Review: Hellpoint

After having had many experiences similar to those in the Dark Souls series in imaginary worlds full of magical creatures, the next journey with games of this type takes us on an adventure into space aboard the Irid Novo facility in an experience that will shape the character by mixes science fiction games with horror games. Today we present you our review. To the Hellpoint game.

The story takes us to the distant future, when humanity moves into space aboard the huge Irid Novo facility and events begin in a very mysterious way. You are a human born from an advanced technological program and find yourself aboard the facility full of horrific creatures and human corpses, and all you hear is a voice calling itself the Narrator. Or the author asking you to meet him and gather information about the event called “The Merge” that brought all these creatures to the facility. The story doesn’t initially provide an overview of the background to the events, but like many games in the genre, you’ll gradually get to know the details as you wander through the world and read the various texts. The story is not one of Hellpoint’s strengths.

The atmosphere of the game is very dark and the structure of the facilities and the different areas you traverse are very varied. The tunes are usually played during confrontations with leaders to create an atmosphere of tension and fear during these confrontations. The melodies were good, but they didn’t embody the danger or excitement that you want to feel during these confrontations. When it comes to confrontations, the technical level is the biggest dilemma the game faces. Despite its subpar graphics, it suffers from operating at 60 frames per second very rarely. In fact, most of the time it’s under 30 images! In addition to the character’s slow reaction, there are also other problems such as the game stopping working and enemies not taking damage. These problems are not very common, but they are very annoying and can cost a lot of money, especially when faced with such a problem in the guide.

Gameplay and Difficulty

As already mentioned, Hellpoint is one of the games similar to the famous Dark Souls series, and it is very similar to the series in the basics of gameplay, with the possibility of changing the weapons and armor that one carries depending on the features offered to change . You have a health meter and another for stamina, in addition to a firearm or magic meter, which is a meter. Energy, the character development system is very similar to the usual system. You collect a certain currency while eliminating enemies, and this currency is used to develop the character and his weapons. It is worth noting that the development of weapons is not limited to increasing their power. As you use a particular weapon in combat, you gain more experience in using it, allowing you to use it more efficiently or reveal more of its capabilities, which motivates you to find your favorite weapon that suits your play style and then continue playing in that style.

The difficulty level in Hellpoint is very well balanced, providing the required challenge without reaching the point of overkill, with a steady and continuous increase as you progress through the experience and gain better equipment and weapons, and even the boss encounters were balanced and able to handle the Increase Difficulty to be reasonably challenging without falling into the mistake that some similar games make, with some of them offering impossible encounters, and if you’re a newbie, Hellpoint will be a good start to get used to the usual rhythm and difficulty to get used to the games in the genre. If you find that the difficulty level is high or insufficient, you can reduce or increase it, provided you have a specific purpose that will be used during the violation. This is a save point that allows you to… While you’re at it, develop your personality and take the rest.

Multiplayer and Content

The game offers the option of split-screen group play, which can be easily started during the game. All you have to do is give your companion an additional controller who will start the experience with you, provided he has a download file of his own. As soon as one of the companions comes to you, the screen will be split without you having to reload the game or log out. The problem lies in the technical performance of the game, which is more disastrous than when playing in split-screen mode, which we found to be inconvenient, at least at this point, you have the option to invite players from the network to help you or join you compete, but we have not been able to benefit from this option despite our continuous attempts to try it.

It took us 19 hours to complete the experience knowing that we didn’t explore many of the side areas and missions that can be completed to get alternate endings. Hellpoint offers the challenge and fun that fans of action and RPG games need, while also offering excellent content for its price, but frame rates will vary widely and the ongoing technical issues will be annoying for some, while others will enjoy the experience You may not find it playable in its current state and you may want to download the game after updates are released to fix its technical issues.


  • Unique blend of science fiction and horror elements
  • Varied and dark atmosphere
  • Well-balanced difficulty level
  • Character development system encourages experimentation
  • Reasonable price for the content offered
  • Option for split-screen group play


  • Subpar graphics and technical performance
  • Frequent frame rate drops and game-breaking bugs
  • Weaker story compared to other games in the genre
  • Music doesn’t effectively enhance tension during confrontations
  • Technical issues hinder online multiplayer functionality


1. What is the gameplay of Hellpoint PC Game?

The gameplay of Hellpoint PC Game is similar to the Dark Souls series, with the ability to change weapons and armor. It features health and stamina meters, as well as a firearm or magic meter. The character development system allows you to collect currency to develop your character and weapons.

2. Is the difficulty level balanced in Hellpoint PC Game?

Yes, the difficulty level in Hellpoint PC Game is well balanced. It provides the required challenge without becoming too difficult, and the difficulty steadily increases as you progress through the game. Boss encounters are also balanced and reasonably challenging.

3. Are there secrets and side areas in Hellpoint PC Game?

Yes, Hellpoint PC Game is full of secrets and secret paths that lead to many side areas. These side areas are not necessary to complete the game, but they offer additional content and rewards.

4. Can I play Hellpoint PC Game in split-screen mode?

Yes, Hellpoint PC Game offers the option of split-screen group play. You can easily start split-screen mode during the game by giving your companion an additional controller. The screen will split without the need to reload the game or log out.

5. How long does it take to complete Hellpoint PC Game?

It took approximately 19 hours to complete Hellpoint PC Game, but this may vary depending on your playstyle and exploration of side areas. There are also alternate endings and missions that can be completed for additional gameplay.

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