Mixing between two types of games is nothing new in the industry. There are many action games, platform games or strategic role-playing games, but today we are talking about a slightly different game. Indivisible is a hybrid game that combines platform games and RPGs in a two-dimensional experience that makes use of hand-drawing. This game has piqued our interest since the success of its support campaign in 2015. Finally we were able to play and complete the experience, and it’s time for us to share our review with you.

The Story

The story is about the stubborn and impulsive teenager “Ajna” who lives with her father in the village “Ashwat”. The events begin with the attack of the tyrant “Ravanavar”‘s forces on various villages and kingdoms in the world, including the village of “Ashwat”. “Ajna” who was outside the village trying to get out of her father’s safety but she finds him drowning in his blood, her anger flares up and she starts a fight with the leader of the force that attacked the village. “Ajna” discovers that she has a tremendous ability that transforms her into a strange creature and allows her to capture beings in a special world in her mind, and from here the mission of revenge against “Ravanarvar” begins. and his soldiers begin and end. We go on an adventure to save the world and discover Ajna for herself. During this adventure she will make many friends who share her goal of defeating the forces of evil.

The Characters

The story features entertaining and beautiful characters. The dialogue between characters is often funny and spontaneous, and the strong vocal performance of these characters helps to build a special charisma that makes you connect with them. I particularly liked the strange character Razmi, who likes to make sarcastic and dark jokes and puts a smile on people’s faces with her many funny interventions to tease them. The rest of the characters, the character of “Ajna” changes throughout this adventure, but the dialogues and narration were not the focus. This aspect was required and here we feel the weakness of the story. The dialogue, which should have been more serious and profound, was not in the desired manner, even though the story vacillates between good at best and normally expected. That the characters are his strength.

The World of Indivisible

The world of Indivisible is an enchanting and beautiful world, and the wonderful art direction in the design of the environments and characters gives the game a special elegance. The areas you go through feature a completely different design than the previous ones. If you stop and focus on the background for a moment you will notice that the trees and plants move with the wind and if you are in one of the caves you will notice some lizards and spiders. The little one moving in the background is a thank you to the team for this effort, because despite its simplicity it gives you the feeling that the game world is alive. The music also enchants you and takes you into the experience with a beautiful and detailed representation of the atmosphere that surrounds you. The important battles are also characterized by very enthusiastic melodies that differ from the usual battles. The music is no less good than others. The experience does not present any major technical issues, other than an issue that causes you to become trapped in one of the elements. Since the game uses a manual save system, we recommend that you save the game whenever you have the opportunity, so as not to lose hours of gaming enjoyment due to this problem that I encountered a few times. It caused hours of game progress to be lost.

The Combat System

The combat system is similar to the Valkyria Profile games. You play with four characters, each controlled with a specific button. They can attack together or one after the other to perform a combination that prevents opponents from attacking. The number of attacks is linked to a special meter for each character. There is also an energy meter that can be used to perform super attacks for some characters. During an enemy attack, you can defend to reduce damage, and if you defend at the last moment, you will receive very little damage or suffer no damage at times. Fighting doesn’t mean attacking your opponent by just pressing the same button. Some enemies are capable of defending themselves, and their defenses must be broken in a specific way to deal damage. With damage, while others need to be thrown into the air to receive high damage, while others are immune to magic, and all these differences between enemies keep the experience varied and break up the routine.

The Platforming Aspect

Indivisible isn’t just limited to combat, it’s also a platformer and in that regard it has a lot of fun with some elements of Metroidvania games. You move around a large map that contains many secrets and passages that you will return to later as you gain more skills to discover some secrets or complete a specific task within the story. “Ajna” gains many new abilities during the journey, such as the ability to jump high with a spear or dash through the air. The challenges in this aspect are beautifully and carefully designed, allowing you to combine the various skills you have acquired with the need for precise application, so that the simplest mistake you make is a failure. The game mixes its two aspects by facing leaders in wonderful ways, such as when the leader moves away from you in the middle of the fight and for example fires some missiles at you that you have to dodge while following him or the need , holding on to the ceiling while the leader delivers a dangerous attack that cannot be blocked on the ground. For example, the challenge offered by the platforming portion somewhat makes up for the lack of challenge in combat.

Collectibles and Side Missions

Outside of story missions, collectible content is presented in the form of crystals hidden throughout the environment. These crystals are used to enhance your defensive and offensive abilities. There are a group of side missions that can be completed to add new ranks to your character. You can also do some missions for these characters to get to know them and their past better. The best and most advanced missions offer excellent content that takes you to different areas to collect items or search for someone.

21 hours was enough to finish the story, complete a few side missions and collect most of the crystals (finding them isn’t difficult). In addition to the lack of challenge, there are some obvious flaws in the story, but they did not cover the enchanting world and the beautiful characters with whom we lived a beautiful adventure that we were sad to see end. Indivisible is one of our wonderful experiences this year that we recommend to fans of role-playing games and platform games in general.


  • Unique hybrid gameplay combining platforming and RPG elements
  • Beautiful hand-drawn art style and enchanting world design
  • Entertaining and charismatic characters with strong vocal performances
  • Challenging platforming sections that require precise application of acquired skills
  • Wide variety of characters with different strategies and abilities
  • Fun combat system with combo attacks and special abilities
  • Collectible content and side missions add replay value


  • Weaker storytelling and dialogue compared to character development
  • Lack of difficulty progression throughout the game
  • Occasional technical issues causing progress loss
  • Some flaws in the story that affect the overall experience


1. What type of game is Indivisible?

Indivisible is a hybrid game that combines platform games and RPGs in a two-dimensional experience.

2. What is the story of Indivisible?

The story of Indivisible follows the protagonist Ajna, a stubborn and impulsive teenager, on her mission of revenge against the tyrant Ravanavar and his forces who attacked her village.

3. How is the gameplay of Indivisible?

In Indivisible, players control Ajna and her companions in combat using a unique combat system similar to the Valkyria Profile games. The game also features platforming elements and exploration of a large map.

4. How long does it take to complete Indivisible?

On average, it takes around 21 hours to complete the story of Indivisible, including some side missions and collectible content.

5. Is there a challenge in the gameplay of Indivisible?

While the combat in Indivisible offers varied strategies and combos, some players may find the overall difficulty lacking. However, the platforming challenges in the game provide a more satisfying level of challenge.

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