Immortal Planet

Immortal Planet: A Challenging Action RPG

After its release on PC in 2017, the action and RPG game Immortal Planet appears on all current home devices to attract the attention of Souls game fans from the FromSoftware development team. Is it worth attention? We find out in this test report.

A race of immortal creatures lives on a cold, ice-covered planet. These creatures do not know true death. They live in a continuous cycle of death and rebirth that drives many people crazy. Therefore, these creatures fall into a deep sleep to preserve their identity and forget the suffering that this life brings. The story puts us in a state of sleep. In the role of one of these immortal beings who, as usual, has not yet lost his mind on this cruel planet, the story is not the most important element of the experience, and there are a few simple texts to provide the background in which the events take place, to remember, nothing more.

Immortal Planet uses simple cartoon graphics that are anything but fussy in the details, and this approach gives the game a beautiful look. However, there is a severe slowdown in frames when the screen is crowded with enemies or special effects such as fire and other visual effects, and the response becomes very poor and laggy in such cases. On the audio level, the game offers some melodies of an epic nature that serve their purpose without getting stuck in the memory.

Slow Pace and Strategic Gameplay

As mentioned, Immortal Planet is one of the games similar to FromSoftware’s Souls series, and it showcases the primitive gameplay style of those games without trying to offer anything that sets it apart from the other experiences, aside from a few simple ones Ideas. The pace of play here is slow and experience depends on strategy, as attacks quickly deplete the power meter or… stamina, and when this meter is empty you cannot attack or dodge. The same goes for your opponents. When you receive an enemy attack with an attack from your side, you take no damage and consume part of the power meter. You can charge towards the enemy when they have depleted their stamina meter to deliver a shock that prevents them from moving for a few seconds.

The gaming experience is undoubtedly difficult and is marred by the imbalance in difficulty. In many cases you are limited to a slow pace of play, but sometimes you face multiple opponents at the same time, and in such cases victory is very difficult, especially given the limited number of attacks that can be made before an attack is required. Waiting for the performance meter to fill is a slow process. The difficulty increases annoyingly from one trench to another, especially in confrontations with leaders whose difficulty changes and do not take into account the limitations that we mentioned in the previous lines.

As is usual in games of this type, there is an object that you can use to restore life points, and there are also a number of magical abilities and tools that you can use. One can choose a weapon to use, and each weapon in the game is characterized by an alternate phase that activates a specific ability or provides an advantage in battle. Defeating enemies gives you experience points that you can use. To advance the character and if you are eliminated, you must return to the same place where you lost and win back these points. Each trench offers a side challenge to test your skills, but I found these challenges confusing as they put you on a completely black map and then the ground randomly appears on that map and you will often fall. Such challenges are because you are unaware of the actual shape of the card, and you can imagine how much boredom you feel when you keep losing because of this.

A Challenging Experience for Souls Fans

10 hours was enough to complete the game, get most of the treasures in it and complete most of the challenges. We can say that Immortal Planet is a good experience and offers some entertaining moments when the challenge is balanced, but it is aimed at professional Dark Souls fans who are looking for difficulty and challenge without paying attention to variety, and many will find difficult. Very if you want the usual experience for a quarter of the full price it’s a good experience, but otherwise it’s not aimed at you.

We tested this game on a Nintendo Switch version provided by the publisher before the game was released.

Pros of Immortal Planet PC Game

  • Unique and intriguing storyline set on a cold, ice-covered planet inhabited by immortal creatures
  • Simple cartoon graphics that give the game a beautiful look
  • Epic melodies that enhance the atmosphere of the game
  • Similar gameplay style to FromSoftware’s Souls series, appealing to fans of that genre
  • Slow-paced gameplay that requires strategic thinking and planning
  • Ability to charge towards enemies and deliver a shock that immobilizes them
  • Various weapons with alternate phases that activate specific abilities or provide advantages in battle
  • Opportunity to gain experience points and level up your character

Cons of Immortal Planet PC Game

  • Severe slowdown in frames when the screen is crowded with enemies or special effects
  • Audio melodies that are forgettable and don’t leave a lasting impression
  • Difficulty imbalance, with some encounters being extremely challenging and frustrating
  • Limited number of attacks before requiring a recharge, making combat feel repetitive
  • Confusing side challenges that involve navigating a black map with randomly appearing ground
  • Gameplay experience limited to a slow pace, which may not appeal to all players
  • Limited variety in gameplay mechanics and lack of innovation compared to similar games


1. What is Immortal Planet?

Immortal Planet is an action and RPG game released on PC in 2017. It is similar to FromSoftware’s Souls series and offers a challenging gameplay experience.

2. What is the story of Immortal Planet?

The game is set on a cold, ice-covered planet where a race of immortal creatures resides. These creatures live in a continuous cycle of death and rebirth, and the story follows the journey of one of these immortal beings who has not lost their mind.

3. What is the gameplay like in Immortal Planet?

The gameplay in Immortal Planet is slow-paced and strategy-based. Attacks deplete the power meter or stamina, and when the meter is empty, you cannot attack or dodge. The game requires careful timing and strategic decision-making.

4. Is Immortal Planet a difficult game?

Yes, Immortal Planet is known for its difficulty. The game can be challenging, especially when facing multiple opponents or bosses. The difficulty level increases as you progress through the game.

5. Are there any special abilities or tools in Immortal Planet?

Yes, Immortal Planet offers a variety of magical abilities and tools that players can use. Each weapon in the game has a unique ability or advantage in battle. Defeating enemies grants experience points to advance your character.

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