Godfall Review: A Special Experience for PlayStation 5 Players

Godfall is the first game officially released for the PlayStation 5 as one of the exclusive products from third-party companies, specifically the publisher Gearbox Publishing in collaboration with the development team at Counterplay Games. Now we’ve experienced the game and completed it and it’s time for a review. Did Godfall offer a special experience in its final version? Today we find out the answer.

The story of the game revolves around the character “Orin” in the world of fantasy and fantasy, divided into dimensions of earth, water and air. Here you design your character whose goal is to save the world before it is destroyed. Well, the story of the game is extremely superficial and is not one of the strong points of this game, and even the characters of the story and their hero will not be remembered at all and you will quickly forget about it. Learn more about it and focus on it, playing this adventure for hours without paying attention to the events in the story.

The Impressive Graphics of Godfall

Let’s talk about the graphics of the game. Well, here we can praise the game a lot. There are many colors in the dazzling game world and also high details. We notice this clearly in the design of the armor and the smallest details in this include, for example, the shape of the “fur” and other details, and there are also the details that we notice during battle. From sparks when swords collide or the effects of explosions on the environment and flying fumes, this game shows the technical change of new generation devices very clearly with its details, its world and its effects. It’s a great technical demonstration at a graphical level.

The game also features very distinctive music. During battle we get exciting music and there are strong sound effects when hitting swords and blocking, but during exploration the rhythm is greatly calmed down so we get relaxing and calm music. Overall, Godfall will not disappoint on a technical level. There may be something wrong with the quality. The game graphics are very similar between the worlds and their otherworldly characters. The game offers two options for technical gaming, namely the performance option, which allows us to play the game at a speed of 60 frames but with a dynamic 4K resolution, while the other option, namely the appearance, allows us , to play the game at a true 4K resolution but with frame speeds between 30 and 50 frames.

Gameplay and Character Development in Godfall

The game is a third-person action game that offers 5 different classes or classifications, and each class is represented by a specific weapon that has its own gameplay style, including the great sword and hammer that can be used against strong enemies or when attacking a large group of enemies, and of course you carry a shield to block, and you have to be careful between the time of attack and defense in the game. One of the most important elements of the game is the armor, which is considered a complete costume for the character, each with its own ability. To obtain this armor, you must search for resources throughout the game world. It depends on your own play style and what suits you to master the adventure.

There is a skill development tree for the character, through which you can acquire additional skills such as dodging, directly hitting weak spots, increasing strength levels and other options. What’s unique here is that the game allows you to return character development points that you used if the development wasn’t suitable for you. There are also cosmetic evolutions of rings, necklaces, etc. that have also been released, as the game uses the features of the Dual Sense controller in a fun way, as you feel the difference in the strength of the blows is determined by the vibrations of the controller, and we also notice that the shoulder button becomes heavier each time you repeat the combo punches, indicating that you need to stop the combo at that point.

The Challenges of Navigation and Repetition in Godfall

The game world is very large, and I often got lost in it for a very simple reason: the lack of a map in the game is very annoying, especially when you are looking for a specific place to go, and here you need your memory use to try to find this place. What makes matters worse is the close similarity to the designs of the worlds of . In appearance, despite the presence of a compass, it is very difficult to remember where you are going given this similarity. It gives the impression that the developers didn’t want to exhaust themselves with presenting different designs, but that’s not the biggest drawback of the game.

Repetition of missions is the biggest drawback in this game. Given our constant need for resources, it seems obvious that missions need to be completed repeatedly. There are missions that ask you to defeat a specific monster or attack an enemy fortress to kill their leader, but the idea of ​​side missions is very monotonous and you will be limited to repeating the same thing. The mission over and over again, with just a change in the stage environment. The problem is the story mode, to progress in it forces you to go through these missions to collect coins to have the opportunity to open more areas, which becomes boring after a while. At least the game offers the option to progress through the stages with your friends, which is fun.

Final Thoughts: Godfall’s Potential for Improvement

Ultimately, Godfall is a game that tried to be similar to Destiny or Monster Hunter in its basic idea. It managed to provide a good combat system, armor design and the game’s appearance, but in terms of content and missions, it was not very successful. The game can be improved with the upcoming additions starting in a month. In January, the game will receive additions that will determine my desire to play the game again or be happy with what I have experienced with it up to the time of writing the review.


  • Stunning graphics with vibrant colors and high details
  • Distinctive and engaging music and sound effects
  • Multiple classes and weapons with unique gameplay styles
  • Customizable armor and skill development tree for character progression
  • Fun use of Dual Sense controller features


  • Superficial and forgettable story
  • Lack of variety in mission design and repetitive gameplay
  • No in-game map, making navigation difficult
  • Similarity in world designs and lack of distinct environments
  • Need to grind for resources to progress in the story mode

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Godfall PC Game

1. What is Godfall?

Godfall is a third-person action game developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Publishing. It is one of the first games released for the PlayStation 5 and offers a fantasy world divided into dimensions of earth, water, and air.

2. What are the different classes in Godfall?

Godfall features 5 different classes or classifications, each represented by a specific weapon. These classes include the Great Sword and Hammer, which are suitable for taking on strong enemies or attacking large groups. Each class has its own unique gameplay style.

3. Can I customize my character in Godfall?

Yes, you can customize your character in Godfall. The game offers a variety of armor sets, each with its own abilities. To obtain these armor sets, you must search for resources throughout the game world. You can also develop your character’s skills through a skill development tree.

4. What is the gameplay like in Godfall?

Godfall is a fast-paced action game where players engage in combat using various weapons and abilities. The game focuses on a balance between offense and defense, requiring players to time their attacks and blocks effectively. The game also offers cosmetic evolutions and utilizes the features of the Dual Sense controller for immersive gameplay.

5. Is there multiplayer in Godfall?

Yes, Godfall offers multiplayer capabilities. Players have the option to progress through the stages with their friends, adding a cooperative element to the gameplay. This can enhance the overall experience and make the game more enjoyable.

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