Gravity Circuit

Gravity Circuit is a side-scrolling action game inspired by classic genre games. It is the first game from the small Finnish development team Domesticated Ant Games. It was recently released on PC, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch and it’s time to introduce you to more about it.

The story begins with the attack of the Virus Army, an army of robots controlled by a mysterious virus, attempting to eliminate the rest of the robots on the planet. This is where the role of the planet’s heroes, known as Circuits, comes into play. To protect it from this impending danger, it ends with the survival of a hero, namely Gravity Circuit, who was found in… A miserable situation with the disappearance of the rest of his companions and the real events of the story begin with the return of the dangerous army after decades and Gravity Circuit awakens in the midst of these events to protect his planet once again, only to be surprised that his companions are sided with the enemy. As with genre games, the story justifies the events and nothing more, but presents a small crew. One of the characters that is sometimes interacted with in a funny way.

Visuals and Atmosphere

On the visual level, the game looks very beautiful with 16-bit graphics and the atmosphere of the game reminds us of the atmosphere of games like Mega Man

Gaming Experience

As for the gaming experience, the game is different from the games in which we are used to using missiles, since our hero Gravity Circuit, also known as Kai, relies on close-range attacks, using punches and kicks with the hook, which he relies on to swing between platforms and jump over obstacles that he can use to attack enemies. Additionally, defeating some enemies will give you energy units called Burst Energy, which are required to perform special attacks called Burst Technique. that cause a lot of damage. The game’s reliance on close-range attacks will require some getting used to for fans of this type of game, and then you’ll be able to get through the experience more quickly. And more fluid, and here’s the real fun of the game begins when you jump from one platform to another and swing over the enemy to attack them. Then you pull it with the hook and throw it at another enemy. You then perform a special attack that destroys all enemies on the platform screen!

Stages and Leaders

The game offers 12 different stages, and the development team has done an excellent job of designing these stages and presenting what sets them apart from each other, with the same mastery typical of classic genre games. All phases end with a confrontation with a leader, and there are 8 main phases leaders that must be defeated to advance to the final chapter of the story, and each leader usually has two health bars, and after the first bar ends, he is passed through the Using his burst technique becomes more dangerous, increasing the frequency and severity of the attacks. As with the stages, each leader is characterized by a particular type of attack and in many cases a battlefield that matches the type of his attacks, and the leader’s attacks can only be interrupted by your burst techniques. Throw him away to give you one Giving you a chance to breathe, knowing you won’t be able to interrupt the leader’s burst technique.

Progression and Exploration

After completing each mission, you will return to the headquarters where you can purchase new burst techniques. After defeating each leader, a range of attacks based on their abilities are available, which can be purchased with money. You can also purchase chips that give you general improvements to your abilities, such as a chip that increases the range of combat or damage dealt. You get it from less specific sources, with your ability to use only 3 chips at a time and easily switch between them during missions. To obtain these chips, you must rescue a number of lost robots on the battlefield, which encourages you to take a close look at the environment to destroy false barriers or reach areas. The mystery in which you need help finding robots. During this quest you may find an additional energy tank or a special unit to increase your life bar, encouraging exploration.

Negative Aspects

If we talk about the negative aspects of the game, they are not very few and they are not really decisive, but they were the missing touch that would have made it a perfect or almost perfect experience. One of the negative points is the lack of combos or variety in characters’ traditional attacks. The range of kicks and punches he can throw is limited, and they are the same ones you’ll start the experience with. Since we saw a nice variety of burst techniques that can be purchased, we hoped that the ability to purchase or acquire new types of traditional attacks would be possible. As for the overall gameplay experience, the difficulty level is balanced and tends to be well challenging, and the challenge is fun in the details of jumping between platforms, but there was an uncontrolled difficulty level. With some challenges of jumping between platforms that have to be crossed to save some of the robots, this was a bit confusing as it required very high precision when moving in tight areas full of dangers, but compared to the others there is only very few of the challenges in the game.


We completed the entire experience on medium difficulty, discovering all the secrets and obtaining all the developments in about five and a half hours. After completing the experience for the first time, Circuit Mode will become available, allowing you to take risks and use the life meter to charge up your special attacks. You can also complete the experience on high difficulty to further test your skills and experiment. The fun gameplay allows you to repeat the experience several times without getting bored, especially if you are someone who wants to try to complete it in record times. Gravity Circuit is an experience that stays true to the classic side-scrolling games while presenting a number of its own ideas. The end result is wonderful and is recommended for fans of these experiences.


  • Beautiful 16-bit graphics reminiscent of classic genre games
  • Engaging storyline with interesting characters
  • Unique gameplay mechanics with close-range attacks and platforming
  • Well-designed stages that offer variety and challenge
  • Exciting boss battles with different attack patterns
  • Ability to purchase new burst techniques and chips for character upgrades
  • Encourages exploration and rewards players with hidden secrets
  • Balanced difficulty level that provides a fun challenge
  • Replayability with Circuit Mode and higher difficulty settings


  • Lack of variety in traditional attacks and combos
  • Some platforming challenges require high precision and can be frustrating
  • Limited gameplay time of around five and a half hours

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Gravity Circuit PC Game

Q: What is Gravity Circuit?

Gravity Circuit is a side-scrolling action game inspired by classic genre games. It is the first game from the small Finnish development team Domesticated Ant Games. It was recently released on PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Q: What is the story of Gravity Circuit?

The story revolves around the attack of the Virus Army, an army of robots controlled by a mysterious virus, attempting to eliminate the rest of the robots on the planet. The player takes on the role of Gravity Circuit, a hero who must protect the planet from this impending danger and uncover the truth behind his missing companions.

Q: What is the gameplay like in Gravity Circuit?

In Gravity Circuit, players rely on close-range attacks using punches and kicks with a hook to swing between platforms and overcome obstacles. Special attacks called Burst Techniques can be performed using energy units called Burst Energy, which are obtained by defeating enemies. The game features 12 different stages, each ending with a boss battle.

Q: Can I upgrade my character in Gravity Circuit?

Yes, after completing each mission, players can purchase new Burst Techniques and chips that provide general improvements to their abilities. Chips can be obtained by rescuing lost robots on the battlefield. Players can use up to three chips at a time and easily switch between them during missions.

Q: How long does it take to complete Gravity Circuit?

The entire experience of Gravity Circuit, including discovering all secrets and obtaining all developments, takes approximately five and a half hours to complete on medium difficulty. After completing the game, Circuit Mode becomes available for players to take on additional challenges and test their skills.

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