Ninja Gaiden: Ghostrunner – A Dystopian Future

The role of ninja is not a role that we often play in video games, but it is one of the distinctive and exciting roles that usually accounts for the fame of most games that adopt this idea, such as the popular Ninja Gaiden series. The latest game that puts us in this role is the first-person hack-and-slash game Ghostrunner, which takes us to a dystopian future. How was this experience?

The story puts us in the role of the last Ghostrunner, a group of humans constructed as a perfect blend of man and machine to obtain the ideal soldiers responsible for enforcing order and maintaining security in the massive Dharma Tower Last refuge for humanity after a catastrophe that made life impossible on the rest of the Earth. You will be guided on your mission. From Architect, an artificial intelligence copy of one of the scientists who organized life in the tower before it was overthrown and murdered by his colleague Mara, known as Keymaster. As already mentioned, the events take place in a dystopian future with a cyberpunk character and it can be said that it is a classic story. When you watch a movie or… When you look In any entertainment or narrative work of this nature, you know how the events of the story will play out, which serves to justify what is happening and nothing more. However, we were impressed by the excellent voice acting of the main characters and the dialogues that were delivered perfectly, which added some value to the story.

The game does not suffer from obvious technical problems, and on a visual level it looks wonderful, including the details throughout its world, which ranges from slums with an industrial character to the upper floors, which are distinguished by their billboards and neon lights in different and bright colors. As mentioned, the characters’ voice performances were excellent. As for music, the game strikingly has a wonderful music album with an electronic character and many melodies that remain in the memory.

Fast-Paced Gameplay and Precise Action

Ghostrunner is a very fast-paced experience and therefore requires the provision of an easy-to-use control system. You can move, jump, run and slide in addition to the usual attack with the sword and a button for special abilities. The rest depends on your skill. The game is not aimed at just any player, but rather at the professional player who is looking for a special challenge. The pace is fast. Most of the time it requires very precise action when fighting with a sword against enemies who rely on firearms and death occurs in just one hit. To give you a chance against your opponents, if you continue to press the dash button while jumping, time will slow down so you can move right or left to avoid the opponents’ bullets. Death is something that will happen in the game and that’s why care was taken to ensure that loading times are instantaneous. The challenge in the game is continuous. Once you get used to a particular enemy type, a new type is introduced, adding a new factor to the equation. The experience requires you to concentrate throughout the game if you want to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. .

To give you additional support, there is a skill development board, part of which you get at the beginning of the game, while you can fully benefit from it in later stages. The development board is filled with skills that look like Tetris tiles that you have to arrange in the best possible way to take advantage of all the empty areas. These developments will help you. Minor, but usually useful, and some of them can be of obvious use but come with some tax, such as having to wait a long time before using the haste ability again.

Puzzles and Platform Jumping

Ghostrunner isn’t just about fighting. There are two other aspects of the experience, including puzzles that you solve in a digital world in a way that is compatible with the context of the events, such as hacking a particular system in the tower or activating the ability to access a new one Access special ability. The other aspect of the experience is the platform jumping experience, which is essential to your ability to run across walls, and like battles, the game continues to introduce new elements to the environment to constantly refresh the experience. Over time, you will be able to break into certain systems to control elements in the environment. You will also receive temporary complications for your ability to jump or slow time to overcome certain obstacles.

The details of jumping off platforms and overcoming obstacles in the environment have been combined with the combat element, giving us an experience designed with great care – despite the linearity of the game and the fact that you have to move from point A up to Point B, the sections give you many opportunities to maneuver and attack enemies. It’s possible to attack enemies from the right or left, or possibly surprise them from above with the hook.

Flaws and Collectibles

Ultimately, the experience is not perfect and we can say that it has two very fundamental flaws: The first is the very quick reaction to the enemies, since some barely notice your presence until they shoot with precision to hit you. In addition, the further you progress in the experience, the more enemies you will meet, and due to the fast pace it is very easy to complete it… You will be hit by a bullet that comes from a place that is difficult to see, namely here The challenge may tend to be one of imbalance. The second problem is that the platform jumping parts require very high precision when jumping off walls or holding onto certain elements, which makes it very easy to fall to your death, and some of these parts were designed to put it in a way that presents a difficulty that we claim is satisfactory, and you can imagine the extent of the impact of these two problems on the experience. They lie in the two most fundamental elements of it, but they do not occur constantly, but their effect is clear.

The experience features a number of collectibles, some of which give a glimpse into the world of the game, as well as some audio recordings that introduce us to some of its characters. Alternative forms for your sword are also available in this content. The Experience It took 9 hours to complete, during which we collected about half of the collectibles, which is an excellent lifespan. The game is due to its linearity and it is also appropriate to play through it before we run out of new ideas and elements. Ghostrunner The difficulty level is exaggerated several times, but in the end it is an experience aimed at professionals who are looking for a fast-paced experience that will test their skills and push them to the extreme. It is a game that will not please everyone, but it will satisfy the group. Addressed to her.

Pros and Cons of Ghostrunner PC Game


  • Engaging Story: Ghostrunner offers a classic cyberpunk story with impressive voice acting and well-delivered dialogues.
  • Stunning Visuals: The game boasts wonderful visuals, with detailed environments ranging from slums to neon-lit upper floors.
  • Memorable Music: Ghostrunner features a fantastic electronic music album with catchy melodies that enhance the overall experience.
  • Fast-Paced Gameplay: The game offers a fast-paced experience with an easy-to-use control system, perfect for players seeking a challenge.
  • Instantaneous Loading Times: Death is inevitable in Ghostrunner, but the game ensures quick loading times to keep the action flowing seamlessly.
  • Continuous Challenge: Ghostrunner introduces new enemy types and obstacles throughout the game, requiring players to stay focused and adapt to overcome each challenge.
  • Skill Development Board: The game provides a skill development board where players can strategically arrange skills to enhance their abilities.
  • Diverse Gameplay: Ghostrunner combines combat, puzzles, and platform jumping, offering a well-rounded and varied gaming experience.
  • Opportunities for Maneuvering: The game allows players to maneuver and attack enemies from different angles, adding depth to the combat mechanics.
  • Collectibles and Content: Ghostrunner offers collectibles, audio recordings, and alternative sword forms, providing additional content and exploration opportunities.
  • Appropriate Lifespan: With a completion time of around 9 hours, Ghostrunner offers a satisfying lifespan for a linear game.


  • Quick Enemy Reactions: Some enemies in Ghostrunner react too quickly, making it challenging for players to anticipate and avoid their attacks.
  • Platform Jumping Precision: The platform jumping sections require high precision, often leading to accidental falls and frustrating deaths.
  • Imbalance in Challenge: As the game progresses, the number of enemies increases, potentially leading to an imbalance in difficulty.
  • Not Suitable for All Players: Ghostrunner is designed for professional players seeking a fast-paced and challenging experience, making it less appealing to casual gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Ghostrunner PC Game

1. What is the story of Ghostrunner?

The game is set in a dystopian future where you play as the last Ghostrunner, a human-machine hybrid created to enforce order in the massive Dharma Tower. Guided by an AI named Architect, you must navigate through the tower and take down the Keymaster, who overthrew and murdered Architect.

2. What is the gameplay like in Ghostrunner?

Ghostrunner is a fast-paced first-person hack-and-slash game. You have a wide range of movement abilities such as running, jumping, sliding, and wall-running. Combat involves using your sword to take down enemies who rely on firearms. The game requires precise actions and quick reflexes, as death occurs in just one hit.

3. Are there any puzzle elements in Ghostrunner?

Yes, Ghostrunner includes puzzle elements that you solve in a digital world. These puzzles are integrated into the context of the game’s events, such as hacking systems in the tower or activating special abilities. Additionally, there are platform jumping sections that require precision and timing.

4. How does the skill development system work in Ghostrunner?

Ghostrunner features a skill development board where you can arrange Tetris-like tiles to unlock and upgrade various skills. These skills provide minor but useful enhancements to your abilities. Some skills have drawbacks, such as longer cooldown times, adding strategic elements to the gameplay.

5. What are the main challenges in Ghostrunner?

Ghostrunner is designed to provide a challenging experience for skilled players. The game introduces new enemy types and environmental elements to constantly refresh the gameplay. Precise actions, quick reactions, and concentration are required to overcome the challenges. Additionally, the game’s platform jumping sections and enemy encounters can pose difficulties that may require multiple attempts.

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