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We’re nearing the end of the year and there’s only one major game that hasn’t been released yet, but it’s a very important game for several reasons. Halo Infinite faced extraordinary circumstances last year. After being a launch game for Microsoft’s new-generation device, it was delayed for an entire year due to widespread criticism over the portrayal of the single-player mode reveal. How did all the additional development work impact it and, after all the waiting, did the game live up to the expectations of its fans? Today we’re diving deep into the game and taking a look at the different modes in our full True Gaming review.

Technical Performance and Appearance

Now let’s move on to the first criticisms since last year’s release, namely the technical performance and general appearance of the game. The game works great in story mode in terms of technical performance. Yes, there are some technical issues, but is there really a game released today without these issues? In any case, from our personal experience, the errors were very small. One of them was that the ground swallowed us in one of the caves and we fell where only God knows. Let’s talk about the aesthetic appearance of the game. Here the game offers something beautiful, be it in the outdoor game world of trees, mountains, plains and lakes, with variable sunlight and makes good use of HDR technology. Inside the buildings, the game looks beautiful, with precise geometric graphics that attempt to simulate the alien heritage of otherworldly creatures.

Story Mode and Open World Design

Now let’s move on to story mode, e.g. B. designing stages and presenting ideas by heading out into the open world. First of all, everyone should know that the main principle of the game will not change, since it is a group of corridors, rooms or open outdoor arenas, in each of which different and different groups of enemies fight. But where does the open world come into play? Well, there will be such things as military bases that you can occupy. They are similar in idea to the towers from Ubisoft games, and upon completion, nearby landmarks are displayed on the map. The base serves as a quick transport point and military base from which you can summon various vehicles for transport and combat.

Gameplay and New Additions

While Halo Master’s world is small by open-world gaming standards, it’s consistent with the fact that it’s an action game, not an RPG. So you won’t find side characters to talk to and give you side quests, but your own side activities will be slightly different. For example, we have rescuing a group of kidnapped soldiers, occupying an enemy military base or attempting to assassinate a respected enemy. Of course, they all offer you a reward in the form of new weapon types or points that you can use to unlock more vehicles. It clearly seems that the open-world attempt represents something of a break from the game’s familiar linearity, and while it’s certainly welcome, it’s not such a crucial addition.

The style of play that we are used to from Halo is a lot of fun. Carrying guns, shooting, and hearing the sound of explosions and bullets always gives you a satisfying feeling. The development team added some new details to the gameplay system and added a new dimension to the game. One of the most effective hooks is the hook, which has many uses. During combat, he can drag you towards enemies, remove their shields or drag weapons from their place to you, and you can also drag yourself to vehicles you want to grab. When navigating the open world, the hook will be very important for navigation as it will help you climb high places. One of the things I tried that shocked me was climbing the highest peak in the game. Yes, it does allow you to do that, and the view from the top was beautiful. You can go anywhere you want.

Additional Skills and Multiplayer Mode

There are other skills that can be acquired and developed in the game, such as the ability to create a shield to hide behind or the ability to dodge quickly. As you explore the open world and levels, you can earn points that will help you improve these skills. While abilities are a nice and refreshing addition to the gameplay, I have reservations about the way they are used on the controller. You can activate an ability with a single button during gameplay, then switch between them with two different button presses for each weapon. This was annoying during fast play and in the middle of a crowd of enemies, especially since I didn’t want to change the hook’s ability most of the time during the game due to its large impact.

Multiplayer Mode

The game’s multiplayer mode was previously released and Microsoft impressed everyone when it announced that it would be completely free. I don’t really know if it should be treated as part of the game or as a completely separate game, but we’ll talk about it here since we haven’t published a separate review for it. The group play mode here includes various methods, including traditional game methods in which the one who kills the most enemies wins, and more modern game methods in which the one who completes certain tasks during the game wins. There are games where 4 players compete against 4 others and there are games where 12 players compete against 12 others, there is something for every taste as they say. Abilities can also be used in group play, but unlike individual mode, they have a limited number of possible uses so that players don’t run out of them.


Overall, Halo Infinite ended up being great, even if it wasn’t perfect. The single player phase was fun, although marred by repetitive moments, not only in gameplay but also in the environments and locations. I wished I could see more diverse environments, especially in the outside world. It was an irreplaceable opportunity. The move to introduce multiplayer as a free-to-play game is great and could introduce many new players to the world of Halo. The basic game system is still addictive and fun, and that applies to both single player and multiplayer modes. Ultimately, Halo will always be a gradual dose of adrenaline of exciting battles with a variety of sophisticated weapons and exciting vehicular combat. In this aspect, the game remains faithful to the origins of the ancient series.

Pros and Cons of Halo Infinite PC Game


  • Technical performance: Despite some minor technical issues, the game works great in story mode.
  • Aesthetic appearance: The game offers beautiful graphics, both in the outdoor game world and inside the buildings.
  • Open world elements: The addition of open-world elements, such as military bases and side activities, adds a new dimension to the gameplay.
  • New gameplay mechanics: The introduction of the hook and other skills adds depth and excitement to the gameplay.
  • Multiplayer mode: The free-to-play multiplayer mode offers various game modes and can introduce new players to the world of Halo.


  • Repetitive moments: The single player phase of the game can feel repetitive, both in gameplay and in the environments and locations.
  • Limited diversity in environments: Some players may find the lack of diverse environments, especially in the outside world, disappointing.
  • Controller usage for abilities: The use of abilities on the controller can be cumbersome during fast-paced gameplay.
  • Changes to multiplayer experience: The experience point earning system and the absence of some iconic multiplayer modes have been criticized.
  • Playlist patterns: The imposed patterns in playlists may not appeal to all players.

Overall, Halo Infinite PC Game offers a great gaming experience with its technical performance, beautiful graphics, and the addition of open-world elements. The new gameplay mechanics and the free-to-play multiplayer mode also add to the game’s appeal. However, some players may find the single player phase repetitive and the lack of diverse environments disappointing. The controller usage for abilities and changes to the multiplayer experience have also received criticism. Despite these drawbacks, Halo Infinite remains faithful to the origins of the series and provides an adrenaline-filled dose of exciting battles and vehicular combat.

FAQ – Halo Infinite PC Game

1. What were the technical performance issues in Halo Infinite?

The game had some technical issues, but they were relatively small. One example was getting stuck in the ground in a cave. However, these issues are common in many games.

2. How does the open-world aspect of the game work in Halo Infinite?

The game features open-world elements, such as military bases that can be occupied. These bases serve as quick transport points and allow players to summon vehicles for combat and transportation.

3. Are there side quests or non-playable characters in Halo Infinite’s open world?

Halo Infinite does not have traditional side quests or non-playable characters to interact with. However, there are side activities, such as rescuing kidnapped soldiers or attempting to assassinate enemies, which offer rewards like new weapon types or points for unlocking vehicles.

4. What new gameplay elements were added to Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite introduces new gameplay elements, such as a grappling hook that can be used to pull players towards enemies, remove enemy shields, or grab weapons and vehicles. There are also other skills that can be acquired and developed, such as creating a shield or dodging quickly.

5. How does the multiplayer mode in Halo Infinite work?

The multiplayer mode in Halo Infinite offers various game modes, including traditional ones where the player with the most kills wins, as well as modern ones where players complete specific tasks to win. Abilities can also be used in multiplayer, but they have a limited number of uses to prevent players from running out of them.

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