DOOM Reboot: A Return to Form for the Shooter Series

Many game series start strong and then reach a stage where they need to be redefined, or as we call it: a reboot. The famous DOOM shooter series reached this stage with its third installment and now, after almost 12 years, the series is getting its own reboot and the famous id development team is returning. Software introduces us to this part. Will it be the game that fans of the series have been waiting for all along and will the game be able to deliver an experience that stands out from the rest? it from other first person shooter games? You can find out in our review of the game, which appeared on the Xbox One version.

We’ll start by talking about history. The DOOM series of games has never been based on story so much as on gameplay experience, and things aren’t much different here. You wake up in the UAC Agency or Union Aerospace Corporation facility on the planet Mars and demons are filling the facility. Dr. Samuel Hayden will speak to you, who will ask for your help. Upon closing the Gates of Hell, which were opened in the facility following a strange ritual practiced by a group of research workers at the facility.

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Ordinary Story, Extraordinary Gameplay

The story here is very ordinary and is created to justify what you do. Perhaps what’s special about the story is that it doesn’t mention the hero, so we don’t know if he’s the Doom Guy from the previous installments or not! The details of the story are not very important to the way the experience is presented, but if you want to know the background against which the events of the story take place, you can collect many files that will tell you the details involved World, the demons, the characters you will encounter and even about the weapons you possess and how. It is designed and similar to the existing information for story lovers.

On a technical level, DOOM offers very beautiful graphics and a lot of accurate details in the environments in which you fight your battles. The effects provided by the game are amazing including sparks, lava, blood waterfalls and many other effects. The game runs on home devices at full resolution of 1080p and a frame rate of 60 frames, and the game maintains its performance. Stable and fluid, even in the areas where there are the most monsters, and in your gunplay the game still runs smoothly. Maybe I experienced a moment where the frame rates dropped ever so slightly and then went right back to normal. On a technical level, the game is one of the best we can see in the current generation.

The game again presents melodies similar to rock and roll music, similar to the first parts of the series, and as you enter the conflict zones, the melodies begin to play with a fast tempo and loud enthusiasm, preparing you for it After the fight there is calm when the fight is over and whenever you hear the music you feel excited and get ready for the next fight.

Challenges appear in the form of strange power stonesChallenges appear in the form of strange power stones

A Dynamic and Entertaining Single Player Experience

Let’s talk about the single player experience. The game is based on movement and then movement. If you enter areas that are more like arenas, demons will rain down on you from everywhere, and standing in your place is the worst possible option. You have to constantly move, which makes the game dynamic and the character’s reaction precise when you want to jump. To the edge of one of the platforms to climb onto or when switching weapons. The confrontations are very entertaining and the areas you enter are huge and with the large number of enemies the game will test your concentration and reaction speed. If you deal enough damage to the enemy, they will enter a weak state where they will not be able to move for a few seconds. (The time depends on the monster’s strength.) You can then perform final blows or glory kills to eliminate monsters in the most horrific and bloody way.

The control system is the same as in other first-person shooter games, with buttons for movement, a button for throwing bombs and a button for shooting. The difference is that weapons, with the exception of the Super Rifle, do not have the option of precise aiming using the left shoulder button or the right mouse button, as these buttons are intended for weapon modifications. Most weapons have two modifications that give each weapon a specific advantage, such as: B. the ability to identify a target and track it with a rocket launcher. You can evolve and upgrade your weapons and must complete a specific challenge to enable the weapon’s final upgrade, such as: B. Eliminate 30 monsters with one shot in the head using weapon modification and other challenges. and when the weapon is developed to the maximum. This is possible because it becomes much stronger and has different properties when used, such as: B. firing two shots with the super rifle before reloading, and it is the only weapon that reloads. Here you can continue to use the weapon until the ammunition is completely depleted.

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  • Beautiful graphics and detailed environments
  • Amazing effects and smooth gameplay
  • Rock and roll music adds excitement to the game
  • Dynamic and fast-paced single player experience
  • Large areas and challenging enemies test concentration and reaction speed
  • Unique weapon modifications and upgrades


  • The story is ordinary and not very important to the overall experience
  • Limited precise aiming options for most weapons
  • Some minor frame rate drops


1. What is the gameplay like in DOOM?

The gameplay in DOOM is fast-paced and action-packed. Players must constantly move and react quickly to survive as demons swarm from all directions. Standing still is not a viable option, and players must utilize precise movements and jumps to navigate the arenas and defeat enemies.

2. What is the story of DOOM?

The story in DOOM is not the main focus of the game. Players wake up in a facility on Mars overrun by demons, and they must close the Gates of Hell that were opened by a group of research workers. The details of the story are not crucial to the gameplay experience, but players can collect files to learn more about the world, demons, characters, and weapons.

3. How are the graphics and technical performance in DOOM?

DOOM offers beautiful graphics with detailed environments. The game runs at a full resolution of 1080p and a stable frame rate of 60 frames per second. The performance remains smooth even in areas with numerous monsters. Overall, the game is considered one of the best in terms of technical quality in the current generation.

4. What is the music like in DOOM?

The music in DOOM features rock and roll melodies, similar to the earlier installments of the series. The music intensifies during conflict zones, creating a fast-paced and exciting atmosphere. After battles, the music calms down, preparing players for the next fight.

5. How does weapon customization work in DOOM?

Weapons in DOOM can be customized with different modifications, each providing specific advantages. Most weapons have two modifications that players can choose from. To aim precisely, players need to use the left shoulder button or the right mouse button, as the other buttons are reserved for weapon modifications. Weapons can also be upgraded by completing specific challenges, unlocking their maximum potential and unique properties.

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