eFootball 2022

Konami’s most popular football sports game, eFootball 2022, reached players in its free version and, in addition to the sparse content, was met with a storm of negativity and complaints about technical and graphical errors. We decided to get our hands on the game and the question we start our review with is: Where exactly is the game?

The History of Konami’s Soccer Games

The Japanese company Konami has a long and extensive history in the field of soccer games, and we have been among the lucky ones who have been able to experience the company’s soccer games since the company began releasing the Inernational Superstar Soccer series on 16-bit devices , before it went on to develop wonderful soccer games on Sony home devices called “Winning Eleven” and later “Pro Evolution Soccer” or “ISS” persisted for a while on Nintendo consoles but lost a lot of popularity. Despite the great pleasure that the PES games brought, Konami had serious problems in the market with the game Fifa, which began to outperform itself in engine and gameplay on PS3/Xbox 360 devices, and the sales difference also began to narrow in favor of enlarge FIFA has been very aggressive in securing the rights to various tournaments. International football, player kits, uniforms, etc., in addition to introducing deeper game modes and the Ultimate Team mode, which has grown tremendously in popularity over the years.

The Dilemma Faced by Konami

Konami found itself in a real dilemma with time and declining sales. The company faced a deadline and decided to switch to the Unreal 4 development engine. Last year the series received an update just for the new series, and it didn’t receive a completely new version with the promise of a completely new beginning this year. This year, this new beginning comes with the free model through which the series has recently gained remarkable popularity on smartphones with the renaming of the series to eFootball 2022 with the aim of focusing on the idea of ​​​​electronic sports and with a new brand start, but it is very unfortunate that the beginning was so weak in this way. !

The Lack of Content in eFootball 2022

I don’t know how Konami allowed the game to be released this way. As for the technical and graphical errors, we say that they seem to have been fixed and we did not see them during our experience with the game, and that is good, but the content in the game suffers from anemia and severe anemia. That’s what’s unbelievable about the lack of content in this game. Only 9 teams play, namely 5 European clubs from the main leagues, namely Barcelona, ​​​​Bayern Munich, Juventus, Arsenal and Manchester United. In addition, there are 4 clubs from South America where the game has maintained an acceptable level of sales over the years. These clubs are River Plate, Sao Paulo, Flamengo and Corinthians.

The Repetitive Gameplay and Lack of Modes

Konami can’t expect this scarce content to be enough to drive enough players to this title, even if it’s free. Will the players still compete against the same teams? Due to the popularity of English clubs, I constantly played against Manchester United over the Internet. That is very boring. Within a few hours we completed the two current challenges in the game and there was nothing else to do at all. The teams There are very few and it is not possible to play constantly with the same few clubs because the confrontations become very repetitive, especially given the very small number of strategic plans in the game currently (only 5), and there are none Game Mode By the way, and when the name of the game is eFootball, you expect something from electronic sports tournaments in some form, but all of this is completely missing at this point. Currently, with the promise of adding more modes and teams in future updates, that’s next November at the earliest. This does not at all justify releasing the game in this mediocre form.

The Slow Menus and Lack of Graphical Options

In addition to the compromised content that makes the gaming experience incredibly bad, as if it were nothing more than a demo, we faced another annoying problem: the menus are slow, switching from one screen to another is slow, starting a new one Playing over the network is a slow process, everything is slow, which makes you want to close the game and never go back to it. Graphical options are also missing in the PC version. In fact, the graphics of the game are relatively good and the player models are good in our experience and we did not have the problems that we saw in the clips circulating on the network. The gameplay is also very good and very solid, with a great weight of the ball and the heaviness in the movement of the players, giving the game a sense of realism, and the goalkeeper can save well. For balls, what we can’t say about any soccer game on the market is a good game buried somewhere with this version.

The Future of eFootball 2022

eFootball 2022 is basically not a bad game, and it is actually a good game, but the real problem is the problem of the product, such as: B. Content and game modes, in addition to the unjustified slow transitions between menus. There is currently nothing you can do with the game. Free games must have content that keeps players accessing them constantly. In iFootball 2022 there isn’t even anything to spend virtual currency on. This is a very bad game and it is not worth trying at the moment as it cannot hold the player’s attention for more than a few hours, but with excellent gameplay it could become a good football experience in the future if it manages to Maintaining attention good player base and by publishing sufficient content. The question is: Will anyone be interested then? Well, only the future will answer that question.


We tested the game on PC.

Pros and Cons of eFootball 2022 PC Game


  • Good gameplay mechanics with realistic ball physics and player movements.
  • Decent graphics and player models.
  • Goalkeepers perform well in saving shots.


  • Severely lacking in content, with only 9 playable teams.
  • Limited strategic plans and game modes.
  • Menus and transitions are slow and sluggish.
  • Graphical options are missing in the PC version.
  • Released in a mediocre form with anemia in content.

eFootball 2022 PC Game, developed by Konami, has both its strengths and weaknesses. On the positive side, the game offers enjoyable gameplay with realistic mechanics, including ball physics and player movements. The graphics and player models are also decent, providing a visually pleasing experience. Additionally, the goalkeepers perform well in saving shots, adding to the realism of the game.

However, the game falls short in terms of content. With only 9 playable teams, including 5 European clubs and 4 South American clubs, the options for team selection are extremely limited. This leads to repetitive matches and a lack of variety in gameplay. Furthermore, the game lacks strategic plans, with only 5 available, and there are no additional game modes to engage players.

The slow and sluggish menus and transitions further contribute to a frustrating experience. The PC version also lacks graphical options, limiting customization for players. Overall, the game feels incomplete and lacking in features and content.

While eFootball 2022 PC Game has the potential to be a good football experience in the future, it currently fails to hold players’ attention for more than a few hours. The game’s strengths lie in its gameplay mechanics, but the lack of content and game modes, as well as the slow menus, hinder the overall experience. Only time will tell if Konami can address these issues and provide sufficient updates and content to attract and retain players.


1. What is eFootball 2022?

eFootball 2022 is a popular football sports game developed by Konami. It is the latest installment in the eFootball series and is available for PC.

2. What are the main issues with eFootball 2022?

The game has faced criticism for its technical and graphical errors, as well as its lack of content. Many players have complained about the limited number of teams and game modes available.

3. Which teams are included in eFootball 2022?

The game features only 9 teams, including 5 European clubs (Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Arsenal, and Manchester United) and 4 South American clubs (River Plate, Sao Paulo, Flamengo, and Corinthians).

4. Are there any electronic sports tournaments in eFootball 2022?

No, currently there are no electronic sports tournaments or modes available in eFootball 2022. Konami has promised to add more modes and teams in future updates, but these additions are expected to come in November at the earliest.

5. Is eFootball 2022 worth playing?

The game has received mixed reviews due to its lack of content and slow menus. However, it is praised for its solid gameplay, realistic ball physics, and goalkeeper mechanics. Whether or not it is worth playing depends on individual preferences and expectations.

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