Life Is Strange: True Colors

The story game Life is Strange, presented by Dontnod Entertainment Studios, returns to us with a third part, but this time there is no number 3 next to the name, but it is called Life is Strange: True Colors, and it comes to us from the Deck Nine development team who previously introduced us to the game Life Is Strange. Before the Storm: The main game development team in this series is now at publisher Square Enix. Today we present it You will get a review of the new part of the series and learn more about its level.

Gameplay and Story

The game’s story begins with Alex coming to Haven City at the invitation of her older brother Gabe Chen, who hasn’t seen her in eight years, for reasons I’ll show you in the story. The character Alex Chen is a strange girl and has spent most of her life in the orphanage and other families’ houses, and the only thing that sets her apart is that she… A hidden power is that she has the feelings can sense and help others. The town of Haven is a very small town, but it is full of life and has many important characters in the game. The story, with the beginning of Alex entering the city, brings you together with many strangers, but after completing the game you will feel that you have become a member of this city and a family. unity with them.

Graphics and Performance

Unique Gameplay Element

If you are one of the people who have played the previous installments of the series, you will not feel much difference in the way you play since it is an adventure and exploration game where the dialogues are chosen that way that the events of the story change according to the dialogues you choose. The game style is very simple, not with the character Alex, and when an indicator of things and people appears on you. Press a button to communicate with the person or examine the person or tools.

Emotional Abilities

So what makes the game different from the previous installments? In fact, in terms of graphics and performance it does not differ in any way from the rest of the installments, since it still appears with semi-cartoonish graphics and the technical performance was not excellent even on the PlayStation 5. The only special thing about it is the ability to feel emotions, that is, the ability that allows you to recognize and feel and give the feelings of others in the game… It has a certain color and a certain sparkle, for example is Anger is red, Sadness is blue and etc. This skill is used to solve puzzles and people’s problems in the game.

Character Development and Social Platform

The game clearly presents you with all the main characters in the game and gives everyone the right to get to know them. This is a rare thing we find in games. There is one feature that I really liked, which is the presence of a social platform similar to Twitter, dedicated to the city and its inhabitants, and the tweets in it are constantly renewed the further you progress in the game. I read them all and really enjoyed them. In conversations there are also SMS messages that will receive ongoing messages from townspeople, most of which relate to in-game events. At the beginning, messages are placed before you start the game and as I read them I learned a lot about Alex’s character and her life before she arrived in Haven City and I became more imaginative about her character.

Missions and Music

The game contains main missions that are important to advance the story and side missions that add some new features to the story, but not in a very effective way. Memories are collected through tools scattered throughout the game, and each tool symbolizes a specific past of the character. Alex uses her powers to hear the characters’ past conversations. The music in the game is beautiful. A lot, and most of it is music from real singers we know and some we’ve never heard of. The music This gives the game a nice atmosphere and is also an essential element of the story. Alex is a brilliant guitarist and also a singer. The game consists of 5 chapters and the time to complete the entire game is approximately 10 hours. This is what it is customary for the series to release. As digital episodes, but this time we got a complete game from day one, which is a decision that I personally really liked.


The game was reviewed on PS5 via a digital review copy provided by the developer.


  • Engaging storyline with well-developed characters
  • Unique gameplay mechanic of sensing and feeling emotions
  • Beautiful and atmospheric music
  • Presence of a social platform and SMS messages that add depth to the world
  • Ability to make choices that affect the outcome of the story
  • Visually appealing semi-cartoonish graphics
  • Includes both main and side missions for added content
  • Complete game available from day one


  • Graphics and technical performance could be improved
  • Side missions may not have a significant impact on the overall story
  • Limited gameplay mechanics beyond dialogue choices and puzzle-solving
  • Relatively short playtime of approximately 10 hours

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Life Is Strange: True Colors PC Game

1. What is the storyline of Life Is Strange: True Colors?

The game follows the story of Alex Chen, a young girl with the power to sense and manipulate the emotions of others. She arrives in Haven City to reunite with her older brother and uncovers a mystery surrounding his death.

2. How does the gameplay of Life Is Strange: True Colors differ from previous installments?

The gameplay of Life Is Strange: True Colors is similar to previous installments in the series. It is an adventure and exploration game where players make dialogue choices that impact the story. The unique aspect of this game is Alex’s ability to feel and interpret emotions, which is used to solve puzzles and help characters in the game.

3. Are there side missions in Life Is Strange: True Colors?

Yes, the game features side missions that add additional depth to the story. These missions provide players with the opportunity to explore more of the game world and interact with various characters.

4. How long does it take to complete Life Is Strange: True Colors?

The game consists of 5 chapters and takes approximately 10 hours to complete. This is in line with the typical length of previous episodes in the series.

5. What is the role of music in Life Is Strange: True Colors?

Music plays a significant role in the game, creating a unique atmosphere and enhancing the storytelling. The game features a variety of music from real singers, both familiar and new, and the protagonist, Alex, is a talented guitarist and singer.

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