Gears 5

The Gears of War game series has come a long way since its release last generation. 13 years after the release of the first parts, we come to Gears 5, the fifth main part and the sixth part of the series overall. The series moved to the development team The Coalition, which presented us with the fourth part and avoided any risks in it. But will the team pull it off and add their own twist to the experience? We find out in this test report.

The Story

The story takes place shortly after the fourth part, when JD Fenix ​​​​goes with the Delta Squad to a facility to reactivate the deadly weapon “Hammer of Dawn” to counter the threat of the Swarm creatures. With the persistent strange visions and chronic headaches associated with the swarm creatures, Kait Diaz, who we met in the fourth part, decides to embark on a journey to find out the cause of these visions. What is the connection between Kait and these evil creatures? What is the secret of her necklace? Lots of questions that need to be answered.

The Experience

In the first few hours of the experience, events unfold slowly and with a lot of uncertainty. You can say that the beginning was very slow but starts to speed up in the second half of the experience. It can be said that the story will satisfy a large segment of players, as it answers the questions raised at the beginning and reveals the story. New facts. It has also returned to provide plenty of the action and epicness that fans of the series are looking for. We were also surprised by some surprising developments and excited that in the next issue we would get a huge epic, similar to the second part, which longed for a striking conclusion in the third part of the previous story.

The Visuals and Sound

The game looks beautiful on a technical level, as it takes care of the various details of the characters and the environment around you, and also pays attention to the details of many fragile elements in the environment, such as some barriers around which enemies hide can also shatter the ice beneath enemies to cause them to drown. There was great interest on the audio level. The sound effects are also at the forefront and some important parts of the story presented excellent tunes with a wonderful selection of soundtracks.

The Gameplay

The gaming experience is the same as that of the series and does not differ in basic structure from previous versions, except that it has received some new additions. Speaking of the story phase, or the campaign as some call it, half of the experience is in the usual vein of the series, putting you in a linear environment where events play out directly as… The other half is experienced on huge maps, similar to open-world games, where you move through these maps to carry out the basic missions, with a number of side missions you can carry out if you wish. The side missions are designed in such a way that some of them are divided into several sections that require switching between them. It won’t take much time to complete the sections They refer to the side missions, as they are usually straightforward and either short or medium in length, which makes the idea of ​​completing them a breeze.

Your metal friend Jack receives a number of modern technologies, which is another innovation as Jack now has a number of abilities that will help and support you in battle, such as the ability to form a shield for protection or stun enemies and to control one of them. Jack’s abilities can be developed by using some components that you find around. Through a development system similar to that in RPG games, a group of Jack’s abilities have been linked to side missions, allowing completion of these missions. These missions give you abilities that are not actually necessary, but rather give you an additional advantage. This gives side missions greater value and the opportunity to gain special abilities. After completing a short mission, you will notice that sometimes wander around the map looking for these missions in between the main missions.

The Gameplay System

The gameplay system of the series is one of the systems that has withstood the time factor with flying colors, and the developers of The Coalition have done a good job in implementing new additions and the return of the deadly weather-related storms from the last part, in addition to increasing the Number of boss encounters and mini-bosses. And for variety in what you do, including at times fighting and defending your position, gathering some resources or sometimes escaping, and it can be said that Gears 5 is one of them. Thanks to the variety and additions, it offers the best experiences in the series .

Competitive Game Modes

Competitive game modes return to add even more content to the gaming experience. The competitive game mode features many of the usual modes such as Deathmatch and King of the Hill, as well as the return of unique modes such as Arms Race, where you eliminate members of the opposing team using a single weapon that changes in a specific order, and there is variety. Horde mode is an important part of the competitive game modes and is another special mode in which you try to survive for 50 rounds in which you face groups of monsters and bosses, and you can play as Jack here to effectively manage team members to support.

The Cooperative Game Mode

This version gets a new cooperative game mode called Escape, where you play in a team of three to invade a hive cell, destroy it from the inside with a toxic gas bomb, and escape before that gas spreads throughout the cell. This stage is a group survival experience characterized by a lack of resources and needs. There is a need for collaboration and understanding between team members. Each of the playable characters in this phase has a special ability that determines their role in the team. The maps are huge and finding the exit is not an easy task since you start the game with a light firearm and have limited resources. There is communication between team members to find out which of them needs more ammunition the most than the other player doesn’t take it.

The Content and Conclusion

The mode receives new cells weekly, but the content that can be provided is even greater, with the ability to design and publish a custom map for this phase for the rest of the players to experience. Gears 5 offers approximately ten hours of gameplay to complete the story mode without paying much attention to side missions, which will provide a few extra hours. If you manage to pull it off, the vast content that the cooperative game modes offer, along with the distinct variety in the story mode, makes it one of the must-experiences for fans of the series, but The Coalition’s mission isn’t over yet , as the series needs to be renewed. Following the same recipe and avoiding risks will not be acceptable in the future. The team must have the courage to present something amazing that carries its own identity instead of the identity that Epic Games established 13 years ago and we are waiting for this bold step from now on.

Pros and Cons of Gears 5 PC Game


  • The game features a beautiful and detailed graphical design, with attention to character and environment details.
  • The sound effects and soundtrack enhance the gaming experience and create an immersive atmosphere.
  • The story mode provides a satisfying conclusion to previous storylines and introduces new developments.
  • The addition of open-world maps adds a new dimension to the gameplay, allowing for exploration and side missions.
  • The development of Jack’s abilities adds a strategic element to battles and provides additional advantages.
  • The gameplay system offers a variety of activities, including fighting, defending, gathering resources, and escaping.
  • The game includes a variety of competitive game modes, such as Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Horde mode, adding more content to the overall experience.
  • The new cooperative game mode, Escape, offers a challenging and collaborative survival experience.
  • The game provides approximately ten hours of gameplay in the story mode alone, with additional hours available through side missions and cooperative game modes.


  • The beginning of the game may feel slow and uncertain, taking some time to pick up the pace.
  • Some players may find the linear environment of the story mode repetitive compared to the open-world maps.
  • While side missions offer additional content, they may be straightforward and not provide significant challenges.
  • The game’s reliance on established gameplay mechanics and story elements may not offer a completely fresh experience for long-time fans of the series.
  • There is a need for the development team to take more risks and introduce new ideas to prevent the series from becoming stagnant in future installments.


1. What is Gears 5 PC Game?

Gears 5 PC Game is the fifth main installment and the sixth overall installment in the Gears of War game series. It is developed by The Coalition and continues the story from the previous game.

2. What is the gameplay like in Gears 5 PC Game?

The gameplay in Gears 5 PC Game follows the same structure as previous versions, with some new additions. The story mode is divided into linear environments and open-world-like maps. There are also competitive game modes and a new cooperative mode called Escape.

3. How long does it take to complete the story mode in Gears 5 PC Game?

Completing the story mode in Gears 5 PC Game takes approximately ten hours, without focusing on side missions. Side missions can provide a few extra hours of gameplay.

4. What are the different game modes available in Gears 5 PC Game?

Gears 5 PC Game offers various game modes, including competitive modes like Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Arms Race. It also features Horde mode, where players try to survive 50 rounds against monsters and bosses. The new cooperative mode called Escape requires teamwork to invade a hive cell and escape before a toxic gas spreads.

5. What can players expect from the gameplay experience in Gears 5 PC Game?

Players can expect a satisfying gameplay experience in Gears 5 PC Game. The developers have implemented new additions, such as weather-related storms and increased boss encounters. The gameplay offers a variety of activities, including fighting, defending, gathering resources, and escaping.

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