FIFA 17: A Closer Look at the Game

Without a doubt, FIFA is the biggest giant in this market, it is the irrepressible power and the overwhelming popularity, and that is no coincidence. EA has been investing in its sports divisions for many years and has become the absolute leader in the sports video game industry. Certainly the results were not always stable because the company did this over a long period of time, more than 20 years. Some years we got brilliant games, while in others we got mixed and sometimes even poor results. However, what we cannot deny is that FIFA is the jewel of the EA sports team and in recent years, especially in the Middle East, has positioned itself as the queen of all games and the most popular product in the region. Now let’s dive into the 2017 version of this ancient game together and see what FIFA has presented to fans this year.

When you watch your first game on TV, your eyes will notice the first big changes in the game. Goodbye Ignite engine, hello new Forsbyte engine, and let me tell you, these results were impressive. This is undoubtedly the best looking football game ever, and the changes that come with the new engine, particularly in terms of lighting, make the stadium atmosphere more realistic than ever before. Even the players’ clothing has great detail and sways with every simple movement of the player. As far as faces go, it’s a big improvement compared to the past, but it’s still perhaps not the most striking aspect of FIFA.


Changes in FIFA 17 Gameplay

Of course, the game of football is all about the game system, and FIFA 17 introduces several important changes this year. First of all, FIFA 17 seems, on the whole, to be easier than last year’s version, which everyone remembers us saying was more difficult and tactical. Almost everything has become easier this year, passing, lifting, shooting, and that could perhaps make FIFA an arcade game again. As we say every year, this matter lies primarily with the player. The goal is ultimately entertainment, and some players like the tactical approach, others like speed and arcades.

What I particularly noticed in this year’s edition is that the players find it easier to hold onto the ball. We can say that here is a point of attack at the expense of defense. But even if you turn your back on the opponent and try to hold the ball, that’s not a free pass to score, as turning becomes difficult and you have to calculate your movements well in order not to lose the ball. With fixed balls there is a completely new way to control them. Corners, for example, display an indicator point so you can control where the ball arrives or falls, and you can also control the attacking player and their position. In penalty shootouts, on the other hand, a new way of shooting was introduced and in fact I never understood the reason for this change and found no positive side to it other than the complexity of the refereeing.


FIFA 17: Beyond the Field

What makes FIFA an all-round soccer game is that it shines both off and on the field. The game offers full rights to most major European and international leagues, and you can’t experience the full atmosphere with official jerseys, stadiums, songs and slogans like in FIFA. Even at the Saudi level there is a beautiful league, beautifully present, with all the logos and transfers up to the last moment of the summer, and the details of the players’ clothing are very amazing in their correspondence to reality. And let’s not forget the game’s attention to detail, such as the appearance of Dori Jameel’s official music and graphic interruptions during replays. But the annual problem still exists. Although the whole atmosphere suggests the Saudi League, the sound of the fans ruins it in an annoying way. EA needs to add the songs of Saudi clubs as the Saudi League has been implemented in the game for a long time.

FIFA is possibly one of the greatest games of all time, even outside of sports, and the variety of modes on offer will keep players engaged for very long periods of time. Everyone’s favorite mode, Ultimate Team, returns with new additions such as the daily FUT Champions Knockout tournament, where you may be placed in a special league at the end of the week for special rewards. Career mode also returns with some minor changes, such as an economic system that helps you keep track of financial matters and also some management objectives based on the team’s personality.


The Journey: A New Mode in FIFA 17

However, if you think that EA has had enough here, you are wrong, because the company has added a new mode called “The Journey” and we are talking about a story mode here that will give you at least 15 additional hours of the game. First of all, I don’t want to tell you anything. I expected EA to just claim innovation in this year’s release by adding this mode that no one thought we needed in a game like FIFA. But in reality I was shocked. Travel mode was fun and EA did an excellent job of introducing you to the atmosphere of the story and making you empathize with the hero’s character and the difficulties and wonderful moments he faces in his daily life. The presentation was wonderful and the role-playing seemed very realistic, and the presence of real characters like the player Royce increases the realism of this story that we are about to experience.


  • The new Forsbyte engine has greatly improved the graphics and realism of the game, making it the best-looking football game ever.
  • The game is easier to play compared to previous versions, making it more accessible and enjoyable for casual players.
  • Holding onto the ball has become easier, allowing for more attacking opportunities.
  • The game offers full rights to major European and international leagues, providing an immersive and authentic experience.
  • The variety of game modes, including Ultimate Team and Career mode, ensures long-lasting engagement for players.
  • The addition of “The Journey” mode, a story mode that offers 15 additional hours of gameplay, adds a new and immersive experience to the game.


  • Some players may find the game too easy and arcade-like, lacking the tactical depth of previous versions.
  • The new shooting mechanics in penalty shootouts may be seen as unnecessary and overly complex.
  • The sound of the fans in the Saudi League is not authentic, detracting from the overall atmosphere of the game.

FAQ – FIFA 17 PC Game

1. What are the major changes in FIFA 17 compared to previous versions?

FIFA 17 introduces the new Forsbyte engine, resulting in improved graphics and realistic stadium atmosphere. The game also offers easier gameplay mechanics, including passing, shooting, and lifting.

2. How is ball control different in FIFA 17?

In FIFA 17, players find it easier to hold onto the ball. However, turning becomes more difficult, requiring careful movement calculations to avoid losing possession. Additionally, fixed balls, such as corners, allow players to control the trajectory and position of the ball.

3. Does FIFA 17 include official licenses for leagues and teams?

Yes, FIFA 17 features full rights to major European and international leagues, including official jerseys, stadiums, songs, and slogans. The game also includes the Saudi League with accurate player details and transfers.

4. What game modes are available in FIFA 17?

FIFA 17 offers a variety of modes, including the popular Ultimate Team mode with new additions like the daily FUT Champions Knockout tournament. The game also features the Career mode with minor changes, such as an economic system and management objectives based on the team’s personality.

5. What is “The Journey” mode in FIFA 17?

“The Journey” is a story mode introduced in FIFA 17, providing an additional 15 hours of gameplay. This mode allows players to experience the life of a football player, facing challenges and memorable moments. The realistic presentation and role-playing elements make the mode engaging and immersive.

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