering from a crisis in energy production with the decline of resources on Earth, leading scientists to consider the Moon as the next location to search for sources. It was here that the space agency was founded to begin efforts to search for energy sources on the Moon. With the discovery of helium-3, an efficient energy source present in large quantities on the moon, humanity was able to build its listeners on the moon in 2032. Fortunately, scientists managed to find a way to send energy to Earth through microwave waves, microwave energy transfer, or MPT for short. The new source helped supply the Earth with energy for years. While humans tried to find a solution to their crisis, energy transmission was cut off without warning in 2054 and communications with the lunar facility were lost.

The game’s story actually begins five years after the transmission was interrupted, with the loss of the main power source. The situation on Earth is more like a post-cataclysm world. With the acceleration of the desertification process and the spread of dangerous storms in various parts of the world, an independent group of astronauts and former employees of the International Space Agency are trying to… send one last astronaut to the moon to try to send energy again and Finding out what happened in the plant is a process. The story is full of secrets and will make you ask a lot of questions. At the beginning of your arrival at the facility, where there are almost no traces of human presence, and as time goes on and you wander through the facility, a complete picture will emerge of what… It happened.

The game’s story is interesting because of the negative picture it paints of humanity’s future and the many conflicts that future will lead to. Although the experience claims to focus on practical imagination, we found it to be more focused on the human dimension and conflicts that such circumstances impose on individuals and groups and by virtue of their being… For games , which focus on the story and make it an essential part of the experience, Deliver Us The Moon succeeds in presenting an exciting story and clarifying its details accordingly.

On a technical level, the game is modest since it comes from an independent developer, but it would have benefited from additional polish. The details and features of the environment often appear polygonal and some details are strangely low resolution, with details at times appearing late in the environment. We also had technical issues that prevented us from making progress in the environment and the only solution was to go back to the main menu and reload a few times. On the audio level, the game offers some tunes that serve their purpose and nothing more, and even these tunes suffered from some technical issues as the sound sometimes interrupted annoyingly. Perhaps the biggest drawback you’ll face with Deliver Us is that The Moon has a lot of technical issues.

As mentioned, this experience relies primarily on storytelling and is one of those experiences that offers a limited gameplay experience. Your character can move and jump. What’s worth mentioning is the very slow camera movement, which becomes very annoying over time. What’s strange is that there’s no way to adjust the speed to progress. In the story you will have to solve many puzzles or look for the password for one of the doors, meeting the robot assistant ALEX on the journey, which you can control to reach hard-to-reach places. He is also able to open some doors and help you solve some puzzles. The game offered a good selection of puzzles. And the obstacles despite the limited game system.

As mentioned above, you discover the circumstances and details of the story as you progress through the experience. If you want to delve deeper into the details, you can walk around the environment and use your scanner to extract information from some tools or read messages. If you do that, it will take longer to complete the experience, which is what we did. In the end, we were able to complete Deliver Us The Moon within five and a half hours, during which we tried to figure out as many details as possible. If you ignore these details and just focus on solving the puzzles and general story details, 4 hours can be enough to complete the experience. Deliver Us The Moon presents an exciting story about the future that could lie ahead for humanity, and it is an experience aimed at those who are primarily looking for the story, without objections to the limited gaming experience and having the technical issues that the game suffers from.

Pros and Cons of Deliver Us The Moon PC Game


  • Engaging Story: The game presents an interesting and suspenseful story that explores humanity’s future and the conflicts it may face.
  • Strong Emphasis on Storytelling: Deliver Us The Moon prioritizes storytelling and makes it an essential part of the gaming experience.
  • Good Selection of Puzzles: The game offers a variety of puzzles that add challenge and depth to the gameplay.
  • Immersive Environment: Despite technical limitations, the game’s environment is immersive and helps to create a sense of isolation and mystery.


  • Technical Issues: The game suffers from technical issues, including polygonal graphics, low-resolution details, and occasional sound interruptions.
  • Modest Technical Level: As an independent developer, the game lacks polish and could benefit from additional refinement.
  • Limited Gameplay Experience: The gameplay is limited, with the character only able to move and jump, and the camera movement being slow and frustrating.
  • Length of the Experience: The game can be completed in around 4-5 hours, which may feel short for players seeking a longer gaming experience.

Despite its flaws, Deliver Us The Moon offers an engaging and immersive storytelling experience for players who prioritize narrative over gameplay mechanics. However, the game’s technical issues and limited gameplay may detract from the overall experience for some players.


1. What is Deliver Us The Moon PC Game?

Deliver Us The Moon is a suspense and science fiction game that takes players on a journey to the moon in a post-cataclysm world. The game focuses on storytelling and offers a limited gameplay experience.

2. What is the background story of the game?

In 2030, humanity faced a crisis in energy production due to the depletion of resources on Earth. Scientists turned to the moon as a potential source of energy and established a lunar facility. However, in 2054, energy transmission was cut off and communication with the facility was lost.

3. How long does it take to complete Deliver Us The Moon?

The game can be completed within approximately 4 to 5 and a half hours, depending on whether players choose to explore the environment and delve deeper into the story details.

4. What gameplay features does Deliver Us The Moon offer?

In the game, players control a character who can move, jump, and interact with the environment. They will need to solve puzzles and find passwords to progress. Players also encounter a robot assistant named ALEX, who can help them reach inaccessible areas and solve puzzles.

5. Does Deliver Us The Moon have any technical issues?

Deliver Us The Moon is developed by an independent developer and may have some technical issues. Players may encounter polygonal environments, low-resolution details, and occasional audio interruptions. Some players have also reported technical issues that require reloading the game.

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