Gears of War 4

Review of Gears of War 4

For a long time everyone thought that Gears of War was an almost finished series before Microsoft got full rights to the game and ended its years of brilliant cooperation with the Epic Games team. Microsoft then gave the task to the team “The Coalition”, which embarks on a very dangerous adventure and takes over a successful game series, which will also be its first independent project. The fourth part of the Gears of War 4 series is not an easy task, and fans’ expectations for this game are always high. It also marks the series’ entry into the modern generation of video games and its first major releases on Xbox One and PC. How did this adventure end and what were the details? All that and more in our full review of the game.

The story of the game follows the character JD, the son of the famous Marx Phoenix, who goes on an adventure with a group of new characters from the series. In the story, these characters are from the COG, but are in conflict with other COGs for an unknown reason, and some sections of the game introduce some new robots as enemies. Then the game takes another turn, similar to the well-known Gears games in combat with various creatures, with great uncertainty about the details. However, the real focus of the story is on the characters’ familial relationships, with the hero JD with his father Phoenix and the female protagonist Kait, whose story revolves around rescuing her kidnapped mother.

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Unsatisfactory Story Conclusion

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t answer these many questions it raises, and even though we know it’s an ongoing series of games, the story stops at the end, like if you stop watching a series in the middle, like there isn’t one satisfactory conclusion, not even a stimulus for future events. One of the weak points of the story is the characters of the hero JD. Unlike his father, he doesn’t have those standout qualities or what makes him a truly interesting character. I didn’t find any real reason to identify with him, nor did I find him having any influence at all on the events around him, unlike the new female character Kate, who looks noticeably more distinct than him?


Pure Combat Journey

But JERZ is not primarily the story, JERZ is more than that, JERZ is a pure combat journey. That’s what I like about Gears. There is no need to worry about collecting tools or installing and developing weapons. You have everything you need, otherwise it will be on the floor. All you have to do is pick up the weapon closest to you and destroy everything in your way. That’s the fun of Gears: moving quickly, hiding behind barriers, then emerging, destroying and cutting with a chainsaw. And when you do this with your other friends in cooperative mode and increase the difficulty to the highest level, that’s when you really reach the true fun of Gears.


Excellent Design and Graphics

The stages were excellently designed and there was a lot of variety between them, despite the concentration on narrow and dark corridors in some parts, which took me back to the first part and perhaps gave me the feeling of some classic horror games at times. The Coalition team has really stood out by presenting a polished game. The graphics in the game are fantastic and the use of lighting and effects is quite wonderful. I stopped several times to watch the sight of the moon in the sky, overlooking the ground reddened by sandstorms.

Speaking of sandstorms, they appear frequently in the game and affect your play in single player mode. For example, your movements become heavier and your shots become more deviant, and it was also fun when you kill an enemy and watch their body parts fly into your face with the force of the wind. New additions to the single player mode include some horde-style sections where groups of enemies attack you. The difference is that you can use tools to strengthen your position, such as placing spiked barriers on the ground or installing launch pads in locations of your complete freedom.

Pros and Cons of Gears of War 4 PC Game


  • Impressive graphics and visual effects
  • Well-designed and varied stages
  • Intense and satisfying combat gameplay
  • Cooperative mode for added fun with friends
  • Polished and refined game mechanics
  • New horde-style sections add variety to single-player mode


  • Story lacks satisfactory conclusion and raises unanswered questions
  • Protagonist JD lacks standout qualities and influence on events
  • Some parts of the game feel like narrow and dark corridors
  • Limited character development and depth
  • Single-player experience can be affected by sandstorms

Frequently Asked Questions – Gears of War 4 PC Game

1. What is the storyline of Gears of War 4?

The game follows the character JD, the son of the famous Marx Phoenix, who embarks on an adventure with a group of new characters. The story focuses on familial relationships, with JD and his father Phoenix, as well as the female protagonist Kait and her mission to rescue her kidnapped mother.

2. Does the game provide a satisfying conclusion to the story?

Unfortunately, the game leaves many questions unanswered and lacks a satisfactory conclusion. It feels like the story ends abruptly, without providing a clear stimulus for future events.

3. What makes Gears of War 4 enjoyable?

Gears of War 4 is primarily a combat-focused game. The thrill comes from the fast-paced action, taking cover, and emerging to destroy enemies with a variety of weapons. The cooperative mode, especially on higher difficulty levels, enhances the fun and intensity of the gameplay.

4. How are the stages and graphics in the game?

The stages in Gears of War 4 are excellently designed, offering a lot of variety. While some parts feature narrow and dark corridors reminiscent of classic horror games, the overall graphics and use of lighting and effects are fantastic. The game presents a polished and visually stunning experience.

5. Are there any new additions to the single player mode?

Yes, the single player mode includes horde-style sections where groups of enemies attack the player. In these sections, players can use tools to strengthen their position, such as placing spiked barriers or installing launch pads for strategic advantages.

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