Shooting Games in Evolution

Shooting games have evolved in different directions over the years and generations. Some have introduced multiple elements of the experience to give the player more power in games like Halo and Destiny as of late, while others have moved to offer more realistic experiences such as Call of Duty and Battlefield approached the original experience given the Group games, or so-called arcade shooters, based on skill and a variety of weapons, noticeably declined, but fans of the genre game were happy to see a revival. We can implement this trend in a modern way with recurring series like DOOM, but what about the original experience of the nineties? What will these experiences look like in 30 years? That’s what we’re discovering today with our review of Hellbound, which promises a shooter experience from the nineties in 2020.

The Technical Level

We will talk about the technical level first, since the story here justifies the events and nothing more, and it is very clearly inspired by the story of the classic DOOM versions. The graphical level is excellent for the game from an independent developer and good attention to details and effects. The animation or movement of some enemies sometimes looks strange, like they are sliding on the ground. But you most likely will not pay attention to this point. Performance is generally excellent and during our experience we did not encounter any technical issues that marred the gaming experience. The game tries hard to present loud rock ‘n’ roll tunes in a way that tries to re-imitate DOOM, but we didn’t like it as it lacked the touch that sets it apart from other games. Loud melodies.

The Game System

The game system is very simple, with one button to move, jump, shoot and run. There are three types of power multipliers that you will find in some stages, namely either a speed multiplier, damage or immunity to damage. The game offers The difficulty level is similar to classic games and can be a little more difficult in the game. Sometimes taking a few hits is enough to eliminate you, even if your health bar and shield are full. The stages provide a maze-like structure that you will explore to find the keys of different colors to open locked doors. Despite the good construction of the stages, they lack variety or design that makes you feel… There is a difference between them.

The Weapons and Enemies

The weapons in Hellbound aren’t many, and while games in the genre usually offer 9 or 10 weapons, the game offers 6 basic weapons, two of which you won’t be using most of the time. They are weapons for close combat and firearms include an automatic rifle and a triple-action rifle as well as a machine gun and a rocket launcher. There’s also a wide range of enemies, and in fact the image above includes all types of these enemies, except for two types that don’t appear in it. The gaming experience is slightly slower than DOOM, despite the similarity between the two games. We found it to be the closest thing to the Serious Sam games, especially since we go through a lot of situations that put you in… . Huge open arenas and you could see enemies rushing at you from the end of the map and from all directions, but these scenes lacked the famous kamikaze scream.

The Experience and Conclusion

The experience is very short, as it consists of 7 stages that only took two hours to complete, with the availability of Hellmare difficulty if you complete the experience on Old School difficulty, and the brevity of the content could explain selling the game for one Quarter of full price. There is a survival mode in which you face opponents in rounds with the aim of surviving as many rounds as possible and getting the highest score possible, but this mode does not add any value to the experience as it is available separately and for free. The experience ended up being fun, and while it’s not ideal or special, it’s an experience that might appeal to those who have tried all the classic genre games and want to replay them. The experience consists of a short walkthrough and with more modern graphics.

We tested this game on a PC version provided by the publisher before the game was available on the market.


  • The graphics and attention to detail are excellent for an independent developer.
  • The game offers a nostalgic shooter experience from the nineties.
  • The stages are well constructed and provide a maze-like structure.
  • The game has a variety of enemies and weapons to keep gameplay interesting.
  • The game offers a survival mode for additional gameplay.


  • The story is not very engaging and is clearly inspired by classic DOOM versions.
  • The animation of some enemies can look strange at times.
  • The game lacks variety in level design, making them feel repetitive.
  • The game is relatively short, consisting of only 7 stages.
  • The game’s soundtrack lacks originality and fails to stand out from other games.

FAQ – Hellbound PC Game

1. What is Hellbound?

Hellbound is a first-person shooter game that aims to provide a classic shooter experience from the 1990s with modern graphics.

2. How is the gameplay in Hellbound?

The gameplay in Hellbound is simple and straightforward. You use one button to move, jump, shoot, and run. The game offers three types of power multipliers that can be found in some stages, providing speed, damage, or immunity to damage boosts. The difficulty level is similar to classic games, and the stages feature maze-like structures where you need to find colored keys to unlock doors.

3. How many weapons are available in Hellbound?

Hellbound features six basic weapons, including close combat weapons and firearms such as an automatic rifle, triple-action rifle, machine gun, and rocket launcher. While the number of weapons may be fewer compared to other games in the genre, they offer a variety of options for combat.

4. How long is the gameplay experience in Hellbound?

The gameplay experience in Hellbound consists of seven stages and can be completed in approximately two hours. However, there is a Hellmare difficulty available if you complete the game on Old School difficulty. Additionally, there is a survival mode where you face opponents in rounds to survive as long as possible and achieve high scores.

5. Is there any additional content or modes in Hellbound?

In addition to the main gameplay, Hellbound offers a survival mode where you can face opponents in rounds. However, this mode is available separately and for free, and it does not add significant value to the overall experience. The game focuses primarily on providing a classic shooter experience with modern graphics.

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