Evil West

After presenting the Shadow Warrior 3 trilogy, the Polish development team Flying Wild Hog returns to us with Evil West with a new title in which it continues its trend of offering exciting and bloody experiences, but this time with a third-person Shooter Experience.

The events of the game take place in the American West and we experience them through the character of the vampire hunter Jesse Reintier, one of the hunters of the Reintier Institute led by his father William Reintier, which trains hunters and provides the weapons and techniques used to combat vampires and to fight and eliminate the ugly monsters they create. The story will focus on the vampire Peter’s plan. D’Abano, who is preparing to declare war on humanity, puts a clear focus on the story in terms of the use of footage clips to narrate the events and discuss many details, but the developer has failed to presenting an interesting story with bad dialogue and lots of unsuccessful jokes, even if he settled for a story that justifies the events and nothing more. It would have been better for the overall experience.

On the graphical level, the game offers an excellent graphic level, paying attention to the various details of the environment and with an artistic approach halfway between realism and cartoon character. The game takes you to many different environments that vary in elements from mountains to snowy areas to swamps, and each of these areas received the attention it deserves in terms of details. At the audio level, the game offers a good set of melodies that announce the beginning and escalation of the battle, without distinguishing from any aspect. The game has no noticeable technical errors, except for an annoying bug that causes the player to be temporarily stuck in their place and prevents them from dodging the attacks of some enemies.


The gaming experience is very enjoyable and focuses on feeling the player’s power while providing the greatest possible depth in terms of control. Every button on the controller is exploited and assigned to one of the many weapons you earn throughout your adventure. The game does not depend on the ammunition system, as weapons have infinite ammunition and need to be reloaded, and there are a number of powerful weapons whose use is limited to a certain period of time, which gives you more desire to use them at the right time. The game focuses on your gauntlet, through which electrical energy can be harnessed to stun and paralyze enemies. As time and your level progress, you earn development points that allow you to gain new skills related to The Gauntlet and the attacks that can be performed with it. The beauty of the game is the smoothness of the gaming experience and the freedom to break off your combo and combine it beautifully with many special abilities and weapons.

The beauty of the skill development tree and weapon evolutions is that they provide incremental improvements, but they have a significant impact and can be continually expanded. They make things more fun over time and keep you from getting bored and repeating yourself. Your skills are developed through playing and leveling up, while weapon development is tied to the money you earn. They collect them. We can note that the game inspired many of its concepts from the Doom robot, as it focuses on continuous movement and use of the environment, albeit on a smaller scale. Knockouts allow you to obtain health resources that charge your gauntlet without having to assign types of these knockouts to each resource type.


The game is linear, dividing battles into a series of moments in which you must solve a series of simple puzzles or search for the way forward, with the possibility of searching for rewards in the form of money and treasure chests in which you do so can do Find secret evolutions for your skills and weapons. Despite the limited exploration element and the ease of finding lots of…treasure, we found it to be an excellent break between battles, and the puzzles presented break up the routine in the desired way.

The game offers 16 missions that can be played individually or in a group, and the group play option might be suitable for those who have difficulty dealing with the advanced levels where you face a large number of enemies. We completed the experience on medium difficulty, taking us approximately 11 hours to explore and search for secrets. The game can be completed as far as possible in 8 or 9 hours, completely neglecting exploration and with the added joy you get from developing your character’s skills, you may want to repeat the experience in New Game+ mode “ to gain all possible skills and development options as you complete the experience at a higher difficulty level if you want to test your skills.

Evil West is a very entertaining experience for fans of classic action and shooting games. It focused on fluid gameplay and provided the player with all the tools they needed to fight against vampires in a bloody, violent experience. The game had some flaws, but it created a solid foundation that you can rely on in a new installment.


  • Exciting and bloody third-person shooter experience
  • Excellent graphics with attention to detail
  • Good set of melodies that enhance the gaming experience
  • Enjoyable gameplay with a focus on player power and control
  • Smooth gaming experience with freedom to combine combos and special abilities
  • Incremental improvements through skill development and weapon evolutions
  • Breaks up the routine with simple puzzles and treasure hunting
  • Group play option for those who prefer cooperative gameplay
  • Potential for replayability with New Game+ mode and higher difficulty levels


  • Weak story with bad dialogue and unsuccessful jokes
  • Annoying bug that temporarily prevents dodging attacks
  • Lack of variety in battlefields
  • Linear gameplay with limited exploration
  • Limited diversity in environments
  • Some repetitive elements in gameplay
  • Shorter gameplay length for those who neglect exploration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Evil West PC Game

Q: What is Evil West PC Game?

Evil West is a third-person shooter game set in the American West. Players take on the role of Jesse Reintier, a vampire hunter, and must combat vampires and their monstrous creations.

Q: Who developed Evil West PC Game?

Evil West PC Game was developed by the Polish development team Flying Wild Hog.

Q: What is the gameplay like in Evil West PC Game?

The gameplay in Evil West PC Game focuses on providing a powerful and deep control experience. Players have access to a variety of weapons and skills, including a gauntlet that harnesses electrical energy. The game emphasizes fluid combat, combo mechanics, and the use of special abilities.

Q: How long does it take to complete Evil West PC Game?

The game offers 16 missions that can be completed individually or in a group. On average, it takes approximately 11 hours to complete the game while exploring and searching for secrets. However, it is possible to complete the game in 8 or 9 hours by neglecting exploration.

Q: Can Evil West PC Game be played in multiplayer mode?

Yes, Evil West PC Game offers a multiplayer mode where players can team up and play together. This option can be suitable for those who have difficulty dealing with advanced levels that feature a large number of enemies.

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