Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

Destiny 2 is currently in its second year and Bungie continues to support its game with the fourth addition to this part and at the same time the first addition that the team is working on without publisher Activision. Before the release of the addition, an update was provided to the game that modified and introduced various things in the character development system and made the gaming experience smoother. Destiny 2’s additions varied in level and quality. The first additions, some of which provided new stories and ideas, were sparse in content, while Forsaken offered a semi-open play style and opened the way for the player to increase their level in a way that suited them personally, while also introducing a new raid mission and The content was of heavy caliber, but I wonder if the addition of Shadow Keep can cover the large shadow created by Forsaken?

In terms of quality, Shadowkeep introduced various elements thanks to the change in the basic composition of the game with the introduction of the Battle Pass system, which offers you a new way to customize your character and at the same time rewards you with new resources and things with each new level, in addition to all those various pieces of armor that can also be developed. All of these changes are welcomed and reflected. The feel is more of an RPG in the style of previous additions.

Story Content of Shadowkeep

Now let’s move on to the story content of Shadowkeep. In general, the story presented is exciting and tells and explains more about the past of the mysterious figure Eris Morn. Each mission awakens curiosity in you until you learn about the events that happened to that character and changed him. Unfortunately, most of these missions may be exciting story-wise, but the action and combat moments offer nothing new to the series. In most missions you will fight against bosses that you have already encountered during your adventure in the world of Destiny. In addition, the supplement does not introduce any new enemy types, as it uses the same four types that we met in the first part. The style of the story missions also offers nothing out of the ordinary, apart from a few “strikes”. Missions that are accompanied by ideas that we usually notice in strikes but in raid or invasion missions. .

New Area to Explore

With each addition there is a new area to explore as you revisit the moon here. As a player of the first part, this point was interesting because I spent so many hours knowing the location of every treasure on the moon. I didn’t notice any major changes to Qamar other than some of the Strikes missions introduced new areas, but you can only complete these new objectives through these missions.

New Mode: Vex Offensive

This season will feature a new mode called Vex Offensive, where you will attempt to defend yourself against an attack from Vex creatures. This phase consists of three rounds. In the first round you have to try to survive and kill a certain number of enemies. The second round then begins, in which you have to destroy a group of certain crystals that you can only hit with a weapon you have selected. You can get them if you kill a certain category of enemies. The final round shows you a leader and fighting him repeats the final step, which involves taking a specific weapon from enemies until you break the leader’s armor. Compared to previous modes like Blind Well and Ascendant Challenges, Vex Offensive is a step backwards by incorporating expendable mechanics into combat.


The addition of ShadowKeep may not have provided unique elements like the previous addition, but it struck a chord with Destiny fans by presenting an ancient area that connected the series’ players while also providing a mysterious and exciting place for everyone who had never explored the face of the moon before. The many improvements to the nature of the game make me excited to see what changes Bungie plans to introduce with Destiny 2.

Pros and Cons of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep PC Game

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is the latest addition to the Destiny 2 game series developed by Bungie. While it introduces new elements and improves the overall gaming experience, there are also some drawbacks to consider. Here are the pros and cons of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.


  • Battle Pass System: Shadowkeep introduces the Battle Pass system, which allows players to customize their characters and earn rewards with each new level. This adds a new layer of depth and progression to the game.
  • RPG Elements: The addition of various armor pieces and character development changes make the game feel more like an RPG, providing players with more options for customization and playstyle.
  • Exciting Story: The story content in Shadowkeep delves into the past of the mysterious character Eris Morn, offering an intriguing narrative that keeps players engaged and curious.
  • Revisiting the Moon: Players get to explore the moon once again, which may be nostalgic for those who played the first part of the game. While there aren’t major changes to the moon, new areas are introduced through Strikes missions.


  • Lack of New Enemy Types: Shadowkeep doesn’t introduce any new enemy types, relying on the same four types from the first part of the game. This may feel repetitive for players looking for fresh challenges.
  • Uninspired Combat Moments: While the story missions offer an exciting narrative, the combat moments fail to bring anything new to the series. Players often face bosses they have already encountered, resulting in a lack of innovation.
  • Vex Offensive Mode: The new Vex Offensive mode is considered a step backwards compared to previous modes like Blind Well and Ascendant Challenges. It incorporates expendable mechanics into combat, which may not appeal to all players.

Overall, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep offers an engaging story, improved character customization, and the opportunity to revisit familiar locations. However, it lacks innovation in combat and enemy types. Despite its shortcomings, the addition strikes a chord with Destiny fans and provides an exciting experience for both new and experienced players.


1. What is Destiny 2 Shadowkeep?

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is the fourth addition to the Destiny 2 game. It is the first addition developed by Bungie without publisher Activision. The addition introduces various changes and updates to the game, including a new Battle Pass system and RPG-style elements.

2. Does Shadowkeep offer new story content?

Yes, Shadowkeep provides new story content that delves into the past of the character Eris Morn. While the story missions are exciting, the combat and action moments may not offer anything new to the series. The addition does not introduce new enemy types, using the same four types from the first part.

3. Are there new areas to explore in Shadowkeep?

Yes, Shadowkeep allows players to revisit the moon and explore new areas through Strikes missions. However, there are no major changes to the moon’s location, except for these new mission objectives.

4. What is the new mode called Vex Offensive?

Vex Offensive is a new mode introduced in Shadowkeep. It involves defending against an attack from Vex creatures through three rounds. Players must survive, destroy certain crystals, and defeat a leader by using specific weapons obtained from enemies.

5. Does Shadowkeep provide unique elements compared to previous additions?

While Shadowkeep may not introduce unique elements like previous additions, it offers an ancient area that connects Destiny series players and provides an exciting place for newcomers. The addition also includes improvements to the game’s nature, making it an exciting prospect for Destiny 2 fans.

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