Introducing ITTA: A Bullet Hell Experience

Our game today, ITTA, is the first game from independent developer Jacob Williams, who is currently the sole member of the Glass Revolver development team. The game is a bullet hell experience and was released today on PC and Nintendo Switch, and it’s time to introduce it to you.

The Mysterious World of ITTA

The story puts us in the role of ITTA, a girl who wakes up in a strange world near her dead family. One of the ghosts enters the room and takes the form of a cat. He will take on the role of a guide and assistant ITTA in this strange world from which you have to figure out how to leave. The story of the game is not the main element and it is very simple but attractive. At the same time, the game world is strange and unique, leaving many things up to your imagination to interpret.

Aesthetic Appeal

On the graphical level, the game offers pixel graphics with a beautiful artistic direction, especially in the design of the world full of statues with huge heads and ancient structures full of inscriptions, and there is something in this world that strangely attracts you. On the audio level it offers that Play calm tunes for most of the wandering time with some strange tunes, but what will really stick in your mind are the fast-paced tunes that start when you enter the boss fights, and these tunes are usually characterized by drum sounds that you inspire.

The Gameplay Experience

ITTA is a hellish shooting game where the gameplay experience is limited to wandering around the world and talking to your characters in addition to facing the bosses. The control system is very simple, limited to movement and a dodge button alongside a button to aim and shoot while switching between weapons using the shoulder buttons. ITTA has a mode that makes it immune to attacks and double the damage you deal. This phase is automatically activated by a mysterious creature that represents the character’s dark side. and the gauge fills as you overcome enemies’ attacks.

The Thrill of Boss Encounters

The game system is simple and easy to get used to, so you can start honing your skills straight away. First, let’s talk about the boss encounters. There are 18 bosses in the game and it can be said that all encounters are divided into 3 sections. When you start playing you will feel like the experience underestimates your abilities because looking for a bullet hell experience like this means looking for a challenge and seeing bullets fly in all directions and the Fill screen, but be careful not to make this mistake!

A Test of Skill

We can divide any confrontation into three sections as follows: the first third is a warm-up for the player and the leader, and the second third is where you both start introducing yourself to the other, but the final third is the absolute test of skill as the Difficulty increases from 4 to 9 out of 10 in a few seconds, and here it is. The game’s melodies leave their mark, so you can imagine the situation when the drums start beating and you see the leader light up red and start jumping and moving quickly in all directions. Here you hold your breath and assume an alert position for the shooting to begin in a nerve-wracking process that lasts about 20 seconds. But the process is very quick and enthusiastic. Unexpectedly, after the confrontation ends, you will be disappointed and insist on better performance if you lose, or you will take a deep breath and enjoy the moment of victory and the satisfaction that comes with it.

A Memorable Experience

We can say that all boss confrontations in ITTA correspond to the previous description, so you will not be bored during these confrontations. However, it’s worth noting that the final fight was disappointing. You know that feeling when you face the final boss that surprises you? with its lightness? In such cases you will feel that the fight has another cool turn after which the control units fly and this is the same feeling I had in the last fight but I was surprised by the end of the story and the display of the end screen. I waited until the end screen was over, thinking it was a joke and the fight would continue soon, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Accessibility and Conclusion

If you’re new to these types of games, ITTA offers the ability to double the damage you deal. Also, it gives you the option of invincibility, which guarantees you victory in any confrontation, making the game accessible to a wider segment of players. 4 hours was enough to complete the experience and it doesn’t add much value for replay unless you want to fight the battles again and I hope there is an option like New Game+ or an option with higher difficulty level, which includes the bosses If you forego the aforementioned formalities and directly engage in epic battles, fans of genre games will find an exciting and enthusiastic experience in ITTA. It might not be the best experience. It is one of the games of this type, but it is definitely an experience worth trying.

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Pros and Cons of ITTA PC Game


  • Unique and attractive game world
  • Beautiful pixel graphics with artistic direction
  • Engaging and fast-paced boss fights
  • Simple and easy-to-use control system
  • Option to double damage and have invincibility


  • Simple and straightforward storyline
  • Disappointing final boss fight
  • Short gameplay experience (around 4 hours)
  • Limited replay value
  • Could benefit from additional features like New Game+ or higher difficulty levels


1. What is ITTA PC Game?

ITTA PC Game is a bullet hell experience developed by independent developer Jacob Williams. It is the first game from Glass Revolver, the developer’s sole member. The game was released on PC and Nintendo Switch.

2. What is the story of ITTA?

In ITTA, players assume the role of a girl named ITTA who wakes up in a strange world near her deceased family. She is accompanied by a ghost in the form of a cat who acts as her guide and assistant. The story is simple yet attractive, with a unique game world that leaves room for interpretation.

3. What is the gameplay like in ITTA?

ITTA is a hellish shooting game where players navigate the world, interact with characters, and face off against bosses. The controls are simple, involving movement, dodging, aiming, and shooting. Players can switch between weapons using the shoulder buttons. There is also a mode that grants immunity to attacks and doubles the damage dealt.

4. How many bosses are there in ITTA?

ITTA features a total of 18 bosses. Each boss encounter is divided into three sections. The first section serves as a warm-up, the second section involves introducing yourself to the boss, and the final section tests your skills with increased difficulty. Boss fights are intense and memorable, accompanied by fast-paced tunes and challenging bullet patterns.

5. Is ITTA suitable for beginners?

Yes, ITTA offers options to make the game more accessible to beginners. Players can choose to double the damage they deal and activate an invincibility mode, guaranteeing victory in any confrontation. However, the game may not have much replay value unless players want to revisit boss battles.

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