Game Review: Kunai

Our game today is Kunai, another game brought to us by the independent developer, and this time with the game Metroidvania brought to us by the TurtleBlaze development team for PC and Nintendo Switch. The game is available for $16.99 and it’s time for us to share our experience with it with you.

The story is not one of the elements that Kunai focuses on, but is simply a backdrop to events. You will play the role of the robot Tabby, who has awakened to help the Resistance defeat the artificial intelligence Lemonkus, which almost caused the complete annihilation of humanity. Kunai follows a simple artistic direction with the use of a limited number of colors and the melodies provided by the game. It has an electronic character and I personally didn’t like it and found it a bit annoying, but this point ultimately depends on your personal preferences and it can be said that in general the game is very simple on a technical level.

Kunai is an experience that offers a medium-sized world compared to other genre games. This world is divided into several regions, each with its own character. You must return to previous regions after acquiring the appropriate skill to reach a new region. What makes this game different from others is the use of kunai daggers to help you… Complete the challenges of jumping from platforms and moving around the world and you will have a lot of fun using these daggers to move once you get used to it, and the world has been carefully designed to adequately support this mechanism.

Weapons and Gameplay

The game presents you with the katana at the start of the adventure and then gives you a few additional weapons, each with a specific advantage in combat. The new weapons also give you more options to move around the world in one way or another. You can develop weapons and improve their properties or strength by visiting the store in the warehouses. Resist and pay with the currencies you earn from defeating enemies, and the experience in general is simple and without complexity.

There are a number of boss encounters, varied in idea and beautifully implemented to take advantage of the new abilities you gain. As is common in games of this genre, some secrets are present in the form of treasures, which contain either special hats for Tabby or parts that can be collected to increase the health bar. The secrets are either hidden behind a hidden wall that is not needed… Some of you will have the opportunity to reach them while others will be in your sights, but behind a B. a wall or an obstacle to which You must return at a later date.

One of the downsides of the game is the lack of a fast travel feature, which forces you to cover long distances and travel through multiple areas to return and get the publicly accessible treasures, and the reward you get is not attractive enough to to traverse them make effort and have to cover all these distances, and the nature of the type games forces you to… Repeatedly traversing some areas to reach new areas and being able to move quickly would have the need to do this process too repeating, saving gets annoying over time, but luckily if your next target isn’t at least clear, you can contact the leader of the resistance to find out your next target.

Difficulty and Conclusion

Kunai offers a balanced level of difficulty that tends to be easy, making it an experience suitable for newcomers, but thanks to the simple ideas used such as: While some of the treasures, such as moving around with kunai daggers, are entertaining even for professionals, they are still entertaining in addition to the treasures already mentioned, they do not offer much value for repeating the experience and may encourage exploration enthusiasts to invest more time. With time and experience, you won’t find real tasks to complete.

Seven and a half hours was enough to complete the experience, collecting most of the treasures and leveling up the weapons to their maximum level. Maybe another hour and a half of play time would be enough to collect the remaining treasures. Kunai is a simple and entertaining experience that offers us what we love about Metroidvania games. It’s not the best type of game, but it’s a fun experience suitable for those looking for simple and short experiences.

Pros and Cons of Kunai PC Game


  • Unique gameplay mechanics: The use of kunai daggers adds a fun and innovative element to the game, allowing players to navigate platforms and move around the world in a unique way.
  • Beautifully designed world: The game world is carefully designed to support the kunai mechanics, creating a visually appealing and immersive experience.
  • Varied boss encounters: The boss encounters in Kunai are varied and well-implemented, taking advantage of the player’s new abilities and providing exciting challenges.
  • Suitable for newcomers: The game offers a balanced level of difficulty that tends to be easy, making it accessible and enjoyable for newcomers to the genre.
  • Short and simple experience: Kunai provides a fun and entertaining experience for players looking for a simple and shorter game.


  • Lack of fast travel feature: The game lacks a fast travel feature, forcing players to cover long distances and travel through multiple areas to retrieve treasures. This can become repetitive and tedious over time.
  • Limited replay value: Once the main experience is completed, there is not much incentive to replay the game, as the treasures and tasks do not offer significant value for repetition.
  • Minimalistic story: The story in Kunai is not a major focus of the game and serves more as a backdrop to the events. Players looking for a deep and engaging narrative may be disappointed.
  • Simple graphics and music: While the artistic direction of Kunai is intentional, with the use of limited colors and electronic melodies, some players may find it lacking in visual and auditory appeal.


1. What is Kunai PC Game?

Kunai is a Metroidvania game developed by TurtleBlaze for PC and Nintendo Switch. It follows the story of a robot named Tabby who helps the Resistance defeat the artificial intelligence Lemonkus.

2. How much does Kunai PC Game cost?

Kunai is available for $16.99.

3. How is the gameplay in Kunai PC Game?

Kunai offers a medium-sized world divided into several regions. Players must use kunai daggers to navigate platforms and move around the world. The game also provides additional weapons with specific advantages in combat.

4. Are there boss encounters in Kunai PC Game?

Yes, Kunai features a variety of boss encounters that utilize the new abilities gained throughout the game.

5. Is there a fast travel feature in Kunai PC Game?

No, there is no fast travel feature in Kunai. Players are required to cover long distances and travel through multiple areas to access treasures and rewards.

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