Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo is the new title from the famous horror game director Shinji Mikami, who was previously behind the Resident Evil game series at Capcom, and his own team Tango Gameworks, which previously presented us the horror games The Evil Within in its two parts This Game. The game is a mix of horror, adventure and exploration games. Today we present you a review of the game after playing through it and what Mikami and his team brought us with this unique experience and his ideas.

The game begins with your character, a young man named “Akito”. He dies at the scene of a car accident. He then gets a second chance with the appearance of a ghost called the KKK and merges with him. Life begins to begin again Akito and this spirit become his friend on the journey. In the city of Tokyo, all residents suddenly disappeared and monsters spread everywhere. And the goblins, known as Visitors, and you begin your journey to find out what it is that is happening to the people in the city and what role this spirit plays in helping you with the events.

Ghostwire: Tokyo features first-person gameplay that seems strange at first, but you quickly get used to it, especially since it comes from a Japanese developer. The game’s graphics are beautiful and a lot of attention is paid to the details of its world and characters. The world of the game is the city of Tokyo, Japan, and the graphics reflect the Japanese night atmosphere, from the neon lights and shop signs to the various streets and buildings. As for the music, it’s okay, but the strange thing is that you won’t hear music in the background during the game, but you will hear it everywhere in the city of Tokyo, where everyone… A commercial store has its own music, from loud Songs to quiet music. The game offers many performance options on the PlayStation 5, including quality and performance. You can also set the frame rate to “open” and that was my choice as I played in “Quality” with the frame rate open and it was very good. There are no slowdowns or performance issues.

At the start of the game, Akito’s only weapon is wind energy, which he uses to fight enemies, hitting them until he reveals the enemy’s inner ball. After that, you have to press a button to destroy the ball, which is considered your opponent’s soul. The ball is designed to increase the energy meter, and when full, you can activate a feature called Wire, which gives you power. Greater against enemies and you can spot the ball in them faster than usual for a limited time.

Then you discover that Akito has a sister and she is in the hospital and we have to go there to see her. Transportation in Tokyo is reasonably open, but there are areas covered in fog. If you attempt to enter, your energy will be drained until you die and you will not be allowed to approach them. You can get rid of the fog and we’ll talk about that later. Well, I arrived at the hospital and entered it, and here the atmosphere of the game turned into horror. As you walk through the hospital, you will see many clothes of people who suddenly disappeared, and it resembles the atmosphere of Japanese horror films, and strange things are happening around you. Like hospital beds, some of which are placed in front of you and then disappear, or like walls that leak blood. The game’s terrifying visual effects are impressive.

When you arrive at the sister, something will happen that will make you start your journey in the city of Tokyo. The first task is to open up new areas for exploration, which means clearing the fog. To do this, you need to go to a temple located on the map and then clean it up. Then the fog around the temple area clears and new areas become visible on the map. Each temple also gives you a new tool or weapon to use. The first temple gives you the Katashiro Tool, a human-shaped piece of paper that is used to obtain people’s souls in the game. Let me explain to you that there are human souls scattered all over the city and you have to collect the soul with the Katashiro paper and after that you will get points. You can then go to the nearest public telephone and there you will use the Katashiro Papers, which contain the souls you obtained, and exchange them for experience points. This is the best way to develop your personality.

Akito has an ability you can activate at any time that sends a wave around you to let you know what tools and enemies are near you. This is very important when searching for tools or places of development and secrets. When you use it, you will hear a chime sound from the side where the secret is and you will also feel a vibration on the side. Character development occurs by spending skill points, which you receive after each character leveling up and use them in the development tree. There are evolutions that make your character faster during infiltration, and there are evolutions that increase your weapon loadouts and power. There are various weapons in the game, such as wind energy, water and fire, and each energy has a specific purpose. Wind is normal energy, water cuts like a sword, and fire explodes like a bazooka. There is also a bow and arrow weapon that can kill enemies from a distance in one hit, and also a talisman that electrifies the enemy on the spot.

Using weapons consumes energy and you can purchase these weapons as a supply from shops scattered around the map. As for energy weapons, you get them by destroying ghost objects scattered around, such as the shape of a car, a refrigerator, etc., and there are accessories that empower your player. For example, you received a bracelet that increases wind capacity by 20%. There is also a way to restore HP or health energy and that is through eaters. Whenever you eat or drink juice, your player’s health increases by 40%.

There are many areas to explore on the map. For example, you’re looking for statues to increase the total number of different energies you have. There are also side missions that are varied and simple, lacking depth or complexity. There are cats and dogs around the map, and you can talk to them and feed them too, and they dig up the ground and give you money. Sometimes in the middle of a street intersection the world suddenly goes dark and you see a demon marching in front of you. You can approach them and enter a vortex that will take you to an enclosed area where you will fight the demons. After defeating them, you return to the crossroads with lots of experience points. The game also features a fast-moving mode in which you can move around. To the temples you opened and some shops.

There is a type of shop that has a different symbol on the map and the idea is that it is a search mission for lost archaeological tools on the map. If you place the cursor on the tool, you will get a hint about its location, and when you get it, the cat will give you a cash prize. If you get a group of these you will get different prices. The game makes excellent use of the Dual Sense hand. You can switch between skills by touching the touchpad. The game also lets you feel every event that happens. They are supported by in-game vibration, and it also supports a 3D sound system. This has been put to excellent use so you can hear the direction of enemies and also the hidden tools when searching for them. The use of Arabic language in it is excellent in terms of menus and texts.

Ghostwire: Tokyo was reviewed using a review copy provided by the game’s publisher on the PlayStation 5.


  • Unique gameplay experience combining horror, adventure, and exploration elements
  • Beautiful graphics with attention to detail in the world and characters
  • Immersive Japanese night atmosphere in the city of Tokyo
  • Multiple performance options and no slowdowns or performance issues
  • Innovative combat mechanics using wind energy and revealing enemy souls
  • Horror elements and terrifying visual effects create a chilling atmosphere
  • Exploration and clearing fog to unlock new areas and tools
  • Character development through skill points and evolutions
  • Various weapons and energy types with unique abilities
  • Accessible shops and resources for weapon upgrades and energy restoration
  • Side missions, collectibles, and hidden tools add depth to gameplay
  • Excellent use of Dual Sense hand and 3D sound system
  • Inclusion of Arabic language in menus and texts


  • Strange absence of background music during gameplay
  • Side missions lack depth and complexity
  • Some areas of the map may feel repetitive or lacking in content
  • Limited variety in enemy types and encounters
  • Storyline may feel disjointed or confusing at times
  • Fast-moving mode can make exploration and navigation feel rushed
  • Archeological tool search missions may feel repetitive


1. What is Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a new PC game developed by Tango Gameworks and directed by Shinji Mikami, known for his work on the Resident Evil game series. It combines elements of horror, adventure, and exploration.

2. What is the gameplay like?

The game features first-person gameplay set in the city of Tokyo. Players control a character named Akito who possesses unique abilities and must uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of the city’s residents and the presence of supernatural creatures.

3. How do I fight enemies in Ghostwire: Tokyo?

At the start of the game, Akito’s main weapon is wind energy. Players must use this energy to weaken enemies and reveal their inner ball. Pressing a button destroys the ball, which is the enemy’s soul. Collecting these souls increases your energy meter and grants special abilities.

4. How do I explore the city of Tokyo in the game?

Players can freely explore the city of Tokyo, but some areas are covered in fog. Entering these foggy areas drains your energy and eventually leads to death. Clearing the fog requires visiting temples on the map and completing tasks. Each temple also grants new tools or weapons for the player to use.

5. Are there side missions or additional activities in Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Yes, the game offers various side missions and activities to engage in. These include searching for lost archaeological tools, interacting with cats and dogs, and participating in battles against demons. There are also shops where players can purchase weapons and accessories to enhance their abilities.

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