Dragon Quest Treasures

Here we return to the beautiful world of Dragon Quest 11, but this time in the past, when Eric and his sister Maya were young children searching for treasure. Dragon Quest Treasures is a subgame of the series and its events take place in the Draconia Islands, which are various islands, each with its own climate and environment, such as the Island of Fire, Ice , the desert and others.

Gameplay and Monster Battles

The gameplay style differed from the traditional RPG fighting style to the fast-paced style, as Eric and Maya can perform a combo by continuing to press the hit button, and this combo does not change or evolve. Wait, dear reader, I see you sighing for fear of repetition, but don’t worry because I will now talk about the essence of the game, which is the use of monsters in battle. The game allows you to obtain the monsters you fight against to add them to your party and then they help you in battle, so you control Barrick or Maya and the monsters in the game are controlled by the artificial intelligence.

Exploring with Monsters

The nice thing is that there are different monsters in the game, some of which share basic abilities that are useful when exploring the map. Some of them you can use to fly from a high place and some of them you can ride up and down. Use this to move quickly around the map. There are other benefits of monsters, which I will discuss shortly.

Treasure Hunting and Rank

Now let’s talk about the idea of ​​the game and the goal in it. Eric and Maya must collect treasure and build the largest treasure hunting team. If you find a treasure on one of the islands, you will not be able to know its value until you return to the main base island, and the treasure will be valued at an amount of money, and the squad’s rank will increase accordingly, what he collected. A certain amount of treasures and also the increase in rank, so you get many advantages and developments that will benefit you while playing.

Using Compass and Monsters

To get treasures on the map, you must first search for them using the in-game compass ability. If you use this, the arrow will lead you to the location of the treasure, and as you approach it you will be there. You will be asked to use the compass, but this time you will use the “See” ability that allows you to do so , detect the location of the treasure through the three monsters in your team. Each monster has a special perspective on the location

Money and Rank Benefits

As you collect treasure and return to base, it will be converted into money and used as experience points in the game. The more money you have in the bank, the higher the rank will be and you will receive new benefits and developments for the player. I didn’t talk about the graphics since they are regular cartoons and there is nothing special about them, but I was surprised that the Switch version worked extremely well and smoothly despite a slight drop in performance in crowded places.


I spent over 30 hours playing Dragon Quest Treasures and really enjoyed it, even after I finished the story mode. It has a lot of content, but if you’re looking for a wonderful experience like Dragon Quest 11, you won’t find it here. Rather, you will find a game that is more like Pokemon and has the spirit of the Dragon Quest series.

We received the Switch version from the publisher


  • Unique gameplay style that differs from traditional RPGs
  • Ability to use monsters in battle and add them to your party
  • Various monsters with different abilities that aid in exploration
  • Collecting treasure and building a treasure hunting team adds depth to the game
  • Rank system that rewards players with advantages and developments
  • In-game compass ability helps locate treasures
  • Graphics are well-suited for the game’s style
  • Smooth performance, even on the Switch version
  • Plenty of content to enjoy, even after finishing the story mode
  • Game captures the spirit of the Dragon Quest series


  • Gameplay style may not appeal to fans of traditional RPGs
  • Combo system for combat does not evolve or change
  • Graphics are not particularly standout or impressive
  • Switch version may experience slight performance drops in crowded areas
  • Not as immersive or expansive as Dragon Quest 11

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Dragon Quest Treasures PC Game

1. What is the gameplay style of Dragon Quest Treasures?

The gameplay style of Dragon Quest Treasures is different from the traditional RPG fighting style. It is a fast-paced game where players control Eric and Maya, who can perform combos by continuously pressing the hit button. The combo does not change or evolve throughout the game.

2. How do monsters play a role in battles?

In Dragon Quest Treasures, players have the ability to obtain the monsters they fight against and add them to their party. These monsters then assist the player in battle, with their actions controlled by artificial intelligence. Players primarily control Barrick or Maya while the monsters provide support during battles.

3. What are the benefits of using monsters in the game?

There are various benefits to using monsters in Dragon Quest Treasures. Some monsters have specific abilities that are useful for exploring the map, such as flying or riding up and down. These abilities allow players to move quickly around the game world. Additionally, the monsters contribute to the overall strength and capabilities of the player’s treasure hunting team.

4. What is the goal of the game?

The main goal of Dragon Quest Treasures is for Eric and Maya to collect treasure and build the largest treasure hunting team. When treasures are found on the islands, their value is not immediately known. Players must return to the main base island to have the treasure valued and increase their squad’s rank. Accumulating a certain amount of treasures and increasing rank unlocks advantages and developments that benefit the player throughout the game.

5. How do players locate treasures on the map?

In order to locate treasures on the map, players must use the in-game compass ability. This ability guides players to the location of the treasure using an arrow. As players approach the treasure, they are prompted to use the “See” ability, which allows them to detect the precise location of the treasure using the three monsters in their team. Each monster has a unique perspective that helps in locating treasures.

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