Marvel’s Avengers

The action and adventure game from Square Enix and developed by the Crystal Dynamics team for Marvel superheroes that many are waiting for. After many players tried the previous beta of the game, everyone had doubts about the level of the game, and here we are We will go through with you our review of the full version. Does the game deserve a chance in the full version?

If you try to enter multiplayer at the beginning, you will be warned and asked to play story mode first so as not to spoil the events. What advice. The game has a special story mode with consecutive events that will attract you from the very beginning. Here we criticize the developer for focusing its marketing on the multiplayer modes while the game offers a good story mode. A distinctive story was developed with an appropriate progression of events, with a clear focus on the relationships between the characters and It restored the Avengers team after the events of the beginning, with stunning visual effects.

Section 1

As the story progresses, you can play as all of the characters, but the focus is on the character Kamala as she deals with her new powers and her work to search for the truth and reassemble the Avengers team. The main story missions contain an acceptable variety between cinematics, dialogue, exploration and combat against enemies and leaders. You will be given missions from different factions, ranging between fighting against leaders or completing certain tasks, such as: You can get better equipment in the shops of these factions, such as eliminating enemies in a certain way, and of course you can complete these tasks while playing story mode missions or multiplayer missions.

To complete the story mode you will need between 12 and 14 hours of play time, but once you finish the story mode and move on to the multiplayer content, the other side of the game will appear to you! Multiplayer missions are short missions that do not contain any specific elements or events and are largely repetitive and repetitive, not only in the nature of the missions, but often in the same areas, the same stage designs and even the same enemies. which makes the situation boring after several attempts.

Section 2

The game contains personal rewards for the famous Battle Bass system, most of which are character decoration content such as clothing, personal icons, etc. There are also some resources to help you purchase or develop equipment, but the game system makes it possible for you to get this content very slowly, and you should know that each character has special rewards. In fact, the game will require months of play to unlock all of the character rewards in the traditional way, enticing players to buy everything with real money.

The game also features Arabic language with menus and texts. As far as translation goes, it’s excellent. It was also beautifully presented in the choice of words and menus. As far as dubbing goes, it’s okay, but I didn’t like it that much on a personal level. Perhaps what bothered me most was the smallness of the Arabic font in the translation and menus on the big screen. The graphics of the game in the film clips are excellent, but in the gameplay itself the character models differ and look very weak! Even for the attractions and the surrounding area, the fees are not that high.

Section 3

When it comes to character development, there are three different paths that will take a very long time. I liked that your Iron Man character can’t be like your friend’s Iron Man, for example, because you have the freedom to customize the character. You can make it attacking up close, defensive from a distance, helpful, or offensive. Most of all, I didn’t like the armor you get in the game because you can’t see the shape of the armor on your character and it’s in a transparent, holographic form. Even if you take on legendary armor, you can’t see it. This makes acquiring legendary armor in the game useless for success. It will only improve the player’s characteristics. Perhaps this is because in the game you can unlock skins for each character that completely change the appearance of your character, and to obtain some of them you can pay real money.

The internal shop in the game is similar to cheap mobile game stores. In fact, everything in the game can be bought, from the player’s final moves (they only give a form, no effect) to the moves waiting for them, and all this is not a strange thing, like the Destiny game did before, and it felt like the Avengers game wanted to be… a Destiny game but with a long story mode, and I think it succeeded in that, but it didn’t succeed in multiplayer. I tried the multiplayer mode and honestly I didn’t find anything new in it that makes it different from the story mode as they are the same missions and also the maps. I played in the story mode which was full of repetition and boredom. .


  • The game offers a compelling story mode with a clear focus on character relationships and stunning visual effects.
  • The main story missions provide a good variety of cinematics, dialogue, exploration, and combat.
  • The game features Arabic language options for menus and texts, with excellent translation and presentation.
  • Character customization allows players to personalize their heroes and playstyles.


  • Multiplayer missions are repetitive and lack unique elements or events.
  • The game’s Battle Bass system rewards are slow to obtain, encouraging players to spend real money.
  • The character models and graphics in gameplay are weak compared to the cinematic clips.
  • The armor acquired in the game is not visible on the character, making it less satisfying to obtain.
  • The game’s internal shop feels similar to cheap mobile game stores, with everything available for purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Marvel’s Avengers PC Game

1. Can I play the multiplayer mode without completing the story mode first?

No, you need to play the story mode first before accessing the multiplayer mode. This is to avoid spoiling the events of the game.

2. How long does it take to complete the story mode?

It takes approximately 12 to 14 hours of gameplay to complete the story mode.

3. Are the multiplayer missions repetitive?

Yes, the multiplayer missions can be repetitive in nature, including the same areas, stage designs, and enemies. This can make the gameplay feel monotonous after several attempts.

4. How long does it take to unlock all character rewards?

Unlocking all character rewards in the traditional way can take months of playtime. The game also offers the option to purchase rewards with real money.

5. Can I customize my character’s abilities and appearance?

Yes, you have the freedom to customize your character’s abilities according to your playstyle. However, the appearance of armor is not visible on the character model. Legendary armor only improves the player’s characteristics, while skins can be unlocked or purchased to change the appearance of your character.

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