Destiny 2: Beyond Light

More than three years have now passed since the release of the second part of the cooperative and competitive shooting game Destiny, developed by the creative team Bungie, and the team is still enriching the game with content ranging from excellent to acceptable, Bungie explained that it has long-term plans to continue supporting the game through 2022. Let’s not foresee any events and now focus on their 2020 addition called Beyond Light. Is it the greatest addition the Forsaken have? What has the team been working on?

First, let’s talk about the new generation of the game and its appearance. After a long wait, home console gamers can now experience the game at 60 frames per second, with a noticeable improvement in the game graphics, which is considered good. Compared to the last generation version, the game has moved and the gameplay and shooting style have become more entertaining. More precise and faster in a very fluid way, and that’s because of the fun shooting action that Bungie has perfected over the years. In my opinion, Destiny still offers the most satisfying shooting game style among the other shooting games on the market, not only in terms of the intelligent designs of the various weapons, but also in terms of the effects you see when you kill enemies, the many and varied of them Movements of the enemies themselves. All these elements enrich the feeling of shooting. With the game and makes it unique even after all these years.

The Beyond Light expansion is a turning point for this series, as we notice the beginning of the downfall of one of humanity’s richest treasures, the Traveler, who supplies the defenders with the energy of light to fight the darkness, but the source of This energy began to weaken and the forces of darkness began to become more prominent, to the point that the various forces of light remained unaffected. In some users of dark forces. Therefore, the only solution for defenders is to learn the powers of darkness and use them to get rid of new enemies. The new enemy is one of the “Kells” of Eliksni creatures, also known as The Fallen, named Eramis. After obtaining the dark energy, Eramis began distributing it to her soldiers. From here begins your journey to stop them and teach you how to harness the new dark energy called Stasis, which allows you to control and create ice. This dark energy shifted and changed the way I thought about gaming during my various confrontations.

This expansion takes us to one of Jupiter’s moons, called Europa. This moon is completely covered with snow, and during your trek you will witness snow tornadoes and snow-capped mountains, and during your trek you will also witness wonderful and visually stunning scenes that prove that the game’s artists and game graphics are still there even after three years are beautiful. . Also labs affiliated with EXO. Now let’s talk about the new powers. Each of Destiny’s three classes has the power of Stasis. The game presented the skills for each class well and added an option to customize the Stasis powers in a deeper way that we wouldn’t have seen with the other three original powers before, making it a point that Explains the difference between the three basic powers of Experience the light from the beginning of the game to the new forces of darkness with this expansion.

Customizing these powers gives you the freedom to adopt your own tendencies in the game, either purely offensive or defensive, and other customization options allow you to create platforms to create new ways to move around the world or use platforms to do so Your advantage in one of the enemy confrontations. This is just a small slide that shows you the profound change that has taken place in each combat strategy and you can imagine how different this will be when you cooperate with a 3-man team in Strikes and however you also, by using these skills intelligently during Crucibles and Raid.

The main missions in Beyond Light are fun and beautifully tell and explain the story of The Fallen and how the defenders must learn from these mistakes and not adapt to the Traveler’s presence. In addition, the expansion sees the return of one of the strangest characters from the first part and other moments that attract attention. If you’re attached to this series, I’ll avoid talking about it so as not to spoil the events. The action in the missions was interesting and we saw new enemy categories. Furthermore, it was entertaining because in most missions you are still researching the use of your new powers and finding the best and quickest solutions to get rid of the enemies. Otherwise, the strikes were good and the new weapon segment is fun, especially the exotic weapons that offer abilities that I think are the best since the beginning of this series. Don’t expect the missions to offer the freedom of exploration that we saw with Forsaken, but they were balanced and the events kept you curious to finish the story.

This new direction for Destiny, which has helped reduce its size, is welcome and regularly diversifies the content, to the point that the team will bring missions from the first part. This point will concern me and many players when returning to the game to experience the previous game content with general improvements, not to mention the presence of various activities. The game has its own seasons that tell stories that tie in from one expansion to the next. All of these various improvements make me excited to see what Bungie will offer with Destiny over the next two years.

The game was tested on the PC version, provided to us by the publisher, in addition to the Xbox Series experience

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Pros and Cons of Destiny 2: Beyond Light PC Game


  • Improved graphics and gameplay: The game now runs at 60 frames per second on home consoles, with noticeable improvements in graphics.
  • Satisfying shooting mechanics: Destiny 2 still offers one of the most satisfying shooting experiences in the market, with intelligent weapon designs and impactful enemy movements.
  • New powers and customization options: The addition of Stasis powers allows for deeper customization and strategic gameplay, with options for offensive and defensive playstyles.
  • Engaging main missions: The main missions in Beyond Light are fun and well-told, expanding on the story of The Fallen and introducing new enemy categories.
  • Exciting exotic weapons: The expansion introduces exotic weapons with unique abilities, offering some of the best weapons in the series.
  • Regular content updates: Bungie has long-term plans to support the game through 2022, with seasons that tell interconnected stories and bring new missions and activities.


  • Lack of exploration freedom: Unlike previous expansions like Forsaken, Beyond Light’s missions do not offer the same level of freedom for exploration.
  • Return of old content: While the inclusion of missions from the first part may excite some players, others may feel concerned about revisiting old content instead of entirely new experiences.

Overall, Destiny 2: Beyond Light offers improved graphics, satisfying gameplay, and exciting new powers and customization options. The main missions are engaging, and the addition of exotic weapons adds depth to the gameplay. However, the lack of exploration freedom and the return of old content may be drawbacks for some players. With Bungie’s commitment to regular updates and improvements, Destiny 2 looks promising for the next two years.


1. What is Destiny 2: Beyond Light?

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is an expansion for the cooperative and competitive shooting game Destiny 2. It introduces new gameplay elements, storylines, and powers for players to experience.

2. What is the main storyline of Beyond Light?

In Beyond Light, players must confront Eramis, one of the “Kells” of Eliksni creatures, who has obtained dark energy and is distributing it to her soldiers. Players must learn to harness the new dark energy called Stasis to stop Eramis and her forces.

3. What new features does Beyond Light introduce?

Beyond Light introduces the power of Stasis for each of Destiny 2’s three classes. Players can customize their Stasis powers in a deeper way, allowing for different offensive or defensive playstyles. The expansion also takes players to the moon Europa, which is covered in snow and offers visually stunning environments.

4. Are there new missions and activities in Beyond Light?

Yes, Beyond Light features new main missions that expand the game’s storyline and introduce new enemy categories. There are also strikes and a new weapon segment for players to enjoy. The expansion offers a balanced experience with events that keep players curious to finish the story.

5. What can players expect from Destiny 2 in the future?

Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, has long-term plans to continue supporting the game through 2022. The game has its own seasons that tell interconnected stories, and the team is regularly diversifying the content. Players can look forward to future expansions and improvements in the coming years.

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