Finally, we return to the most difficult review of the year: annual games, especially sports games, undergo subtle technical changes and are continually updated, making them difficult to review. This year FIFA 20 is released with several changes in various aspects and important innovations such as Volta mode. It should be noted that this review was written after the game’s new update, which introduced several changes to the game’s weight, planned based on impressions before release and not after, according to EA’s statement and with this information , let’s continue.

FIFA 20 Presentation and Gameplay

As always, FIFA is the king of presentation, especially when it comes to menus. They are clear and easy on the eyes, and the music in the background creates a very nice atmosphere. On the field, things are better in some aspects but frustrating in others. It’s wonderful to present the games and enter the stadium, especially with the tifos, the large hanging flags that the clubs use at big games, but I was surprised that important details, such as the first division game , the fact that I played with the Inter Milan team at the San Siro stadium was not taken into account. I noticed that the small Lecce team had a complete front out of the stadium and a big tifo pointing at it, which is impossible in reality. Another negative point is the players’ faces. Some players like Pogba look excellent, but some players of a big team like Lautaro Martinez will not be able to recognize him at all if you take off his jersey and number. Finally, it must be mentioned that some important rights such as the stadium, the name and the equipment of the Juventus team have been lost. We are talking about one of the strongest teams in Europe and an important party in the Champions League final. This matter is a bit disappointing, especially if we see this phenomenon continue in the coming years due to competition, it is a big loss for players around the world.

Volta Mode

The new Volta mode is at least formally similar to the old FIFA Street game, has been supplemented with a story that did not arouse our interest and is considered an alternative to The Journey mode, which ended with the last part. In Volta you can play street football on pitches of different sizes, some with walls for the ball to bounce off. You can play in teams of 3, 4 or 5 players. The idea of ​​this mode is similar to a mini career mode where you build a team and develop your player, and there are multiple customization options. Here, like in career mode, you can control the entire team or just your player. Volta Mode doesn’t force you to use skills to play, but you can do so if you want, and there’s no fitness meter here either, so you can run until you feel good. Complementary mode is another fun option that complements the many other game modes.

Career Mode and FUT

Career mode is getting some new details. Now there are conversations with players and answers at press conferences have been added that have a direct impact on the psyche of players, but the truth is that they are intuitive and not fun, and you will always skip them after doing them several times has tried. If you choose Career Mode, you’ll find that there are several new Game Center options and additional customization options.

Certainly the biggest mode in FIFA in recent years is FUT or Ultimate Team. We’ll see some new changes, such as Fundamentals, which are intended as a training guide for new players, and Milestones, which represent long-term achievements for players. As for the seasons, you will receive new missions, called objectives, and completing them will benefit players. Finally, FUT Friendlies has been added, an option that allows you to play friendly matches with your team without fear of recording the results in your file. It is an excellent option for training and trying out new plans, and you can play locally or online in this option.

Gameplay and Conclusion

The game generally seems less fast-paced than last year, like it’s trying to go back to the tactical route instead of the fast-paced action route. However, the truth is that this time the game is clearly focused on attack and offers several new options. Firstly, the fast players have now regained their strength. If you have attack wings, your appearance will suffer. This effect is greater if the opposing team is average compared to you. Shooting is now easier than in the past, and hitting one-on-one has become significantly easier than in the past. There is also a penalty dribble feature that, when mastered, gives attacking players powerful dribbling options against defenders. On the other hand, EA provided additional defense options, but the main problem is that the many attack options require greater manual implementation skills compared to self-help.

The last game I played on the computer before writing this review ended in a 5-5 draw. This result is a true expression of the FIFA style this year, as the game becomes a competition to score the most goals in a celebration of great goals. Here I can’t really say whether this is a negative point or not since there is an audience for every style, but in general I felt that this affair was a bit over the top, even if it was a game that more inclined to attack. Ultimately, despite the usual problems, FIFA remains the first football simulation game with the number of modes and properties available, offering game fans a real experience that puts you right in the atmosphere of the most famous game.

The game was reviewed using a digital review copy provided to us by EA.

Pros and Cons of FIFA 20 PC Game


  • The king of presentation: FIFA 20 excels in its menus, which are clear and visually appealing.
  • New Volta mode: Offers a fun alternative to traditional gameplay with street football and customization options.
  • Updated Career mode: Includes new features such as player conversations and press conferences.
  • FUT mode improvements: Introduces Fundamentals and Milestones for new players, as well as objectives and FUT Friendlies for more gameplay options.
  • Focus on attack: The game offers new attacking options, making shooting and one-on-one situations easier.
  • Wide range of game modes and features: FIFA 20 provides a comprehensive football simulation experience.


  • Lack of attention to detail: Some important details, such as accurate stadium representation and player faces, are missing.
  • Loss of important rights: The absence of rights to stadiums, team names, and equipment, like Juventus, is disappointing.
  • Intuitive but repetitive career mode features: Conversations with players and press conferences become monotonous.
  • Greater manual implementation skills required: Some of the new attack options require more skill and practice to master.
  • Fast-paced gameplay may not appeal to all players: The game focuses heavily on goals and may feel over the top for some.

FAQ – FIFA 20 PC Game

Q: What are the major changes in FIFA 20 compared to previous versions?

A: FIFA 20 introduces several changes and important innovations such as the Volta mode, which is a street football mode. There are also improvements in career mode, new features in Ultimate Team (FUT), and changes in gameplay mechanics.

Q: Can you explain the Volta mode in FIFA 20?

A: Volta mode is similar to the old FIFA Street game and offers street football gameplay on different-sized pitches. You can play in teams of 3, 4, or 5 players and there are customization options available. It can be played as a mini career mode where you build a team and develop your player.

Q: What are the new features in FIFA 20’s career mode?

A: FIFA 20’s career mode includes conversations with players and press conferences, which can have a direct impact on player morale. There are also new Game Center options and additional customization options.

Q: What changes have been made to FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) in FIFA 20?

A: FIFA 20 introduces new features in FUT such as Fundamentals, which serve as a training guide for new players, and Milestones, which are long-term achievements. There are also new objectives and FUT Friendlies, which allow you to play friendly matches without affecting your record.

Q: How is the gameplay in FIFA 20 different from previous versions?

A: FIFA 20’s gameplay is less fast-paced compared to previous versions and focuses more on tactical play. There are new attacking options, easier shooting mechanics, and a penalty dribble feature. However, implementing these attack options requires greater manual skill compared to previous versions.

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