Elden Ring

During more than a decade of development, the Form Software team has created a new style of gaming and inspired many developers to create their own games, classified under the name Souls-like. Souls games, as they are called, are known for their unique features, such as losing all experience points gained in battle if you die and coming back to get them again with a chance of winning them to lose forever. It is also known to have save points that, when used, will revive all enemies in the area. These are just some of the unique features, and since their invention, the development team has used them in several titles that combine their main ideas with some changes in fighting style, movement, and others. Now the team is doing it again. After Sekiro, it launches its new game, Elden Ring. Perhaps the most important element of this new game’s identity is the open world, but there is more, and we’ll discuss all of that in this final review of the anticipated game.

Before we discuss the gameplay, let’s talk about the open world and its ideas in Eldin Range. From the start of the game, you have access to a large portion of the open world, aided by a horse-like animal that you can summon from anywhere and ride to quickly reach remote areas. The aim of the game is to give the player more opportunities to move and move. The character can now jump, and even an animal can jump into the air not once, but twice. There are aerial platforms that allow the animal to jump to very high places in the air as the open world will include many heights. The team has also ensured that the fitness meter is inexhaustible during the adventure, so there is no chance of boredom. However, the mission begins as soon as you approach an enemy and start fighting with them.

So what can you do in the open world? First, you’ll find what the developer calls “Site of Grace,” which runs the Bonfire feature we’ve come to expect from them. Through them you can take part in treatment or development, and they are also fast travel points around the world. This game is perhaps one of the most merciful forum software games in terms of the large number of save points. Replay points have also been introduced, intended to act as a checkpoint from which to return if you feel like the previous save point is far away. The open world, as an observer might expect, will take you in many directions and you can reach very difficult places that do not correspond to your current level. Luckily, an arrow appears on the map at save points, always guiding you to your next destination in the main game story, so you don’t get lost.

But the truth is, it’s fun to get lost here. The game world is real, and especially when we visited most of its areas, we felt that it was the most interesting open world in all the games we had tried before. Many may say that the real fun in the game lies in the lack of instructions, and that’s true, but it doesn’t reflect the entire scene. In the game you will find a lot of what you can see in other games, such as caves or optional trenches, and you will repeat them here and there with different enemies and rewards. But these are just side notes to what the game world has to offer, and with every additional hour we spend in it, the fascination for us increases. What makes exploration so fun is the amount of important elements and the way they are beautifully connected. You will ask yourself: Why is a giant guarding the big building at the end of the street, why is a girl lying on the ground in a small hut on the mountainside, why is there a big tower near me? but I can’t find a way to get there. Nothing in the game is meaningless, everything is more interesting than anything else, and I usually lose interest in exploring open world games further after I beat them, but that’s not the case here. Rather, I plan to continue exploring the game for a very long time.

If we consider the development team’s games, the game is full of side quests.

All over the world you will find many enemies of varying difficulty, some of which receive a significant reward for killing. You will also find many side characters to talk to, and not all of them are nice. Some characters will ask you for specific tasks, others will meet you in other locations. Despite the variety of tasks, the game does not organize them, and despite the many tasks you have to bring a pen and paper and record what happens, which is actually annoying in a game of this type, especially because of the names of the characters, tools and areas not the kind that’s easy to remember. . In any case, these characters are important and the game’s story will be short, but their details will become clearer to you as you read the letters, talk to the characters and meet them repeatedly.

The game has also been infected with crafting from other similar games, where if you want to make a fire bomb you have to collect resources like flowers, roots, etc., as well as arrows and some other tools. To know how to make these things, you have to buy cookbooks from street vendors.

Now let’s move on to the main gameplay.

There are influential changes and new ideas here that fit the game world. Basically, the fighting style is the same as we are used to, especially from the Souls series. New additions include learnable special moves that become a special hit for your weapon. There are also spirits that you collect in the game and then summon in certain areas where you are allowed to do so. Their job is to help you, especially when fighting bosses and your need to distract them from you. Some side characters allow you to further develop the abilities of these spirits by collecting special resources for them in side stages and the like.

Of course, the game allows you to freely move around the open world and experience what’s possible, but when the time comes, you have to dedicate yourself to the main mission, and when that happens, the game is completely similar to Dark Souls. There are closed areas where you fight against strong enemies and try to stay alive until you open a shortcut or reach the next save point and end up fighting a strong leader. In this regard there is no need to worry because the bosses are just as strong as we are used to, but there is always a trick to defeat them and with the presence of summons it will certainly be much easier to face them. There is one last important thing we need to mention: after defeating the main bosses of the game, you will receive a special reward, a very special ability. We’ll give you an example of what we got from the first boss. We have received a skill that gives you a temporary increase in your skills, equal to what you can get by increasing your level (Level) by 40 points.

Multiplayer mode is present in the game and allows you to compete against the boss areas of the game together with your friends.

It also allows you to invade other players’ worlds and play against them. Unfortunately, even after waiting for the game to be officially released, we didn’t find many players trying to request the summon, even for the main bosses. We don’t know if it has something to do with the Middle East region or if it varies from person to person?

Eldin Range, like modern games, gives you two options for graphics and we chose the default option which prioritizes performance (frames), but the game demands a lot in some areas as we found frame performance on the side, the PS5 device on which we tried the game fluctuates. The game looks beautiful and is the team’s best game in this regard. It is accompanied by music in the series’ usual style and classic voice performances from the supporting characters.

To be clear: Eldin’s Range isn’t a perfect game in every detail, but it’s an experience that will enrich open-world games for a long time to come. Zelda Breath of the Wild inspired many games in this area by presenting a world that all parties can access without restrictions. However, Eldin Range will be the game that inspired open world game developers to deliver smart, exciting and interconnected content. and motivate you to explore it without significant boredom. Added to this is the wide variety of ways to build game characters and the large amount of weapons, tools and armor that will entice you to come back to the game again and again and experience gaming in a different way.

نعم اللعبة شديدة الصعوبة و لا تجعل لها مدخلا سهلا من قبل اللاعبين ا لأقل خبرة، لكن لؤلئك الذين لا يخشون أصعب المحن، إلدين رينج هي اللعب ة التي سترضي كل غرورك، اللعبة التي ستجعلك تقع في حبها و حب عالمها متر امي الأطراف كما لم تفعل مع أي لعبة Previously.

The game was reviewed on PlayStation 5 via a digital review copy provided by the game publisher.

Pros and Cons of Elden Ring PC Game


  • Unique gameplay features inspired by the Souls series
  • Expansive open world with plenty of opportunities for exploration
  • Fascinating and interconnected game world with meaningful elements
  • Engaging side quests and characters
  • Introduction of crafting mechanics
  • Familiar fighting style with new special moves and spirits
  • Challenging boss battles with rewarding abilities
  • Multiplayer mode for cooperative and competitive gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics and immersive sound design
  • Provides options for graphics and performance preferences


  • Difficulty level may be too high for inexperienced players
  • Lack of organization for side quests can be frustrating
  • Frame performance issues in some areas
  • Limited player base for multiplayer mode

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Elden Ring PC Game

Q1: What is the gameplay style of Elden Ring?

A1: Elden Ring follows the gameplay style of the Souls-like genre, which is known for its unique features such as losing experience points upon death and reviving enemies at save points.

Q2: Does Elden Ring have an open world?

A2: Yes, Elden Ring features an open world where players have access to a large portion of the map from the start of the game. Players can explore the world freely, aided by a horse-like animal for quick traversal.

Q3: Are there save points in Elden Ring?

A3: Yes, Elden Ring includes save points called “Sites of Grace” that function similarly to the Bonfire feature in previous games by the development team. These save points also serve as fast travel points.

Q4: Are there side quests in Elden Ring?

A4: Yes, Elden Ring offers side quests throughout the game world. Players can engage in various tasks, interact with side characters, and explore optional areas for rewards and additional story details.

Q5: What are the new gameplay additions in Elden Ring?

A5: Elden Ring introduces new gameplay elements such as learnable special moves for weapons, summonable spirits to aid in battle, and the ability to craft items using collected resources. The game also features multiplayer modes for cooperative and competitive play.

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