Kaze and the Wild Masks

There have been quite a few games inspired by classic experiences in recent years, but these games rarely manage to convey the same feel and quality that players expect from classic experiences. In this review we will talk about Kaze and the Wild Masks. This is another platform game inspired by the classic experiences of the nineties. Could it deliver the fun that those games offered, or was it another failed attempt?

The game puts us in the role of Kaze the rabbit, who is trying to save her friend Hogo and the Crystal Islands from the curse that has befallen her. The experience starts straight away, without delving too deeply into the details of the story, and then it leaves you with the opportunity to get a better idea of ​​it, a point to which we will return later. The game world presents itself to us with beautiful cartoon graphics and music. It has an entertaining feel reminiscent of classic versions of Donkey Kong and similar titles that take you on a journey through the jungle.

Instead of focusing on building levels around different masks, the game builds its levels based on different concepts. There are levels that are designed specifically for one type of mask and are fundamentally different from each other, while others are designed in the usual way genre games where you start at a certain point and try to reach the end of the stage, and Finally, the stages are designed for a specific challenge, such as chasing through a tornado or running through entire stages on a moving platform while traversing many traps and obstacles. The variety that the game offers is impressive, and the design of the levels is also complex. There are levels that remain in the memory because of the careful and thoughtful distribution they presented. Traps, platforms, or even secrets. Sometimes you feel like some items have been placed randomly in the environment, but when you examine them you will find that they are evidence of a hidden secret or an easier way to overcome an obstacle.

The difficulty starts at a medium level and then increases gradually, and while it may not reflect that, Kaze and the Wild Masks is a game full of challenges and requires a lot of precision, especially in the second half of the game and when you are If you are looking for such an experience, you will find it here. After playing for a while, you will notice that although the game presents some of its own ideas, most of its ideas are borrowed from famous games of the genre and that they are ideas that have already been applied in many previous games, but if you think Think of a modern game that implemented these ideas with the same mastery. You will find that the answer is difficult because the care with which the game has been presented is comparable to some classic games, something that is rarely found in modern games. Ultimately, it is a game that remains very faithful to the classic experiences and their fans, and that is what you should expect from it, because Kaze and the Wild Masks will surprise you not with its revolutionary ideas, but with its distinctive application of traditional ideas.

The game offers excellent content considering its type. In each stage there are three types of gems that can be collected. The yellow gem is obtained by collecting the letters that make up the name Kaze, the pink gem is obtained by collecting 100 small gems in the stage, while the green gem is obtained by completing two of the secret challenges found in each Level hidden is obtained. The gems are not just an empty means to extend the life of the experience, but rather serve a specific purpose. With the exception of getting a yellow gem, getting a green gem will give you a drawing that will give you a better idea of ​​the background of the events and the characters whose masks you are using. There is a special challenge when collecting a certain number of them, while the pink gems reveal a special surprise to you at the end of the game (we leave it to you to find out what this surprise is) and it is not that difficult for the player, Obtaining these gems does not burden you with the task of collecting them.

As for the difficulty of the game, as already mentioned, it presents a challenge for professionals, and each stage only contains a save point in the middle, and two hits or a fall means that you lose and start over from the beginning or from Save point when you reach it. There is a difficulty option aimed at those looking for an easier experience. By providing more save points, the loss occurs after taking damage three times.

The experience suffers from minor flaws, including annoying tearing, which is similar to screen tearing but with a less noticeable effect, and some may not notice it, but for us it was annoying. There is also the confrontation with the final boss, where we found that the difficulty level was not balanced and some of its parts were a bit tedious, and the easiest difficulty option is not available. What we have mentioned needs some improvement because the experience is still very difficult for those who are new to this type of experience and young people. The game is ultimately intended for people over the age of seven, and we see that this mode, despite the possibilities it offers, makes it unplayable for players. The small.

We completed the experience with a score of 73% after 10 hours of play, and to complete everything in the experience, from collecting gems to completing challenges, you may need an additional 3 to 5 hours. Kaze and the Wilds is one of those few games that have truly stayed true to the classic experiences, giving fans of those experiences the challenge and variety they crave, and it might be one of the few games that matches the actual level of these experiences could come close.

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  • Beautiful cartoon graphics and music that capture the feel of classic platform games.
  • Simple and intuitive controls that are easy to learn.
  • Unique mask abilities that add variety and strategy to gameplay.
  • Impressive level design with a mix of different concepts and challenges.
  • Excellent content with collectible gems that serve a purpose and reveal more about the story.


  • Annoying tearing effect in the graphics that may be bothersome to some players.
  • Difficulty level may be too challenging for new players or younger audiences.
  • Unbalanced difficulty in the final boss fight, with some parts feeling tedious.
  • No easy difficulty option available, making it inaccessible for some players.


1. What is Kaze and the Wild Masks?

Kaze and the Wild Masks is a platform game inspired by classic experiences of the nineties. It features Kaze, a rabbit on a mission to save her friend and the Crystal Islands from a curse.

2. What are the controls in Kaze and the Wild Masks?

The controls in Kaze and the Wild Masks are simple and limited to movement buttons, a jump button, and an attack button. Kaze can also hover in the air using her long ears.

3. Can I use special masks in the game?

Yes, Kaze can wear special masks based on different animals in the game. Each mask grants her a unique ability, such as climbing walls with the Tiger Mask or swimming and dashing in water with the Shark Mask.

4. How are the levels designed in Kaze and the Wild Masks?

The levels in Kaze and the Wild Masks are designed based on different concepts. Some levels are specifically designed for a certain mask, while others follow the traditional platform game structure. There are also levels that offer specific challenges, such as chasing through a tornado or running on a moving platform with traps and obstacles.

5. Is Kaze and the Wild Masks a challenging game?

Yes, Kaze and the Wild Masks offers a medium level of difficulty that gradually increases throughout the game. It requires precision and skill, especially in the second half. Players looking for a challenging experience will find it in this game.

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