Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits comes from a completely new developer on the scene called Ember Labs, a company that has previously worked on producing animated advertisements for famous companies such as Coca-Cola, and the Kena game is considered their first work in the Industry video game market since the game was first shown at an event. PlayStation and the fans fell in love with the game because of the beautiful graphics of the game and the cuteness of the characters in it. It was like an animated Disney movie, but everyone was afraid of the game because of its postponement and the unknown studio in the gaming arena. But did the Kina game really give us an experience worthy of this enthusiasm? Today we find out the answer through our review of the game.

Story and Gameplay

First let’s talk about the story, a beautiful story full of feelings, characters and beautiful dialogues. The story of the game tells of the heroine Kina, who is considered a medium and spiritual guide in search of the Temple of the Holy Mountain. On her journey, she arrives in an abandoned village and begins to search for evidence that will lead her to the Holy Temple . There she will discover the secrets and hidden things of the village and help the spirits of its missing residents, and Kina uses the spirit command staff to find small creatures called “Red”, small spirits that arise from the rotting of animal carcasses in the forest and Help Kina on her journey by attacking the enemies and also helping her move tools and heavy stones, and as the game progresses she unlocks new traits and abilities that will benefit you in battle.

Graphics and Sound

The game’s graphics are beautiful and breathtaking and will make you experience the feeling of living in the middle of dense forests. The sounds and music are enchanting. You feel every moment in the game and immerse you in the game. The game style is like adventure games and open world, like Zelda and Horizon. You will search the map for secrets hidden within it and solve many puzzles that… You will have to use your twisted friends to solve them and as usual in open world games, Kina will have to get new tools to help her along the way Help unlock areas in the game, such as the Fox Mask, which is used to break through spiritual barriers and in this way also collect memories of lost souls. Later, Kina receives arrows and bombs are used to discover areas. New and new hidden secrets to find

Boss Fights and Side Missions

The game features entertaining boss fights. All of the main bosses in the game require you to use various strategies to defeat them, such as shooting a glowing necklace around the boss’s neck and temporarily freezing its movement. I don’t want to hide this from you It was played on the highest difficulty and I felt that the difficulty of the bosses was comparable to the Dark Souls games and that’s what I really liked about it. As usual in open world games, there are many collections and side missions there, and Kina is no different from them. The side missions come in the form of postal letters hidden in the stage and when you get them you use them to open the locks of the houses in the village, each house has spiritual barriers that you break through by completing the Throw letter in. The mailbox is in front of the house and there are puzzles and hidden boxes in each house.

Collectibles and Currency

In the game, the main goal is to get rid of the harmful plants that drain life from the environment by using mold. So after telling you everything nice about the game, I would like to tell you about the shortcomings that the game brings that bothered me. Firstly, in the game there is a collection that consists of different hats and gives them the shape. For the moldy characters you have, you can equip each form with a different hat just to improve the look, and they are hidden in boxes in the world. This thing alone doesn’t bother me and there’s no benefit to collecting it, but there are two types of currency in the game. The first is blue and the second is gold. Gold is used to develop your character. In terms of various combat moves, this is a very nice thing and you can get it by solving some puzzles and completing some simple tasks such as: B. Find fruits for mold and also return the scattered statues to their place.

You can use the blue coins to purchase the hats obtained from the treasures of the game map. You have to look for the hats hidden in the game and after finding them, go to the hat shop in the game and buy them there. The annoying thing is that the blue coins are the most rewards in the game, so you have to solve a long and complex puzzle and in the end you get blue coins or a hat as a reward. This bothered me a lot and made most of the puzzles in the game useless since the reward at the end will be useless hats or blue coins.


What I also didn’t like was the presence of a huge number of shapes, over 50 in the game. However, it doesn’t matter how many of them you have collected, as you need a much smaller number of them in the game to develop your skills. Each stage needs to collect a certain number of forms and there are 4 stages of development in it, so having a lot of forms with them means nothing at all, and there is also no diversification in the forms and their properties, and they are all one type, unlike Games that used this playstyle before, such as the Overlord series, where there was a variety of support creatures such as fire, ice, poison and others, and I hoped to find that variety in Kina. .

Kina’s Adventure offers an enchanting experience in a visually very beautiful world with a sophisticated gameplay and control style, but it is an experience that presents some annoyances that could have been avoided to provide a better experience. Ultimately, it is a very good first experience for the development team, and without a doubt we are now excited to see what it will offer us in the future.

Pros and Cons of Kena: Bridge of Spirits PC Game


  • Beautiful and breathtaking graphics that immerse players in the game
  • Enchanting sounds and music that enhance the gaming experience
  • Engaging story with well-developed characters and dialogues
  • Open world gameplay similar to popular titles like Zelda and Horizon
  • Challenging boss fights that require strategic thinking
  • Plenty of side missions and collectibles to keep players engaged


  • Collection of hats and currency system feels unnecessary and doesn’t add much value
  • Some puzzles and rewards in the game feel repetitive and underwhelming
  • Limited diversity in the forms and abilities of the characters
  • Lack of variety in gameplay compared to similar games in the genre

Overall, Kena: Bridge of Spirits offers a visually stunning world with an engaging story and enjoyable gameplay. However, it does have some shortcomings in terms of repetitive puzzles, limited character diversity, and unnecessary collectibles. Despite these flaws, it is a promising first work from Ember Labs, and fans can look forward to what the development team has in store for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Kena: Bridge of Spirits PC Game

1. What is Kena: Bridge of Spirits?

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a video game developed by Ember Labs. It is an adventure game set in a visually stunning world, featuring a beautiful story, characters, and dialogues.

2. What is the gameplay like in Kena: Bridge of Spirits?

The gameplay of Kena: Bridge of Spirits combines elements of adventure games and open-world exploration. Players will control the protagonist, Kina, who is a medium and spiritual guide. They will embark on a journey to find the Temple of the Holy Mountain, solving puzzles, battling enemies, and helping the spirits of a missing village along the way.

3. What are the main features of Kena: Bridge of Spirits?

Kena: Bridge of Spirits offers a visually stunning world with breathtaking graphics. The game features enchanting sounds and music that immerse players in the experience. It also includes entertaining boss fights that require strategic thinking. Additionally, players can engage in side missions and collectibles to further explore the game world.

4. Are there any drawbacks or shortcomings in Kena: Bridge of Spirits?

While Kena: Bridge of Spirits offers a great overall experience, there are a few minor drawbacks. Some players may find the collection of hats and currency system to be less rewarding, as the rewards may not have significant benefits. Additionally, the game lacks diversity in the forms and properties of the collectible creatures.

5. Is Kena: Bridge of Spirits a good game for beginners?

Kena: Bridge of Spirits can be enjoyed by both beginners and experienced players. The game offers a balanced difficulty level and provides tutorials and guidance to help players understand the gameplay mechanics. The captivating story and stunning visuals make it an engaging experience for all types of players.

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