Far Cry: New Dawn

After last year we received the fifth main release of the open-world shooter series Far Cry, this year we receive Far Cry: New Dawn, a side release that serves as a continuation of the events of the story of the fifth part.

The story takes place again in the Hope County area, but 17 years after the end of the fifth part, where nuclear war destroyed civilization as we know it and then people returned to build their civilization in this world covered by nature His cover page. In this new world, power is the circulating currency and sisters Lou and Mickey. They lead the Highwaymen gang, which controls the region powerfully and robs the residents of everything they want.

The story begins with you riding a train to Hope County to help the region’s residents rebuild civilization and essential facilities, but the Highwaymen gang destroys the train, killing most of the passengers on board and only a few People make it to survive. You will play the role of the character “Captain” who was responsible for safety and security. For train drivers to help the residents of Hope County eliminate the Highwaymen gang and provide the essentials fit for the new world.

The story of the game is not as interesting as the previous part, which had a political and religious dimension, and it is not technical either. The characters of the twins Mickey and Lou are two characters that are intended to represent the crazy and violent villain. You can’t predict what he will do, but they are also not the best villains in the series and the story with their characters will not be one of them include positive aspects. What you will notice.

On a technical level, the game generally offers the same level as the fifth part. The world presents almost the same natural landscapes, except that a lot of pink is added to the environment and the green color is made more saturated. The animals in the game come to us of different types, but with a greater variety of colors, and although this world does not, it looks very different than its predecessor, but the graphics are still excellent and offer a nice variety of colors.

The character design was a bit limited in the fifth part, but in this part you have more abilities and costumes to choose from. The game system is the same as in the fifth part with some additions, as now you can carry a maximum of two weapons, and there are also more throwing tools such as smoke bombs. Molotov cocktails, knives, and other resources used in battle can be crafted using the quick select wheel, provided you have the resources required to craft them.

This game focuses on prosperity, which is the name of your camp. As you collect certain resources in the game world and find a group of people who have experience in different areas, you can further develop this camp, giving you access to more weapons and various explosives, as well as the ability to build vehicles and other things. Advantages that make your experience easier or offer you more variety in your options. The development of the camp and its facilities plays an important role in the experience.

As in the previous part, there are story missions and side missions, in addition to treasure hunting missions that reward you generously and missions to liberate the enemy bases, but we get a new addition, namely missions or expeditions that take you up to some maps, where you search for a special bag in a huge enemy headquarters and when you find the bag you have 30 seconds to escape before the tracking device inside malfunctions and every soldier in the headquarters comes after you. You will try to reach the point where you leave the area on board a helicopter and wait a certain time for it to arrive, which will leave you facing a huge group of enemies that keep coming at you.

In addition to the fact that the story missions are varied and entertaining, you will also have more fun with the other missions, especially the expedition missions, which change when you return since you return to the same areas but with a larger number of soldiers higher levels, and the pocket will of course not be in the same place as before, and the distribution of soldiers and the intensity of the guard will be more demanding.

The “Guns for Hire” system returns again, where you can choose from a specific list of people and animals to accompany you on missions, and each of them has a specific ability that suits different play styles. As you complete some missions and overcome some associated challenges, the more enemies you eliminate, the more skill points you will receive, which you can use to acquire additional skills, such as: B. the ability to pick locks or the ability to carry more weapons and other different abilities.

The story mode offers around ten hours of gameplay, but the various side missions will undoubtedly provide more hours. If you don’t want to live the experience alone, you can invite one of your companions to share the experience with you on the network The game may not be the most perfect in the series and does not offer any new things that make it stand out. It’s different from the previous version, aside from some minor additions and epic missions, but still offers the same recipe for the series so far, which is still fun and fans of the series will enjoy it.


  • Continuation of the Far Cry series: Far Cry: New Dawn serves as a continuation of the story from the fifth main release of the series, providing fans with more of the open-world shooter gameplay they love.
  • Beautiful graphics: The game offers excellent graphics with vibrant colors and stunning natural landscapes, creating an immersive and visually appealing experience.
  • Expanded character design: Unlike the previous installment, Far Cry: New Dawn allows players to choose from a wider range of abilities and costumes for their character, adding more customization options.
  • Focus on camp development: The game introduces the concept of camp development, allowing players to collect resources and recruit experienced individuals to further develop their camp. This adds a new layer of gameplay and provides access to more weapons, explosives, and vehicles.
  • Varied missions: Far Cry: New Dawn offers a variety of missions, including story missions, side missions, treasure hunting missions, and expeditions. These missions provide different challenges and rewards, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.
  • Guns for Hire system: The return of the Guns for Hire system allows players to choose companions with specific abilities to accompany them on missions, catering to different play styles.


  • Weaker storyline: Compared to the previous installment, Far Cry: New Dawn’s storyline may not be as compelling or thought-provoking. The characters of the twins, Mickey and Lou, as the villains, may not leave a lasting impact.
  • Lack of innovation: The game doesn’t offer many new features or innovations that set it apart from its predecessor. While it includes some minor additions and epic missions, it follows the same formula as previous Far Cry games.
  • Short main campaign: The story mode of Far Cry: New Dawn offers around ten hours of gameplay, which may feel short for players looking for a longer and more in-depth experience.
  • Similar gameplay mechanics: The game retains the same gameplay mechanics as the previous installment, which may feel repetitive for players who are familiar with the series.


1. What is Far Cry: New Dawn?

Far Cry: New Dawn is a side release of the Far Cry series that serves as a continuation of the story from Far Cry 5. It takes place 17 years after the events of the fifth part, in a world destroyed by nuclear war where people are rebuilding civilization.

2. Where does the game take place?

The game takes place in the Hope County area, the same location as Far Cry 5. However, the environment has changed, with more vibrant colors and a post-apocalyptic setting.

3. What is the objective of the game?

In Far Cry: New Dawn, your objective is to help the residents of Hope County eliminate the Highwaymen gang, who control the region and rob the residents. You play as the character “Captain” and must provide the essentials for the new world.

4. What new features are included in the game?

Far Cry: New Dawn introduces new features such as the ability to carry a maximum of two weapons, additional throwing tools like smoke bombs and Molotov cocktails, and the ability to craft items using the quick select wheel. The game also focuses on developing your camp, which grants access to more weapons, explosives, and vehicles.

5. How long is the gameplay?

The story mode of Far Cry: New Dawn offers around ten hours of gameplay. However, there are also various side missions and expeditions that can provide additional hours of gameplay. Additionally, you can invite a companion to play with you on the network.

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