I’ve never been to Norway, and the idea never occurred to me, but we always sail in the boat of the present, with an eye on the past, turning our backs on the future, without knowing what it could be in our midst hide in the ocean of life. So I anchored in my simple boat. On the shores of a small island in this country whose cold weather I had only heard of because of its proximity to the Arctic, Draugen, the anecdotal experiment that follows the method known as the walking simulator, was the one who took me by the hand on this journey, and I have to say that the reception was not very friendly. When I entered the desired location, I had the question that we have to ask in most games of this type:

Where did everyone disappear?

Intriguing Narrative Experience

In fact, it’s difficult to talk about the game in detail because it doesn’t offer many elements like a video game. The narrative experience is the mainstay here, so let’s start talking about that. We will continue our journey The year 1920, accompanied by Edward, the American traveler, and his young companion Lissie on a journey to a village on a small island in Norway to search for the missing sister of the First, Betty, and her They barely reach their destination before they realize that something unusual has happened at this place and that they have to find out what happened there. Draugen’s story may not be anything new, as we have already seen several different works that follow his approach… However, the general background was able to attract me and arouse my curiosity to know what is hidden in the next events , and I have to say that in the end I wasn’t disappointed at all!

Contrasting Characters

The conversation now moves on to the two main characters, who, if I could find the right description for both, are like night and day, sun and moon, or mint and chocolate. While Edward is characterized by extreme sobriety and sobriety, Lissie is reserved, full of vitality and loves to joke, and I really enjoyed that. As she teased Edward, who always takes things seriously, although at times I encountered an annoying overlap between the two characters’ dialogues where I couldn’t fully understand some of them. The difference between our two heroes isn’t just limited to their personalities! Their opinions, the way they do things, and even their beliefs are so different from each other that I began to question the reason that brought these two contradictory entities together!

And you realize that there will be a more modern grave if you don’t stop harassing me, right?

Immersive Musical Compositions

Since, as already mentioned, it follows the style of running simulation games, what you will do here is limited and can be summarized by walking, reading files and examining some tools here and there to understand the progression and secrets of the story to get to know. There’s not much you can do, but the game beautifully represents one of the very important elements of its kind. What I’m talking about here are the musical compositions. What can be said about the melodies here is that they represent a very high level. I always stood still for a while just to listen to her sweet voice delighting my ears.

Technical Inconsistencies

If you want to talk technically about the game, it might be a bit confusing for me. The graphics are beautiful and the art direction of the game seems attractive with a nice depiction of Norway. However, I felt that the environments became blurry at times. In addition, the lighting became dimmer in several places and I was able to see what was in front of me with some difficulty, and on one level… Another thing is that the movement of the characters’ faces and facial expressions seem confusing and inconsistent their voices. In general, the technical level of the game is a bit uneven and I encountered a few bugs. Lissie sometimes blocked my path and she also pushed me when she walked in strange ways. That wasn’t really a big deal. However, it must be noted.

Where are you, Betty?

A Short but Captivating Journey

My journey here didn’t last long at all, lasting little more than three hours, but I must admit that despite its short lifespan, I was fascinated by it and that it managed to leave a pleasant impression on me. However, you must remember, dear reader, if you are not receptive to the type of experiences it offers, you will not be able to fully grasp the essence. Ultimately, Draugen is an experience that many will not accept, like many games of its kind. However, it manages to convey its message in an excellent way, which I consider a good reason to give it a chance to give it a try.

The game was reviewed in the PC version provided by the publisher.

Pros and Cons of Draugen PC Game


  • Engaging narrative experience
  • Curiosity-inducing storyline
  • Well-developed main characters
  • Beautiful musical compositions
  • Attractive art direction and depiction of Norway
  • Fascinating atmosphere and setting
  • Short but impactful gameplay experience


  • Limited gameplay mechanics
  • Occasional blurry environments
  • Inconsistent character facial expressions and voices
  • Technical issues and bugs
  • Short playtime (around three hours)
  • May not appeal to all players

Overall, Draugen offers an engaging narrative experience with a curiosity-inducing storyline. The well-developed main characters, Edward and Lissie, add depth and contrast to the game. The musical compositions are of a high standard and greatly enhance the atmosphere. The art direction and depiction of Norway are attractive, although some environments may appear blurry at times. The game’s technical level is a bit uneven, with inconsistent character facial expressions and voices, as well as occasional bugs. Despite its short playtime, Draugen manages to leave a pleasant impression and effectively conveys its message. However, it may not appeal to all players. If you enjoy narrative-driven games and are open to unique experiences, Draugen is worth giving a try.


1. Where did everyone disappear?

In Draugen, the main characters, Edward and Lissie, arrive at a village on a small island in Norway to search for the missing sister of Edward. As they reach their destination, they quickly realize that something unusual has happened and they must uncover the truth behind the disappearance of the villagers.

2. What is the gameplay like in Draugen?

Draugen follows the style of a walking simulator game. The gameplay primarily involves walking, reading files, and examining various objects to progress through the story and uncover its secrets.

3. How are the characters of Edward and Lissie portrayed in the game?

Edward is characterized by extreme sobriety and seriousness, while Lissie is more lively and enjoys joking around. Their contrasting personalities and interactions add depth to the story and create an interesting dynamic between the two characters.

4. How is the music in Draugen?

The musical compositions in Draugen are of a high level and add to the immersive experience. The melodies are captivating and enhance the atmosphere of the game.

5. What are the technical aspects of Draugen?

The graphics and art direction of Draugen are beautiful, portraying Norway in an attractive manner. However, there are some technical issues, such as occasional blurriness in the environments and dim lighting. Additionally, the character animations and facial expressions can be inconsistent, and there may be some minor bugs encountered during gameplay.

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