Desperados III

Desperados III: A Long-Awaited Release

After many years since the last release of the series in 2006, the time has finally come to get the new part and fortunately the developer of this game is currently considered the best in this type of games… and it is the German studio Mimimi games. The German studio is an expert in this genre and has developed the game Shadow Tactics (originally inspired by Desperados), which received very positive reviews from critics and gamers.

Desperados is a real-time tactical stealth game with an overhead camera set in a Wild West scenario. John Cooper embarks on an epic journey through the United States and Mexico in the 1870s. John Cooper (the hero of the story) must take responsibility for the mistakes he has made in the past in his quest for redemption. Cooper is joined by runaway bride Kate, Dr. Arthur “Doc” McCoy, the giant hunter Hector and a mysterious lady from New Orleans, and they will all try to get from the mountains of Colorado to the heart of Louisiana and then finally to New Mexico, where Cooper will face his past. New players to this series will have no problems with the story as this part takes place before the first part.

The gameplay method is very similar to Shadow Tactics, where you have to hide from enemies’ eyes and sneak between enemies to carry out an assassination or try to fight your way between them. Enemies have a specific field of view in which you have to stay away from your apparent field. Hiding in the grass is the main method of hiding from the enemies’ field of vision in this game. Depending on the character you use, you can divert attention in many different ways. Additionally, your footsteps and actions have sounds and appear as a circular wave of personality. There is an option to stop time and send a spirit to have the character try a specific path without being detected by enemies. However, time does not stand still at the difficult level.

Multiple Approaches to Completing Stages

Similar to the Hitman games, there are many things in the environment to help you achieve the main objectives, such as poisoning a drink, collapsing a dilapidated wooden building, or enraging a bull to kill an enemy to kill that it looks like It was an undetected accident. There are many ways to complete the stages in different ways, resulting in the stages being repeated more than once. There is a nice addition to the game: you see the stage map and your steps throughout the stage quickly after completing each stage, and you can save and share the replay. You can also change the difficulty characteristics, such as the speed at which enemies notice you, the player’s health rate, or the number of enemies on the map.

Unique Abilities for Each Character

Each of the five characters has special abilities and strengths. Party leader Cooper can kill quietly at close range with his knife or throw it at the enemy or get rid of enemies with his revolver pistols, and his distraction tool is throwing a shark. It attracts the enemies’ attention, according to Hector. He carries a huge trap placed on the ground to catch the enemy and he can kill the toughest opponents with his powerful axe and his diversionary tool is the whistle to lure enemies towards him. The bounty hunter Dr. McCoy enjoys using alchemical tools, such as the distraction tool he uses. He puts gas in a bag for enemies to open and inflict temporary blindness, as well as poisonous needles and a special long-range pistol. As for Kita, the runaway bride, she can deceive enemies by hiding in clothing that does not arouse suspicion, and she has many ways to distract enemies, such as perfume that obscures enemies’ vision, or by it flatters someone and an escort gives them a chance to survive. As for the last character, Isabella, who is from New Orleans and has the best skills among the five characters, in my opinion she harnesses supernatural powers, using mysterious herbs and black magic to control enemies and beat each other , as well as the distraction tool is her cat, Stella.

A Challenging and Immersive Experience

I chose the middle level to play through the story, but this level presents a lot of challenge. The artificial intelligence is excellent and the guards monitor each other, making it difficult to kill anyone. You’ll die a lot in each stage, so it’s best to monitor enemy movement and think about the shape of the map to look for the best ways to overcome obstacles. Fortunately, the storage system is free. You can save anywhere on the map. There is a timer in the middle of the screen to remind you when you last saved. The game is a smart idea to save the game constantly and you don’t have to return from far away places.

Impressive Graphics and Sound Design

Technically, the game is characterized by beautiful graphics and details, presenting a varied Wild West environment. There are some objects with erased details, but they are difficult to see due to the camera. The map design is excellent and you won’t see a character in an illogical place on the map, and there are plenty of ways to complete the stage and use the environment to get rid of objectives.

Desperados features excellent voice acting for the main characters, excellent performances using the same gameplay engine, and lots of different dialogue between characters during missions, but I found the enemies’ voice acting annoying due to their repetition and similar voices. The game has many different musical melodies throughout each stage of the story, and each region has its own melodies, and some of the melodies sound like they come straight from Clint Eastwood movies, and since I’m a fan of that kind of music, I think the melodies are one of the game’s strengths. The game duration is approximately 25 hours and the age can be increased if you think about repeating the stages to achieve the highest score in each stage.

Before publication, we received the PC version from the publisher for review.


  • Highly acclaimed developer Mimimi Games
  • Real-time tactical stealth gameplay
  • Engaging Wild West storyline
  • Varied and challenging missions
  • Multiple ways to complete stages
  • Ability to save and share replays
  • Customizable difficulty settings
  • Beautiful graphics and detailed environments
  • Excellent voice acting for main characters
  • Immersive and fitting musical score
  • Approximately 25 hours of gameplay


  • Some objects have erased details
  • Repetitive and similar enemy voice acting
  • Enemies can be difficult to kill
  • May require frequent saving and reloading
  • Enemies’ field of view can be challenging to navigate
  • Some stages may need to be repeated for higher scores

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Desperados III PC Game

1. What is Desperados III?

Desperados III is a real-time tactical stealth game set in a Wild West scenario. It follows the journey of John Cooper and his companions as they navigate through the United States and Mexico in the 1870s.

2. How does the gameplay work?

The gameplay involves hiding from enemies’ sight and sneaking between them to carry out assassinations or engage in combat. Each character has unique abilities and strengths, and players must strategically use them to complete objectives. Hiding in the grass and diverting enemy attention are key tactics in the game.

3. Can I approach the stages in different ways?

Yes, there are multiple ways to complete the stages in Desperados III. Players can utilize the environment to their advantage, such as poisoning drinks, collapsing buildings, or enraging animals to eliminate enemies. The game encourages experimentation and offers replayability.

4. How long is the game?

The game has an approximate duration of 25 hours. However, the playtime can be extended if players choose to replay stages to achieve higher scores or explore different strategies.

5. What are the system requirements for Desperados III on PC?

The minimum system requirements for Desperados III on PC are as follows:

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit or higher
  • Processor: Intel i3-530 / AMD FX-6300
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 560 / AMD Radeon HD 5850
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 20 GB available space

Note: These are the minimum requirements. It is recommended to have a higher specification for optimal performance.

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