Gears Tactics

Although I’m not a fan of shooting games or shooters, the Gears series remains one of my favorite games due to the quality of the combat system. The announcement of Gears Tactics was welcome news for me, as I am a fan of the turn-based tactics system and also a fan of the Gears series. The story takes place 12 years before the story of the first part, when the cities of the planet Sera began to fall after monsters appeared from underground. Suddenly waves of locust monsters appeared and with the corruption of governments the fall of the planet Sera became a matter of time, and in this chaos emerges a group of survivors led by the main character Gabe Diaz (father of Kate Diaz, heroine from Gears 5), who recruits many soldiers to resist the masses of locusts led by their powerful leader Ukkon, the mastermind and creator of the Locust monsters (Ukkon first appeared in the comic magazine for the Gears series in 2018).

The story is ordinary and not the game’s main strength, but the good performances that appear before and after each mission must be praised. However, game developer Splash Damage tried to bring the feel of the Gears series to the turn-based tactical game system, and I think they succeeded. Gears Tactics is relatively faster-paced than most games in this genre, as the developer has tried to mix action with the strategic system. The game system is similar to X-COM: an overhead camera tactical role-playing game that contains the basic elements of the genre, such as a hit counter, a surveillance system and action points for each soldier.

Gameplay and Combat System

Each soldier has three movement points. The points are consumed by the soldier’s movement, shooting or special moves. The offensive and aggressive direction of the game seems clear as all moves only consume one point. For example, no weapon consumes more points than another weapon. All tools and weapons are similar. The points consumption makes playing much faster than most other games in this category. When one of your soldiers is in a good position to fire at the enemy, he has three movement points and thus he can shoot three times instead of waiting more than a turn to shoot multiple times.

The Overwatch system is different from other games and I find it better than the X-COM system. In X-COM, the surveillance system is directed in all directions and any enemy moving from any direction will be shot at, but in Gears you have to choose a specific surveillance point, which makes this system more tactical and useful for cutting off the enemy’s movement, and I think that’s the logical development. For the Overwatch system in this type of game. Similar to the main Gears games, enemies sometimes don’t die but instead fall to the ground to wait for help. This paves the way for the introduction of the scheduling system known from the Gears series. If an enemy falls to the ground, you can eliminate them in a violent way depending on the weapon you use. As for enemies, the game features a whole host of different types of Locust monsters, all of which appear in the main installments. Bosses present a great challenge and come in different sizes. Each boss requires a specific strategy to defeat.

Artificial Intelligence and Character Customization

The artificial intelligence of the enemies is interesting. Their positioning on the map is good and sometimes they split into more than one group to siege each of your soldiers individually. In general, the soldiers are divided into two sections: the hero section, which are the main characters; You cannot finish the story if one of the heroes falls. The second section is the randomly generated characters, and you can complete the story without them. This is especially exciting if you become attached to one of the random characters, for example you will be afraid of losing him after he reaches a strong stage of development. Each character has a level that increases as missions are completed and their own skill tree. You can add parts to weapons to increase their effectiveness, and parts can be found in crates on battle maps. There is an option to change the characters, choose different armor colors and shapes, and change random character names and shapes. In general, the character modification system is excellent and offers a variety of options.

Graphics, Sound, and Overall Experience

Perhaps my biggest criticism of the game is its linearity. In this type of games there is often a map where you can freely move to the required missions and which shows the shape of the world, but here there is no map and no clear headquarters for characters and it seems that the developers only cared about the combat system. Yes, the combat is basic, but there should be additional elements that would enrich the experience, such as a map showing the shape of the world, locations of battle, and a headquarters for soldiers, but unfortunately we got boring and simple ones menus; After the end of each battle, there are only three options left: the option to modify and develop soldiers, the “Misses” option, and the last option is the main menu. The strange thing is that the main menu is almost empty. It only displays the number of chests found, which made me feel like the game suffers from a deficiency. However, there are side missions, but they are repetitive, and sometimes you have to complete a side mission to unlock the story mission.

The graphics in the game are beautiful and close to the graphics of Gears 5, although this type of game often does not focus on the graphics as the camera is far away and overhead. The quality of the game is good and almost free of technical problems, however, there is a problem with the camera when enemies appear on the map, as the camera moves on its own to show the enemies’ locations and you cannot do this myself would like to move the camera for several seconds as I prefer to be able to move the camera freely at any time. I also had a problem with one of the giant monsters. When it was his turn, it took him a long time to move or shoot. It would have been better to have an option to bypass enemy movement.

The sounds in the game are good, the music is beautiful and similar to the music of the main parts, the characters’ voice performance is good, and the main characters’ dialogues during battle are a nice addition. The game is long and some missions can take more than an hour depending on difficulty. It is possible to complete the game within 15 hours. Overall, the game is an exciting experience with a fun and fast-paced combat system that I prefer over X-COM, but the game’s linearity and boring menus detracted from the experience.

We reviewed the game on PC prior to release using a copy provided by the publisher.


  • Fast-paced combat system that blends action with strategy
  • Overwatch system adds a tactical element to gameplay
  • Character customization and skill tree provide variety and depth
  • Beautiful graphics and close to the quality of Gears 5
  • Good sound design, including music and voice performances


  • Linear gameplay with no map or clear headquarters
  • Menus are boring and lack additional elements
  • Repetitive side missions
  • Camera movement can be problematic during enemy encounters
  • Long wait times for enemy movements

Frequently Asked Questions – Gears Tactics PC Game

1. What is the storyline of Gears Tactics?

The game is set 12 years before the events of the first Gears of War game, where cities on the planet Sera are falling due to the emergence of underground monsters known as the Locust. The protagonist, Gabe Diaz, leads a group of survivors in a resistance against the Locust hordes and their leader, Ukkon.

2. How does the gameplay of Gears Tactics differ from other turn-based tactical games?

Gears Tactics offers a faster-paced gameplay experience compared to most games in the genre. Each soldier has three movement points which can be used for actions such as movement, shooting, or special moves. The game emphasizes an offensive and aggressive playstyle, as all moves consume only one point.

3. What is the Overwatch system in Gears Tactics?

The Overwatch system in Gears Tactics allows players to choose a specific surveillance point, unlike other games in the genre where surveillance is directed in all directions. This tactical system enables players to strategically cut off enemy movements and provides a logical development for this type of game.

4. What types of enemies can players expect in Gears Tactics?

Gears Tactics features a variety of Locust monsters, including bosses of different sizes. Each boss requires a specific strategy to defeat. Similar to the main Gears games, enemies can fall to the ground and await help instead of dying immediately, allowing players to eliminate them in a violent manner using different weapons.

5. How does character progression work in Gears Tactics?

Characters in Gears Tactics have levels that increase as missions are completed, and each character has their own skill tree. Players can also add parts to weapons to enhance their effectiveness, which can be found in crates on battle maps. The game offers a character modification system that allows players to change armor colors and shapes, as well as random character names and appearances.

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