Just Cause 4

The Just Cause 4 Experience

The Just Cause action game series returns again with its fourth installment after we received the third installment three years ago, once again presenting a huge world full of action and explosions, but with a new element to the experience, namely severe weather conditions that increase the scale of natural disasters and play an important role in the experience. Today we’ll tell you more about that experience in our review of the Xbox One version.

After the liberation of his homeland, the Medici, Rico Rodriguez receives information that his late father Miguel worked with the “Black Hand” organization, one of the most powerful private armies in the world, with which Rico had already come into contact on several occasions. Rico travels to the fictional country of Solis, located on the South American continent, in search of answers to… his father’s death and the project he was working on with the organization that seems to be keeping the country’s natural disasters under control is a witness. The story was never the important element of the series and still is, so don’t expect much from it. Even the main villain you want to take down will only be seen a few times. The beginning of the story and then the end!

On a technical level, the game is disappointing compared to the third part, which presented beautiful graphics and took care of many fine details, such as bodies of water and the terrain of mountains and rocks, in addition to the embodiment of grasses and their movement with the air and their Interaction as we go through it, but we find that the fourth part neglected many of those luxuries that gave the part. The third part has a very nice look. Unfortunately, the matter is not limited to luxury goods, as the textures are very poor, and you will notice the sharp and ribbed edges of the various elements and characters around you, which is pleasing to the eye given the large number of details of the elements is disturbing in the area. Even the details of the characters suffer as the team tries to provide a more accurate drawing of the hair, but with poor textures: the characters look stranger. Also, many details that are not very far from your character appear blurry, and many elements in the environment only appear when you get them close to them to some degree. In general, the technical appearance is not satisfactory, especially given the usual problems of low frame rates.

Just Cause 4-1

Gameplay and New Additions

The game system is very similar to the previous part and is almost identical to this one, except for a few differences, since now you can only carry two weapons instead of three, and the weapons that you carry with both hands or bombs are no longer available in your possession . The weapons now have a secondary firing phase that you can use to a limited extent. While the wingsuit offers more destructive or strategic options, it undoubtedly returns with your parachute and the famous hook, helping you move quickly in different directions. The hook gains two new properties here, in addition to the property of attracting objects to each other. You now have balloons that you can use to… send enemies or vehicles in the air and then, for example, drop them or use them on your vehicle for some reason. The secondary addition is the jets, which quickly propel objects once activated.

While it may be fun to use the new additions to your hook, you won’t feel the need to actually use them. The game requires you to use these new tools a few times when you first get them, and then you can use them if you want, but they won’t help you in confrontations and you may want to use them to implement a strange or crazy idea that then comes back. For each person and their desire to explore and experience different possibilities, the Third Part presents environments and areas designed in such a way that blowing up one or a few elements would potentially lead to the destruction of an entire facility and cause a lot of chaos, and This is missing in the fourth part, as in many others, the destructible elements are far apart and do not cause the same chaos and amazing explosions as in the previous experiment.

You can order weapons and various vehicles through the shipping system of the rebel army you have formed, where you select the type of resources you need and then choose the pilot you want to deliver the shipment to. They are airdropped in an iron container. There are multiple pilots available to order shipments from, and each pilot takes time to rest and refill fuel after requesting it to deliver the shipment or help you move quickly through the map Perhaps one of the positive things about the experience is the short period of time where the loading screens appear frequently, but you won’t notice them because of the loading speed.

Just Cause 4-5

Challenges and Weather Conditions

The game severely lacks challenge. Rico’s character takes a lot of damage before dying, which is rare. You will rarely encounter problems progressing in the missions and you will feel that the experience is easier than it needs to be. The base missions follow the same system as the previous version, where you edit a rule rule. This will increase the number of soldiers in the rebel army you created, and you will then send the order to the army forces to advance into the region and liberate them. There is more variety than the last part in terms of missions, but they continue to be repetitive. The side quests are varied and in addition to the challenges presented by the final part, there are several more quests including filming footage for an action movie or searching and exploring country-specific antiquities, in addition to training your rebel army.

The most striking innovation in this version are severe weather conditions such as hurricanes, sandstorms and thunderstorms, which appear in the various environments of the game, but unfortunately they are used very rarely and only encountered in a few missions is unfortunate because they force you to Changing the way of progress and adapting by following other methods, life. The wilderness is present with a variety of animal species, but you won’t interact with them in any significant way (unless you want to blow). Cows and deer maybe).


Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The experience will require around 12 to 15 hours to complete the main content, and the side content will undoubtedly provide many additional hours through which you will earn points to develop your hook and obtain additional accessories. Just Cause 4 is an action game first and will feature lots of explosions and powerful weapons. It can cause a lot of destruction, but the experience offers a lower level than the previous version in terms of technical appearance and the number of explosions. It is unfortunate that this is most prominent. Additionally, the weather conditions were very interesting but were not used as required and were an easy part of the experience.

This game was reviewed using an Xbox One copy provided by the publisher before the game was released.


  • Expansive open world full of action and explosions
  • Introduction of severe weather conditions adds a new element to the gameplay
  • Varied side quests and challenges
  • Fast loading times
  • Ability to order weapons and vehicles through the rebel army shipping system


  • Disappointing graphics compared to the previous installment
  • Poor textures and noticeable sharp edges on elements and characters
  • Destructible elements are not as prominent, leading to less chaos and explosions
  • Lack of challenge and easy progression through missions
  • Severe weather conditions are underutilized and encountered infrequently
  • Limited interaction with wildlife

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Just Cause 4 PC Game

1. What is the storyline of Just Cause 4?

The game follows the protagonist, Rico Rodriguez, as he travels to the fictional country of Solis in search of answers about his late father’s involvement with the “Black Hand” organization and their control over the country’s natural disasters.

2. How does Just Cause 4 compare to its predecessor in terms of graphics?

The graphics in Just Cause 4 are disappointing compared to the previous installment. The game neglects many fine details and textures, resulting in poor visuals and noticeable sharp edges on various elements and characters.

3. What are the gameplay mechanics in Just Cause 4?

The gameplay mechanics in Just Cause 4 are similar to its predecessor. The player can carry two weapons instead of three and utilize a wingsuit, parachute, and hook for quick movement. The hook has new properties, such as balloons and jets, for additional strategic options.

4. Are there destructible elements in Just Cause 4?

Unlike the previous game, Just Cause 4 lacks destructible elements that can cause chaos and explosions. The destructible elements are far apart and do not provide the same level of excitement and destruction as in the previous installment.

5. How long does it take to complete Just Cause 4?

The main content of Just Cause 4 can be completed in approximately 12 to 15 hours. However, the side content and additional quests can provide many additional hours of gameplay, allowing players to earn points for developing their hook and obtaining additional accessories.

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